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  1. Ah yes, I saw that video last year.


    The way to determine the key switch is to pop off a key and take a photo. It can usually be easily identified. I don't want you to accidentally wreck your rare machine though, so I don't expect you to do this. (switches are usually strong enough to avoid damage when popping off keys, but there is a rare chance of damage if done incorrectly)

  2. "Future wife" sounds so high-tech. Did she have one of those Jetsons-style beanie hats? ;)


    Did you actually type on that CDC keyboard? If so, can you compare the typing feel? (looks like Micro Switch hall effect, but hard to tell for sure)

  3. Burgertime is probably the only game I prefer on the Apple II. (everything else is far better on Atari, of course)


    I think Burgertime is also my favourite game for the TI-99/4A.

  4. Nice pictures. (...but they remind me of how much I hate sodium vapour lamps and their orange glow. You just can't see real night these days.)


    I took some similar pictures to show light pollution. On one, I moved the camera accidentally before the shutter closed and the light streaks ended up looking like missiles fired into the city.

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