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  1. I think I'll disassemble one of my backup Type 4 800XLs and get some photos of this switch. I don't think I've seen it documented anywhere. From what I've heard, Stackpole is a fairly disreputable company that stole a switch design from Hi-Tek, then went around selling keyboards with this switch to Hi-Tek's customers. Hi-Tek sued them, but (inexplicably) lost.
  2. This thread needs updating... Type 1: Alps made, using Alps SKFL switches Type 2: AWC made, using Cherry M8 open top switches Type 3: AWC made, using Cherry M8 closed top switches Type 4: Unknown - using "Hi-Tek/Stackpole-like" switches (incomplete! needs more detail!) Type 5: Mitsumi made, using "Mitsumi hybrid switches" ("rubber dome on stick") 600XL (only?) Type 2a: AWC made, using Futaba low profile switches, Type 2 keycaps Many thanks to Daniel Beardsmore for the Deskthority Wiki information!
  3. Ah yes, I saw that video last year. The way to determine the key switch is to pop off a key and take a photo. It can usually be easily identified. I don't want you to accidentally wreck your rare machine though, so I don't expect you to do this. (switches are usually strong enough to avoid damage when popping off keys, but there is a rare chance of damage if done incorrectly)
  4. Mr.Amiga500

    Don't do it!

    Ha! I hope you managed to talk that jumper down.
  5. Thanks. I'll check it out. Thanks very much for the offer. I'll contact Dave first and see what happens.
  6. Actually, I do like the look of that PEB set vertically with blinking lights. (who wouldn't like blinking lights?) My complaint was more against people who do something like take an Amiga 500 and put it in a horrible ugly beige tower, with a beige rubber dome keyboard. I suppose your modern keyboard does match the TI, with black and metal colour scheme.
  7. I still like to keep the important things "stock". I don't mind increased RAM or CPU accelerator, but I'd never replace original graphics & sound or convert the computer to a tower with a modern keyboard. It's just like with cars. I hate the chopped down modded look. I like it totally stock looking, but with more speed and various other better parts. My 1958 VW looks totally stock, but has a 1999 engine, dual carburetors, better brakes, etc.
  8. I have nostalgia for vintage computers, but not really for vintage storage devices. I'll admit that I like to have at least one 5 1/4" floppy drive and a bunch of floppies for occasional remembrances, but to actually use my computers I want the fastest, most reliable media possible. To me, it doesn't matter how the data gets into the computer. What matters is that it's the original hardware using that data.
  9. Obviously I'm not in the USA. I just searched the Stargames site and found the NanoPEB (strangely it's not listed without searching), added to cart, then when checking out got some message that there is no carrier available. Apparently, they don't deliver to Canada for some reason.
  10. That is very odd. Are you sure it is ALPS? If so, possibly you got one that was in a very dusty environment. Dust can get into ALPS switches and make them snag or feel scratchy. (though I have dozens of ALPS keyboards and they're all fine - and my ALPS 800XL was bought new)
  11. Another thing to look for is the keyboard type. There were at least 4 different keyboard versions of the black keyboard - ALPS, General Instruments, Hi-Tek and Stackpole. In my opinion, the ALPS and General Instruments keyboards are the best. A quick way to tell is to look at the "3" key. Rounded "3" is ALPS or General Instruments. If it's a flat-top "3", it's Hi-Tek or Stackpole.
  12. I've been looking for a NanoPEB for a couple years. Why are these so rare? I've got SD readers for Atari, Commodore, Amiga, TRS-80, Apple... but I'm still stuck with nothing for the TI-99.
  13. What is the keyboard like on this thing? Do you have any idea of the key switch used?
  14. Mr.Amiga500

    CDC 6500

    "Future wife" sounds so high-tech. Did she have one of those Jetsons-style beanie hats? Did you actually type on that CDC keyboard? If so, can you compare the typing feel? (looks like Micro Switch hall effect, but hard to tell for sure)
  15. I didn't know there was a TI-99 photo thread here. Excuse the fact that it's not turned on... but I also connected it to another TV (playing TI BurgerTime):
  16. Mr.Amiga500


    Burgertime is probably the only game I prefer on the Apple II. (everything else is far better on Atari, of course) I think Burgertime is also my favourite game for the TI-99/4A.
  17. Yes, it seems to be fixed now. Thanks! Gallery was visible to only logged in users for as long as I can remember. I posted a thread about it, requesting changes, probably back in 2010. I kept checking back for a while, but got no response. I searched for the thread today but it seems to have vanished. (but I definitely made one) Oh well, hopefully now the Gallery will get more views and comments.
  18. Mr.Amiga500


    Nice photo. Pity about the scratches on the metal though.
  19. OK, thanks Albert. Excuse the slightly annoyed tone of my post.
  20. I used to leave occasional comments on other user's Gallery images, but now I found that this is no longer possible. Why? I also noticed that my repeated suggestion of making the Gallery visible to all (not just logged in users) was ignored and the suggestion thread deleted. Why? You'll notice that the Gallery viewing numbers are pretty pathetic. Making it visible to all, putting a random Gallery image on the main forum pages and having comments with notifiication should improve this. Otherwise, the Gallery is pretty damn useless.
  21. Ah, nice clean un-yellowed 600XL - and that 1064 looks interesting too. (but why do you call it a 1065 in your original post? I had to look that up... while I was looking up "grok")
  22. There are at least 5 known XL keyboards, and they have different keycap mounts: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/105170-600800xl-keyboard-variants/ There is a Cherry version of the XL keyboard, but it's Cherry M9. Cherry MX keycaps won't fit. (99% sure)
  23. Well where's a bloody photo? I wouldn't even know how to "grok" an XEX. It does sound daunting. I'd try it, but I'm worried I'd hurt myself.
  24. I like the Atari connected to my CRT TV, 34" flat square tube. It has nice contrast and most importantly, nice glowing rounded pixels. I have tried the Atari on Commodore 1084 and 1080 monitors and it looks fine there too, but it looks so much better on the TV.
  25. Thanks! I try my best to show the beauty of the old computers and keyboards. They certainly don't make them like they used to.
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