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  1. [media=560x315] [/media] If it actually releases this year, anyway.
  2. You might get more of a response by posting this to the devlogs section at TIGsource. https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?board=27.0 I can't really adequately test this as I'm running an Ubuntu Linux variant (although I could tell you how well this works on Wine).
  3. PS1 doesn't really get enough homebrew love. I'd like to see it on there, just 'cause.
  4. Are there any plans to have homebrew titles such as Pier Solar and Battle Kid 2 for rental?
  5. My Power Mac G4 is better than my Thinkpad because it can run Hypercard without emulation.
  6. Anyone ever heard of http://www.analogueinteractive.com/index.php/analogue-nt? It's an upcoming famiclone with NES and Famicom cartridge slots and four controller ports.
  7. Lessee... In the mists of 2001, I was obsessed with Mario. Then I was obsessed with his rival, Sonic. Then I got hardcore into NiGHTS in 2005. Then I got obsessed with Jumping Flash in 2006. I had no huge obsessions after that died down until I discovered how great the Kirby games were in 2012. Then I got into Spyro during Summer School this year. I'm still a Sonic fan. Every time a new console game comes out, it's like Christmas, albeit often the Christmas where you discover that all you got was socks and a cheap crappy toy that breaks after five weeks.
  8. I'll be the first to mention bgb if it's just GB/GBC emulation you're looking for. It's very fast on an old laptop and the sound emulation is some of the best I've heard.
  9. I'd have to say that my favorites are Mac OS 9.2 and Windows 98SE. They're good at letting you get work done without being too overblown or hard to understand. Runners up include BeOS/Haiku, AROS, and OS2/eComStation. Everything else is either too simplistic (DOS), too overwrought and slow (Windows 7), or breaks compatibility at the drop of a hat (desktop Linux in general, Mac OS X)
  10. Not 16-bit, but 16 colors, hardware scaling and a 4 mhz 6502 were pretty impressive for 1989.
  11. A Nintendo 2DS and Sonic Lost World A second Xbox 360 controller A Flash cart for my Game Boy A Harmony Cartridge A Headphone adapter for my GBA SP
  12. Apologies if I'm on the wrong forum. This is also related to Classic Computing, so... I have reason to believe that a modified version of the engine for Windham Classics' C64 and Apple II games Below The Root and Alice in Wonderland was used in the CD-i Zelda games. At the risk of sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist, allow me to explain: American Laser Games made a game for CD-i called Alice In Wonderland, which looks and plays very similarly to the Windham Classics game of the same name. It is probably a remake. Before that, the same company made a game called Laser Lords using a very similar engine. Some of the programmers of Laser Lords and Alice in Wonderland went on the make the CD-i Zelda games. It's possible that the awkward and clunky controls of that game were a result of trying to modify the engine to support a sidescrolling action game. In short, this: led to this: I just thought this was interesting.
  13. Do one on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and make it funny this time.
  14. I have spontaneously decided to boycott all things Disney because I have decided that their stance on copyright is actively harmful to cultural development, preservation of cultural works and the public domain, so no, I'm not buying Disney Infinity. That, and I wouldn't have enough money anyway.
  15. I mostly owned the commonest ones; the original Pac-man stick, the original Atari 2600 stick with the mediocre emulation, the Activision stick, a Power Rangers stick with abysmal games, the Spongebob stick... I seem to remember the Spongebob stick having this elaborate 50-level Donkey Kong clone on it.
  16. Atari Lynx: Low screen res Game Boy Color: Disproportionate amount of shovelware; what was good was usually remakes or Pokemon; chronically outdated tech for the time it was released Game Gear: Blurry, washed out screen; can't play in sunlight Supervision: Mediocre library that made poor use of system's potential Sega Dreamcast: GD-ROM drive has a flimsy motor construction; plastic gears can break after a while Jaguar: CD Peripheral is hard to find working locking many players out of most new homebrew NES: 10NES chip responsible for many console failures GBA SP: Cramped ergonomics making system uncomfortable to use Playstation 1: quick 'n dirty rendering method leads to many games looking wobbly and shaky N-Gage 1: Have to remove battery to change a game Dingoo: Fragile build quality; slow CPU can be a problem for some emulators Atari 7800: sound chip same as VCS/2600 XBOX 360: High failure rates until redesign several years later
  17. Commanche: Maximum Overkill feels like it would've been the perfect "wow" game to launch the Jag with. A detailed looking 3D game that played to the system's strengths and ran smoothly would probably have sold a lot of early adopters on the system. Something with fluidly animated prerendered graphics and a ton of parallax scrolling wouldn't have hurt either. Crescent Galaxy was going to be this, but Atari was being stupid and rushed it.
  18. Haven't played all of these, so just listing the ones I know: Pokemon Red or Blue: Neither (I never got into JRPGs) Tetris or Columns: Columns Gameboy or GameGear: Gameboy Super Mario Bros. or Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic The Hedgehog SNES or Genesis: Genesis Mario Kart 64 or Crash Team Racing: Crash Team Racing Blast Processing or Mode 7: Mode 7 Bust-a-Move or Lumines: Lumines Castlevania or Ghosts & Goblins: Ghosts & Goblins Battlezone (2600) or Robot Tank: Robot Tank Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy: Ugh. Neither. Circus Atari or Kaboom: Circus Atari Remake or Sequel: Sequel Pokemon or Digimon: Pokemon First Person Shooter or First Person Adventure: First Person Adventure Turn-based RPG or Action RPG: Action RPG Short Replayable games or very long but not really replayable games: Short Replayable Games Physical Game or Digital Download: Physical Game. I'm running out of space on my hard drive. Cheat codes or unlockable bonuses through gameplay achievements: Cheat Codes. I miss the Action Replay. Level-based rom hacks or fan translations: Fan Translations Doom Guy or Quake Guy: Quake 3 guy Spacewar! or Computer Space: Computer Space NES or Master System: Master System Time Crisis or House of the Dead: House of the Dead 3DO or Sega CD: Sega CD Super Mario 64 or Sonic Adventure: Sonic Adventure Dr. Mario or Puyo Pop/Mean Bean Machine: Puyo Pop/Mean Bean Machine N64 controller or Dreamcast controller: N64 Controller
  19. Good: Ms. Pac-Man (Apple II) looks and plays as much like the arcade version as the ][ would allow, up to and including the interludes. I even dig the harsh 1-bit wailing for the sound effects. Bad: Hard Drivin' (C64) Sluggish, ugly 3D graphics, abysmal control, and a distinct lack of a decent physics engine make this one of the worst arcade ports ever concieved. I personally wonder if this should even have been attempted. Meh: Frogger (SNES) The last game released for the system outside Japan, Frogger was given a CG makeover for his SNES appearance. It's not bad, but it's not very exciting, either. It feels like one of those PD homebrew roms from the era.
  20. Now I just really want a RetroNCD that plays Sega CD, Turbo Duo, Neo Geo CD and Playstation 1 games. Also an FPGA-based Retron. That just feels like the next logical step after emulation.
  21. A nice place to find high quality freeware games is http://www.thefreebundle.com/. Here are two free games I personally recommend: Forget-Me-Not: http://nyarlulabs.bl...c-dungeons.html Download link is on the page Dig 'n Rig: https://www.digipen....&download=24629 Never played this one personally, but I've heard good things about it.
  22. I thought Bioware was owned by EA, so wouldn't EA going under take Bioware with them?
  23. Selling off my copies of GBA Yoshi's Island and Warioware: Twisted. Then again, I was 14 and didn't really know better at the time. Selling off my copy of Spyro 1 only because it was really scratched and the music skipped like crazy.
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