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  1. Other than whats printed on the back of the envelope, not much. The envelope and everything in that image is what remains of a bunch of things that were dumped on me when my father died three years ago, and not everything had much in the way of documentation despite my Dad being a total packrat.
  2. The 32 bit era game market was a LOT different than the NES era market, and it's apples and oranges anyways since the N64 RAM upgrade applied to all regions.
  3. Their solution involved the NES version of the FDS (which never came to pass due to chip advancements), and really, do you think that Nintendo would have recalled MILLIONS of NESes or rendered them partially obsolete with a change to the hardware? Besides, Nintendo controlled cart production in the West, which meant that they didn't even have access to the sound-enhanced chips anyways.
  4. Devil World is simple and gets undue hype because it's the only Miyamoto title never to be released in the US, but it's worth checking out, for sure. Zelda 2 FDS is worth checking out because the leveling up system is entirely different, but otherwise, the NES version is a major upgrade. Astro Robo Sasa, Moai Kun, and Door Door are quality puzzles games that made it over here, and the Lolo games (some of which are named Eggerland) have different puzzles, and there are a lot more Lode Runner games, too. If you're into sports games, the original Tecmo Bowl had an updated roster for its Famicom release, the Famista series is RBI Baseball, just with rosters and teams from '80s-era NPB. Other Famicom/FDS titles I'd recommend are Ai Senshi Nicol, Bio Miracle Bokuette Upa, The Goonies, Esper Dream 1 and 2, Getsu Fuu Ma Den, Gimmick!, and Uforia.
  5. Maybe he's getting that much-needed rest he was looking forward to before the Mega Sg came out.
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