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  1. I've got an Indy. It's a nice, solidly built computer with some nice features. I still definitely prefer the Amiga. Yes, I miss that. Compare the skill those people had with today's "hackers". Every time I hear about "geniuses" in the Apple Store, I want to puke.
  2. See, now this post makes much more sense. I can understand this post. I too initially disliked the jump from quick command line to relatively slow GUI. I absolutely hated Microsoft BASIC on the Amiga - and that shit program completely killed my enthusiasm for programming (I had already written programs on 7 different 8-bits before getting the Amiga). I also understand the lack of software problem - although that was nothing new to me, having the same problem with my CoCo II. But... I stuck with the Amiga and kept tinkering and upgrading and customizing and pushing it as far as I could. It still blows my mind how flexible and configurable an 80's computer can get - to a point where I could do all this with my 1987 Amiga 500: Connected to my work's Microsoft Outlook Web Access through browser and sent office emails using A500 (connected browser with 128-bit secure HTTPS, javascript and images) Logged on to eBay with 256-bit HTTPS, bid & won items (with 1-second accuracy - one "snipe" in the final second!) Emulated MacOS 8.1, ran Mac software ClarisWorks, WriteNow3 and games (also emulated 7.5.5 and ran Mathematica, and 3D game Vette! at full speed) Digitized and converted images from DVD/VCR/Video Camera in 24-bit colour Sampled and converted music from DVD/Compact Disc/Cassette Tape Converted & created MP3s Played audio files > 50Mb (16bit 44100Hz AIFF - in 14bit stereo, absolutely no skip or stutter) Created and printed PDF documents (PDFs displayed perfectly in Adobe Acrobat) Sent and received Faxes Sent and received MSN instant messages Processed huge images 8800x6800 in size - in original 24-bit depth! Scanned and printed 24-bit images at 720dpi Uploaded/downloaded files from the internet larger than 100Mb Played DOOM, DOOM II, Plutonia and TNT, custom and patch wads with music and sound Sent and received emails with large multiple attachments >5Mb Sent and received over 2Gb of files through serial at 115200 baud (original A500 serial) Then there's the more ordinary things like creating web pages and relational databases, playing Windows MIDI files, creating 24-bit 3D rendered animations, multimedia presentations and emulating 6 different 8-bit computers. I would have been able to do more if I had more than 8Mb RAM. Take a look at my signature link for some screenshots. (but view in original size - automatic scaling screws them up)
  3. I just assumed the Amiga caused him some kind of psychological damage when he was young. (maybe a bully grabbed his Amiga and repeatedly slammed it into his nose, saying "Stop typing yourself! Stop typing yourself!")
  4. I just found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZiWTdc6Dc8 I'm a bit disappointed. I've pressed the Amiga key on my A1000 many times before, but never had glowing light come out and turn me into a white foetus. I guess you have to be in that strange hallway for it to do that.
  5. What?? That's crazy talk. The Amiga was the ultimate 80's computer. How could anybody like Atari 8-bits and not like the Amiga? It's the next generation Atari.
  6. I remember a lot of shaky camera work on 60s/70s sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek too though I don't remember shaky camerawork in Star Trek. If there is, it's not deliberate. There's a difference between occasional accidental shaky camerawork and deliberate drunken spastic camerawork. (great... now I've got that Star Trek Kirk fight music in my head... "da da DA da da da DA da da DA DA!")
  7. Well, yeah, some are watchable - especially compared to many movies these days. I guess I could skip that point. What I can't stand about modern movies (2000-present) is the hyper-fast edits, drunken camerawork and "speed up and slow down" bits all over the place. They just slam an image in your face for half a second, rip it away, do a speed up & slow down bit, rip that away and slam something else there. You don't have a chance to actually look at something and you don't have the time to look at different spots within the image. Images are crammed in your face like meat into a sausage grinder. I remember in 1981 watching a documentary about the new "Steadicam", invented for the movie, "The Shining" - made to do super-smooth camera movements. I thought it was awesome. Who knew that 20 years later, camera operators would be deliberately shaking the camera all over the damn place like a drunk with a palsy problem.
  8. Oh... allllllright. I'll play, but I'll be cursing bountybob repeatedly as I play. (damn him and his teams!) You know what this means?? The next time I go for a job interview and get asked that moronic question, "Are you a team player?", I'll have to answer "Yes". (instead of my usual, "No, of course not, you vapid bimbo.")
  9. The new high-speed images are great! Thanks again kheffington. (I see your avatar also went high-speed. It's making me dizzy!) The fourth disk image still has three directory entries that say "Game Directory" instead of just "DIRECTORY". Is there a reason for that?
