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  1. Not me. The XEGS is perfect as shipped. Factory video works with modern televisions, just about any game runs on it, and the detachable keyboard is perfect for old fat guys (not a confession).
  2. Nothing Atari in my stocking this year, buy my oldest son bought his brother a PS2 Slim. They dug out their PS2 controllers, memory cards, and games and spent five hours re-loving their Atari computer. Nostalgia is a great thing to watch. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. I'm 56, but no one expects me to grow up any time soon.
  4. A real CRT is great -- and necessary if you want to use the light gun -- but the XEGS has excellent composite out, so it works with most LCDs.
  5. I am a social butterfly at work. My spacious office is on the way to the bathroom and no one knows exactly what I do. Just the same, people assume I do important stuff and I'm kind of smart, so, for 33 years, I have been able to come and go as I please and do what I want while in the building. What I chose to do this week is bring an Atari XEGS to work. I brought computer, keyboard, a television, a couple AtariMax carts, a SIO2SD, and some joysticks and sega game controllers. I did not advertise the demonstration, but word of mouth is an amazing thing. After just three days, dozens of have stopped by to play a little Galaxian, Pac Man, Frogger...well, you guys know. It's been so much fun to talk to people about their 2600s and favorite games. The best part is explaining how there happens to be a SD card peripheral for a computer which went out of production in 1987.
  6. I have been using an RCA to composite cable. I see a lot of inexpensive rca to hdmi upscalers available. Anyone strongly recommend an Atari to HDMI solution? Please elaborate on screen fill, scaling, and upscaling. thanks!
  7. Thanks for posting all the new ideas for me. Safe to assume all of these (except for the cx40) are very durable?
  8. The CX40 stick is my favorite, but kind of fragile. I have a pair of Wico Command Control Joysticks that I have been playing with for decades. Very good game play and durable. I am looking for a couple more sticks and am interested in others' opinions. Notice this is about FAVORITE not BEST. If you love a stick not in the poll or just want to talk about your favorite stick, please feel free to post below. I am aware of a couple interesting options which may not be 400/800 compatible. I saw an Acemore Super Stick... Are the 5200/7800/Jaguar sticks compatible with the 400/800? Thanks for your thoughts!
  9. Interesting video. I suspect Will's memories are cloudy. Star Raiders II was originally The Last Starfighter. In fact, you can find the rom... http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-last-starfighter_2927.html Interesting tidbit from the comments... I think it's funny that WW cites his time typing in Antic listings as the root of his creativity. Now, if he had modified those listings... My first computer was an Atari 400. I remember seeing an ad for a sale at Zayres department store which listed the 400 for $99.99 after a $50 rebate. It was my first mail in rebate as well. It was a huge leap over the 2600. The 400 actually did impact my personal and professional direction. When I had purchased every cart Zayres offered, I bought a basic cartridge and a 410. For $10 more than the recorder and cartridge cost, I purchased those plus an Atari BASIC programming book and an Atari BASIC Reference Guide. Eventually, I got around to reading both, looking at programs, modifying programs, and writing some of my own.
  10. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2018/03/30/jet-remotely-lands-on-carrier-using-atari-joystick/ Am I too old to enlist? Not a CX40, but still a cool tribute to our favorite toy...
  11. I used an Atari computer (400, 800, 130XE) and an Epson 500LQ (24 pin impact), an Epson Actionlaser II (laser), an Okimate 10 (color) and an Atari 1027 when I was in school. My first true appreciation of the power of a computer came when I was printing the final draft of a 30 page paper. I was reading the pages as they came off the 1027. At the bottom of page six, I read something which was correct but could have been said better. I stopped the printer, made the change, and continues printing. Had the paper been typed, there is no way I would have retyped it to improve the text. Atari made me a better writer and student.
  12. My hope is that I can replace the included games with an SD card of roms -- best of the included games plus other favorites that did not make the game list.
  13. I got the ATGames Sega hand held console. We have not used it with an SDCard, but the hardware and included games are very good. I would love to have an A8 version.
  14. I asked ATGames if there would be an Atari 8-bit/5200 console with an SD card slot and was referred to this group. Doing a little googling, I have discovered that there are a LOT of hand held consoles available. Most seem to take a variety of rom file formats. Reading through Q&As and reviews, there seems to be a lot of inconsistency in assessment of quality. I was hoping to get some data from people I trust a lot as to the quality of the ATGames consoles. I really only want to hear from people who have significant time 'at the wheel'. For those who can recommend a non-ATGames, please PM me and not post to this thread. (I am looking for a solid handset with durable, comfortable controls and a nice screen that will play Atari 8-bit games.) thanks!
  15. I use both the Flashcart and the SIO2SD. The FC is a great home for your favorite arcade games and the SIO2SD is capable of running games that use multiple flopies and/or save date (SCoG for me). No need to choose, really.
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