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  1. Awesome. Thanks Urchlay! It's very satisfying and strange to finally see those couple rooms properly after all these years. That thread you linked also helped clear up the confusing "Montezuma history". I always thought the Utopia version was the released disk version. I didn't know that the Utopia version was never released and that the released disk version was basically identical to the unreleased cartridge. I never liked the Utopia version anyway. I don't like the time limits (bat, burning ropes) and the delays when gaining/losing men or entering rooms. You say you made this binary load from the "released cartridge"? Do you mean 5200 cartridge? If 5200 cartridge games work on 8-bits, I wish somebody would make an 8-bit cart of 5200 centipede.
  2. I've just been doing some "hangar bombings" and it looks like it's different each time. One time, I had severe graphical corruption and lockup and had to reboot. Another time, the background just went black, but planes are still visible, the score was at the top of the screen and I could keep playing (sort of). Another time, while I was refueling, the enemy plane bombed my hangar and it just "turned to dust" like regular buildings with no "weirdness" happening. So it's inconsistent.
  3. Another bug I know of (probably not deliberate though) is the "fire pit" in the 16K version of Montezuma's Revenge (Preliminary Monty16K or Parker Brothers version)... another one of my all-time favourite Atari games. At the far left of the game map is a room that has a fire pit you can't cross and it causes graphics corruption. If you come up from the bottom (climbing the rope), you can't escape - any jump will result in burning. Anybody have more info on this bug?
  4. I just played it yesterday on my 800XL and the "Start" and "Reset" buttons did nothing. I had to switch off and on again. (...sounds like a crash to me)
  5. Yeah, I think you're right. It's sort of like how Microsoft operates: call bug a "feature", then keep bug around for 20 years to ensure backward compatibility. Windows is full of such "features". Yes, it's one of my favourites too and yes the C64 version does suck (Spectrum version is even worse). I didn't realise until just last year that all of my favourite 8-bit games are way better on the Atari. Of course, all my favourite 8-bit games are 1985 and earlier and I think C64 games only started getting good after 1985 (when C64 became the dominant 8-bit). By that time, I had already moved on to 16/32 bit Amiga games. I always wondered why they never made an Amiga version of Blue Max. It would have blown away all the other crappy "shoot-em-ups".
  6. I remember when playing Blue Max in 1984 on an 800XL, I bombed my own hangar (...just for the fun of it ) and was surprised that the computer completely crashed, forcing me to reboot. At the time, I thought I just had a buggy copy of the game. Later I played it on a C64 and got the same system crash when bombing my own hangar and I thought that the port contained the same bug. I just recently bought the XL/XE cartridge version of the game (brand new!) and got the same computer crash when bombing my own hangar. The manual says "Never bomb friendly airplane hangars." So that means this crash was deliberately put there. Is this the only game in history that deliberately crashes your computer? Or are there others? (not counting the ones that crash due to bugs...or crappy OSes they run on )
  7. I just bought my first ever Atari related thing: an 800XL in original box. I couldn't believe how thin the box was, especially compared to other computers I've got. The 800XL was in amazing shape. It looks brand new except for tiny scratches on the cartridge slot metal. Unfortunately, it appears to be dead - power light doesn't come on. It's a bit annoying considering the eBay description said "unit powers up". Still... it's a beautiful paperweight. I actually bought another 800XL first (last month), but I'm still waiting for it to arrive. This one comes with: 800XL owners manual, BASIC book, Atari product catalogue 1020 printer in original box 2 joysticks Berzerk cartridge Ballblazer (new, unopened!) Rescue on Fractalus (new, unopened!) Montezuma's Revenge (new, unopened!) Blue Max (new, unopened!)
  8. This is an excellent and helpful thread. Thanks Beetle. I just got my first 800XL after wanting one for 23 years (my friend had one in 1984). When I got it, I was surprised that the keys had a rough surface because I didn't remember them being that rough. Now I know it's a "type 4" and my friend's 800XL must have had a different keyboard.
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