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  1. Not that I can remember. I believe at one point I took the Official Jaguar Guide (or whatever the thing is called) which walkthroughs of some (all?) of the levels just to get passed them. I'm not sure if I remember 6-2 well, is that the huge map with a rather large base with fences around it? I believe there was a vehicle available in it as well.
  2. Level 6-1 is where you start in the top left corner on some kind of mountain ridge right? Brownish level? Those stairs are indeed extremely annoying. Have lost many fine men on that as well. There's a hole in the bridge on the right if I'm not mistaken, so guide them slowly over the left of it. Once down, take out the barracks at the bottom right. Snipers/Bazookas are waiting for you a bit further on the left. So be careful.
  3. I take it that Wolfenstein 3D is still illegal then as well? If you want to play Cannon Fodder on PC you can get it quite cheap from GOG at http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/cannon_fodder.
  4. Best tactic I have for taking on those bazooka guys is to split your squad and take 1 soldier to take them on. Just keep moving and fire at them. If you have a bazooka as well it's already a little easier to get them since you don't have to get too close. Later on in the game there's a level in which you've got to zigzag to the top. On almost every corner there's a bazooka guy. Haven't beaten it yet :-).
  5. To my disappointment I won't be able to go this year. I did plan on going to, but due to family and health issues I can't make it. I'll try to be there next year. Have fun everybody.
  6. I picked up Skyhammer at the €-JagFest 2009 but still haven't gotten to it . It does play very smoothly which really impressed me.
  7. I've had the exact same problem some years ago, but it got resolved. I don't remember what the problem was but I think it had something to do with fiddling with the sound settings. Can't remember me doing a memory reset. Perhaps try pushing 0 in the main menu? (where you can load game, new game etc.)
  8. I believe Starcat said that they were rendering the main character 4 times to simulate how the game would run when NPC's and objects are added. That what was shown was very smooth, and it looked great as well. Impressive 3D rendering on the Jaguar!
  9. Just booked the hotel. Now all I need to do is update my TomTom and I'm set!
  10. Best thing so far I could find is Park Inn Düsseldorf/Kaarst for EUR 60,- a night. Any alternatives before I book? :-)
  11. I've marked the date in my phones' organizer. I'm almost certain I'm going to be there, sounds like a lot of fun and I always wanted to go anyway. At what time does it usually end? I think I'll spend the night there. Any h/motel recommendations? Also, if anyone else from the Netherlands is planning to go let me know, perhaps we can drive there together.
  12. I'd probably buy all Jaguar related stuff if I'd find it in the wild, hehe .
  13. I consider it part of the gameplay :-)
  14. A long time ago (1995 I guess?) I used to play it a lot. Always on the hardest mode. I don't remember it being that hard?
  15. Very cool! I'm eagerly waiting for more :-)
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