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  1. 2600 bars.. with video!!!
  2. My God. Is there anything you CAN'T do? I loved your Conquest of Mars because it reminded me of this very game; and now you take on Scramble itself?! You are a titan, sir. I love all of your games and I will be eagerly awaiting the cartridge release. What a game, man. What a game.
  3. This is the gold standard of Atari 2600 games. Whenever I assess a game's worth, I think, "How would this game have done during Atari's reighn?" This, my friend, would have done VERY well indeed. Kudos to you, sir; this game is AWESOME. Simple, elegant, addictive.
  4. Just a little labor of love.. NSFW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIoiJuUmaag
  5. Has anybody seen this? I saw it when I was a kid and had an EXTREMELY poignant dream about it later. If anybody has a vid of this commercial, PLEASE post it up. I really want to see it again!
  6. aceha1

    H.E.R.O. hack?

    For God's sake, will someone do a hack of H.E.R.O. with infinite lives? You could get infinite lives by "frying" the OG cart, has anyone done this with H.E.R.O.?
  7. I see, so your position is that I'm actually INSULTING SpiceWare's work. I can only assume you are trolling; nobody is that much of a tool. Wash your beard.
  8. ..and technically speaking, "had this come out" obviously would include the necessary accompanying technology. I'm voting "hater." I will be anticipating your next 2600 release. Hope it's as good as Space Rocks! But of course with the new R-16 ARM Space Modulator unit, I'm sure an exceptional game is child's play to develop.
  9. It is interesting that you found cause to take a compliment from me to a dev and characterize it as "meaningless". At heart it was just a compliment.. does that offend you? In the rap game we have a well-worn term for someone who abhors the accolades given another: "hater." Are you a hater, or just an uber techno-geek? I can't see another option that would prompt you to jump at the chance to deflect my compliment. Who cares if it didn't match the technical facts. I was just saying "good job!"
  10. Space Rocks is simply unbelievable. Had this come out in the console's heyday, it would have been Pitfall, River Raid, Solaris, whatever! Rockstar status.
  11. aceha1

    Atari 2600 Rap

    Absoulutely! I'd love to hear them!
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