  10. I've got a '58 Bug that makes the 50's look like the 40's. (picture scanned using Amiga 500) "Obvious reasons"? So he can understand Spanish porn, right? That's another thing - porn was so much nicer in the 70's and 80's. (although a lot hairier)
  11. For years, I've been trying to pinpoint exactly when things started to suck. (culture, movies, TV, styles, computers, etc.) I used to think it was definitely late 1985, but now I think it wasn't such a clear cutoff. I think the very beginning was 1983, but there was a delay between initial... uh... "crapitude"... and when the effects of it were felt universally. (in North America - I know it was different elsewhere) So, that was the beginning but I think two things in the late 80's led to the 90's being utter crap: 1) The stock market crash in 1987 (effects felt 88-91). This caused companies to do deep cost-cutting - the beginning of products designed for extreme cheapness, not to last. This also led to budget cuts, increased taxes, the death of good public television. 2) The rise of Rap - "gangsta rappers" bragging about busting caps in cops' asses and the number of hos they have. You can see a clear correlation between Rap music and the degrading of society. (not to mention that damn thumping deep bass you can't escape these days) There are many other things of course, like the rise of cable channels & deregulation of commercial television (allowing infomercials and drastically increased number of commercials), the rise of moronic "action-hero" movies and endless sequels. So, I now think 1983 was the end - and it was really a continuation of the late 70's, in style and feel. You could say, the 80's only started in 1984. It's the 70's - and transition to the 80's - that was the last "good" time period. Still, the difference between the 80's and 90's is nothing compared to the crap we have now. What a weird, freakish world we live in now - where you have to be seen naked at the airport and have someone touching your genitals just to get on a frigging plane! If somebody told me in 1987 that 2011 would be like that, I wouldn't believe them. The world is becoming even more evil and controlled than I ever imagined.
  12. I like Vangelis, Baroque, Pokey, SID and bees. Can't we all just get along?
  13. Well, that's for sure. Bach absolutely sucks at 8-bit music programming. I know this for sure... because I invented a time machine a few years ago (patent pending) and I went back to 1723 to see Herr Bach. I had with me both my 800XL and C64 - and a 1084 monitor (quite a handful). I had a real bitch of a time trying to convince Bach I wasn't Satan, but after I explained how electronics work (also had to explain electricity, plastics, cathode ray tubes, typing and the purpose of well-commented code), Bach agreed to give it a go. When he heard the result, he pounded his fist on the table and yelled something about it sounding like "broken violin up horse's ass" (or something to that effect - my German is not very good) and called the guards to burn me as a heretic. I ran out of there so fast, I didn't even have time to ask for his autograph. It was too risky to go back to collect my stuff. I'm sure some archaeologist will get a big surprise someday when they find the buried 8-bits.
  14. "Maybe we aught to close this thread now." "No.... that's just what they'll be expecting us to do." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0X0ZYbnHxA
  15. Yeah... silly thread. Let's start an argument about which Baroque violin is best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9-7h-TRJ2U#t=280s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i3pD2bXP9w#t=28s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw1RXbm3TVU
  16. What is it with you and teams? Don't you get enough teamwork in your daily life? I've had enough teamwork to choke a horse. (a team of horses!) I believe Mr. Burns said it best when he said: "You see, teamwork will only take you so far. Then, the truly evolved person makes that extra grab for personal glory. Now, I must discard my teammates, much like the boxer must shed roll after roll of sweaty, useless, disgusting flab before he can win the title. Ta!"
  17. Fascinating. Can you take a picture? I'd do it myself, but don't want to wreck my 800XL keyboard opening the switch. (fine if you wreck yours )
  18. I'm actually quite interested in this swimming through concrete thing... Anyway, we're nearing the one year anniversary of my (failed) Ballblazer suggestion. I'll quote it to save re-typing: Well? Eh?? (nudge, nudge.. kick, KICK!)
  19. That's an awesome idea. I'd definitely buy a GUI cart that uses its own onboard RAM. But... now I'm starting to get crazy ideas of combining it with the Ethernet cart into a monster cart with a built in GUI browser and email and removable SD card and megabytes of RAM and... [help! somebody stop me!]
  20. I looked at the JVC D-VHS, but high definition requires expensive D-VHS tapes (I know... same with S-VHS). Anyway, I don't really record anything these days, just playback. TV sucks now (bad shows, endless commercials) so I have no desire to record anything. I actually can't record TV because don't even have a digital tuner and analogue broadcasts finally ended in Canada this month. To me, VCRs - like Ataris - are a thing of the 80's. I did most of my VCR recordings back in the 80's. I wanted the best 80's VHS by the maker of VHS - to watch my 80's recordings and pretend the 90's never happened. I didn't know an 800XL could run CP/M. I thought you needed a Z80 processor for that. My C128 can theoretically run CP/M software, but everything I've tried has failed. It really doesn't matter. CP/M software is generally crap. CP/M word processors are unusable rubbish compared to The Last Word. (...that quote can be used for future LW advertising ) There's a little character-based game called "Ladder" that was mildly fun - but a joke compared to most Atari games. Edit: I just read that the Indus drive has a Z80 processor - and that the 800XL acts as a terminal. That's weird... very weird indeed.
  21. You're right. That's because the 1080/1084 was designed for ("infinite beige") Amigas: Oh how I wish the Amiga 500 had the XL colour scheme. Your 1200XL is very nice and "un-yellowed". My 1200XL looks like it came out of a smoker's lung. Thankfully, my two 800XLs look brand new.
  22. Let me correct myself: it is the ultimate 80's VHS VCR. I have no problem with Beta - except for the fact that a Beta machine won't play my VHS tapes. This is one of the first S-VHS VCRs and has S-Video input/output. (JVC - inventor of VHS, S-VHS and S-Video) As for my 800XL setup - notice the SDrive NUXX under the joystick.
  23. Here is the switch in the 800XL "Type 4" keyboard: Although I didn't remove the white cap, I suspect that under it is a similar switch to the DEC VT-100 (and Lear Siegler termnials) and one version of the TI-99/4a: Keys from the "Type 4" are interchangeable with the VT-100 and TI-99/4a (that one version - there's also an ALPS TI-99/4a) - although they have height differences which make it not really work. Compared to the "Type 1" ALPS keyboard, the "Type 4" has a stiffer feel with more friction.
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