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  1. Heh, yeah there's a few familiar names I see around the site. I've been meaning to create an account here for years, but I just don't play much Atari. And thank you.
  2. Gotcha. Either way the system doesn't lend its self to maintaining a living first post. Thanks for the explanation though.
  3. You guys are awesome. Thanks! Spoiler: LandStalker is coming up next.
  4. -*-*-*-CURRENT VIDEO-*-*-*- Ever wondered how Zelda would play as a Breakout/Arknoid action game? No?! Well the developers of this somewhat obscure SNES oddity sure did. [video=youtube;SXVzKW4mXH4] Sweet Home is (for lack of competition) the scariest game on the NES. It's also a fantastic RPG from Capcom [video=youtube;XANJSSXWU5w] Little Ninja Brothers is a quirky 2-Player Co-Op/Beat em' Up RPG [video=youtube;dgenb6LbaWU] -*-*-*-PAST VIDEOS-*-*-*-
  5. I don't know what caused it, but my copy of Exodus spazzed out on me and dumped every available item in the game at max quantities into one of my characters inventory. Starter equipment, epic gear, and quest items a like. It was awesome and a total mess all at the same time.
  6. The hobby's become pretty popular in the last few years - especially with completionist collectors. Seems like everyone's after the same specific rares, and/or trendy titles. Hell even the shovelware is getting scooped up in lots for the social media bragging rights. The weird thing is - even with the influx of new blood to the hobby I'm finding it harder and harder to talk gaming with people. Sure lots of guys want to +1 your pick up posts, but getting someone to talk about gameplay (unless it's a childhood favorite) is like pulling teeth. I'm still collecting on a budget - it's as slow going as it ever was but at least in the current market I can flip my extras and not have to pay extra for market inflation.
  7. Kevin? Don't know. For what it's worth I replaced him. Jeff and Kyle are in their 30s though (as am I). I can see the NES-centric vibe, although later episodes branch off into widely different systems. Since I've been on the show we've covered Genesis, Neo Geo, SNES, and Famicom (alright so that's still NES-centric). I'm also probably guilty of swearing and talking about stuff I own - which is probably why I prefer doing the homework episodes. I'm much more comfortable dissecting a game than I am being professionally conversational.
  8. How so? Sound quality or format? Edit: Oh god. I hear it now. Jeff and Kyle had mentioned they used to record a single Skype stream. But now we all record our own audio in audacity and Kyle fuses the individual .wavs together. This ensures everyone's sound quality is preserved.
  9. Man Starflight is one of those games I just want to like. But I have this insurmountable learning curve when it comes to EA computer ports. I seriously need to just sit down, study the manual, and give it another go. My underrated Genesis vote would probably go to DeCapAttack. Insanely fun platformer with an awesome "horror" reskin.
  10. Defenders of Oasis - Fantastic Dragon Warrior clone. Growing up I didn't own too many games for the system, but I played this one constantly. Shining Force: Sword of Haiya - I would have killed to own this back in the day. Still a great addition the series, but having the Sega CD remake renders this version pretty redundant. Star Gate - I've never seen anyone else who liked this game. But it was one of my favorites as a kid. Just a fun not-tetris puzzle game with a strategic twist. I also really wish Royal Stone, Sylvan Tale, and/or Final Conflict had been released in the US. If they had I feel that the Gamegear would have had a much stronger RPG library than the original gameboy.
  11. Hmm... that is a poor design flaw. I'll let Jeff know. Thank you for pointing that out.
  12. I use a radioshack playstation to USB adapter. Nicer than the generic gamepad pros but obviously lacks the authenticity of an SNES or NES controller.
  13. It is indeed. Wow... can't believe I forgot to include that.
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