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  1. YMMV, of course, and I have never even seen it in stock at my Sam's Club, but I have an alert on slickdeals.net for legends ultimate arcade and I have seen a lot of people posting such prices for floor models. I would buy a second machine at that price. Two probably (one for each kid). Good luck! PS Right now, there are none in stock within 150 miles of me.
  2. I DON'T work for the company. I have been playing video games since the first pong game arrived at our local discount department store. I could barely reach the controls and I didn't even know your were supposed to put in a quarter, but I was blown away at the prospect of moving that line up and down the television screen. I was about fifteen when the video game pushed everything else out of the local arcades. My friends and I made our way to the beach almost every summer day to pump those video games full of quarters. When I was sixteen, my mom bought me a 2600 for my birthday. What I saved on quarters, I spent on cartridges. Totally worth it. Almost as great games right in my living room! When I was eighteen, I bought my first Atari -- a 400. The games were just about as good as the arcade games and the Atari sticks were very good. Now I am 59 and still have a bunch of Atari hardware. I still enjoy playing those games. I have also toyed with emulation and considered buying or building a full size cabinet. I messed with RetroPie. All options were too compromised or too expensive for me. A couple years back, I started reading about the Legends Ultimate Arcade. Reviews of the first wave kept me in my seat, but, in November, I got the Sam's Club edition. It is the very best toy I have ever played with. There is no close second. That's my opinion of this cabinet. If you want to post a specific game, I will try it to see how the spinners work with that particular game. People are seeing these in Sam's Club for as little a $199.99. Might want to check your local store.
  3. I thought 1088XEL was a typo (seizure induced, probably). Pretty cool project. I have been thinking of a MAME machine for a couple decades. I even considered enclosing an Atari computer in a cabinet. A lot of work and money. I also played with a Raspberry PI. I got pretty excited when the LUA arrived, but reviews were bad -- mixed at least. I waited for the second wave. Joined Sams Club last August because it was a little less expensive and included the pinball controllers. Bought at midnight the first day they were available. Out of stock in minutes. I was very lucky. I do agree that some of the 8-bit games are better (for me) on the home consoles. This thing seems to emulate most of them very well. And it looks nice in the corner of my recreation room.
  4. I'll be 59 in April. I got my first Atari when I was 16 (2600) and my first Atari computer when I was 18. That was a 400 and it was $99.99 after a $50 rebate. My first computer and my first rebate. Great day. An 800XL, a 1050 disk drive, and a 1027 printer got me through college. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of Atari hardware and software including a 1200XL, a few 800XLs, some 130XEs, and countless XEGS consoles. I have boxes of carts (no ET) and have burned some games onto a cart myself. I have an SD card reader for my Atari. I stored my Atari stuff when I bought a 80286 computer. When I had kids, I literally bought a hundred joysticks off ebay and we re-discovered Wizard of Wor, Bruce Lee, and many other great games. It's been a great ride. But the reason I got a 2600 and all the Atari computers that followed was so that I could play very good imitations of the awesome games at the arcades. In November I purchased a Legends Ultimate Arcade. It is awesome. It's a free standing, full size arcade machine. The controls are top notch. Audio and video are great. While it includes hundreds of great games, what is truly amazing is that you can play your own games on this machine. I have compiled a collection of my favorite Atari games to play, but I have also enjoyed playing the games that the Atari titles are based on. It truly takes me back to my youth. I'm not ready to list my Atari hardware on Craig's List, but I honestly cannot see me playing games on an XEGS with a Wico Boss ever again. When I was a kid, I loved that I could power on my Atari computer and lose myself in a great arcade game. Right now, I feel that way with the LUA. Like I said, I'm not ready to liquidate my collection. I expect to have an Atari computer in my home until my last breath. I just won't be playing arcade games on it. Have you seen these things? Are you curious? Have you bought one. What do you think?
  5. Lots of 'collections' showing up on ebay. MAME, obviously. The console collections include Atari 2600, 7800, and Lynx. Not much love for the 5200/A8. That said, I bought my Atari 400 to play arcade games. The weakness of the better home consoles has always been the controllers. The Legends Ultimate Arcade plays the actual arcade games with excellent controllers. Not sure I *need* to emulate an Atari A8 on the LUA. Anyone seen/built a USB stick of A8 games for the LUA?
  6. Who is playing our beloved A8 ROMs on this beast? The other ROMs are great, but I'm only really interested in the Atari 8-bit games. What is the process of packaging the games for use via an SD card like?
  7. Not me. The XEGS is perfect as shipped. Factory video works with modern televisions, just about any game runs on it, and the detachable keyboard is perfect for old fat guys (not a confession).
  8. Nothing Atari in my stocking this year, buy my oldest son bought his brother a PS2 Slim. They dug out their PS2 controllers, memory cards, and games and spent five hours re-loving their Atari computer. Nostalgia is a great thing to watch. Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. I'm 56, but no one expects me to grow up any time soon.
  10. A real CRT is great -- and necessary if you want to use the light gun -- but the XEGS has excellent composite out, so it works with most LCDs.
  11. I am a social butterfly at work. My spacious office is on the way to the bathroom and no one knows exactly what I do. Just the same, people assume I do important stuff and I'm kind of smart, so, for 33 years, I have been able to come and go as I please and do what I want while in the building. What I chose to do this week is bring an Atari XEGS to work. I brought computer, keyboard, a television, a couple AtariMax carts, a SIO2SD, and some joysticks and sega game controllers. I did not advertise the demonstration, but word of mouth is an amazing thing. After just three days, dozens of have stopped by to play a little Galaxian, Pac Man, Frogger...well, you guys know. It's been so much fun to talk to people about their 2600s and favorite games. The best part is explaining how there happens to be a SD card peripheral for a computer which went out of production in 1987.
  12. I have been using an RCA to composite cable. I see a lot of inexpensive rca to hdmi upscalers available. Anyone strongly recommend an Atari to HDMI solution? Please elaborate on screen fill, scaling, and upscaling. thanks!
  13. Thanks for posting all the new ideas for me. Safe to assume all of these (except for the cx40) are very durable?
  14. The CX40 stick is my favorite, but kind of fragile. I have a pair of Wico Command Control Joysticks that I have been playing with for decades. Very good game play and durable. I am looking for a couple more sticks and am interested in others' opinions. Notice this is about FAVORITE not BEST. If you love a stick not in the poll or just want to talk about your favorite stick, please feel free to post below. I am aware of a couple interesting options which may not be 400/800 compatible. I saw an Acemore Super Stick... Are the 5200/7800/Jaguar sticks compatible with the 400/800? Thanks for your thoughts!
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