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  1. iOS devices only, sorry. Click the link to join the beta: https://testflight.apple.com/join/Ls651UzA?fbclid=IwAR1tC5lQ-DJj2o_1AlTan-UVsx9-FqKhkBJLBWx1TivBG-4Kx5IllinYgF4
  2. Thought I'd provide an update - BIG update coming soon! 2D mode for galactic map purists, as well as new enemy models and more balanced play mechanics. There’s something deeply satisfying about belatedly delivering on the broken promises of 1970s video game box art.
  3. I like it. Of course, in my game, you're playing for the Zylon. Maybe I'll add something similar for those devious Humons.
  4. It's not really Star Raiders until you can blow up friendly space stations. IMG_3965.TRIM.m4v
  5. Hah. That game already exists - it's called Star Raiders. This is my attempt to bring the essential experience of that game to a more modern audience - and practice my iOS development skills in a personal project.
  6. Build 36 just posted. Download it and blow up some space stations right after they repair your ship.
  7. It's been a long time, I know - got buried in actual work - but all beta testers should have received updates this week. Ping me with your email if you need me to re-invite you. And anyone new who wants to join, by all means, please do. Screen shot of latest version attached.
  8. Uploading an update now, should be available in the next several hours or so - thanks all for your feedback over the last couple of days! New version includes: Basic level implementation - try playing at "Zylon Lord" level - more ships, more damage, faster energy drain from all functions Ship energy drain! Time to start managing ships systems if you want to get a good score (don't worry, scoring not yet implemented). Ship explodes when energy hits zero Galactic map can now be pinched, rotated and zoomed to make navigation easier Fixed bugs, mainly with tactical display Starbase repairs your ship. It's starting to feel like an actual game now Starbase animates in when you arrive in its sector. Need to do the same for Humon ships.
  9. Guys, I need emails to add you to the beta. send me them in DM and I'm happy to add you to Testflight.
  10. My (unofficial) iOS sequel to Star Raiders is now in beta testing. Ping me directly if you would like a link. iOS 11+ devices only.
  11. Great! Send me your email and I will add you to the beta. I need X testers!
  12. I wish. But once I've launched the iOS version I'd happily work with better 8-bit coders to make a legit Atari port as well.
  13. Anyone interested in beta testing my (unofficial) iOS sequel to Star Raiders, Zylon Defenders? I'm working towards a March 2018 release (to coincide with the release of "Ready Player One"). See video and screenshot below - if you have fairly recent (i.e. iPhone 6 or better) hardware and are interested in joining the beta, feel free to message me with your email address. I'll be doing performance optimizations later in development, and will invite folks with older hardware then. zylon_defenders_small.mov
  14. Hey folks, A long-overdue update - Zylon Defenders, my iOS homage to Star Raiders played from the perspective of the zyoons is moving along nicely. I'm planning to release in March, to coincide with the release of "Ready Player One." Here's an updated video of the game engine. I'm still looking for beta testers as I move closer to release. A few folks here asked to be included, but have not downloaded the game since the first beta was released last week. If you are interested and have an iOS device for testing, PM me with your email to be added to the list - though be aware that currently, it's running best on recent iPhones and iPads (i.e. iPhone 6 and above). I'll do more performance optimization as I get closer to launch, and widen the pool of testers with older hardware then. zylon_defenders_small.mov
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