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  1. Excellent question.... I would like to know the general answer to that one myself........
  2. Hi Everyone..... Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but i did'nt think it fit anywhere else! Who here has been lucky enough to visit Nolan's new uWink Bistro since it opened back in October? Surely there must be a slew of folks here who have gone to check it out.....i am really interested in hearing about your experience! Let me explain: In about 2 weeks i am heading out to CA to visit with friends and we plan on stopping by to visit and check it out, maybe grab some lunch, play the games they offer, etc. I would like to hear some honest reviews of the place from folks right here ...the folks who really matter...the Atari/ Classic Gaming fans! So how was it? What sort of impression did it leave you with? How was the food, pricing? What about the experience? The games? Also , is it the kind of place you should "dress nice" for? What i mean by that is....if i show up in a t-shirt and shorts...will i look a bit out of place? Is it more a "polo shirt" type of place? I have read all there is to read online about uWink, and seen some video interviews/ news stories about it....but nothing gives a better impression then reviews by fans who have been there. So let's hear from you!!
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for the tips!! There is still hope then! Woo hoo!! I will definately have a better look at them, and will report back if i have made any progress! Thanks again!
  4. Ah...nice! I thought it might be that one, but was'nt 100% sure. Very cool. I someday hope to see this show, as i have heard it is highly recommended viewing for anyone interested in the "real story".
  5. GREAT thread !! I LOVE this album, and i am NOT afraid to admit that YES, i do still play this to date...on vinyl on a record player mind you! Seriously people, it's THE ONLY WAY to really enjoy this album! "Hyperspace" is my theme song. Love it love it love it! "Mousetrap" gets another vote from me as a winner that is often overlooked "Do the Donkey Kong" rocks, but i find it far too repeptitive as it nears the end. "Pac Man Fever" of course is a utter classic......it simply rules. The 12 inch version is awesome, as well as the intrumental. I play this a lot from time to time, and back in the 90's i used to play it for kids and they loved it too. The music sounds upbeat and "happy" so i think this is why it is somewhat "timeless" for some of us.
  6. Here in MA we have a few, so i feel lucky. One i frequent when i am nearby is near downtown Salem , MA at Salem Willows. A great spot to spend a day/night hanging out like the old days with your friends in a noisy arcade playing games. It's a small seaside amusement center with two decent sized arcades, eateries, small rides, beach, and the best damn popcorn on the planet! The arcades are where all the action is though. One building contains all the ticket vending machine, and "semi-gambling" games. Mostly the kind of kiddie skill games and nolvelties you would find at your local Chuck E. Cheese's in some sense, but they also have some cool surrpises. The other building next door has the bulk of the video games. It's packed with all the classics, and a whole wall full of pinball too ( mostly 90's models). There is a nice mix of both cutting edge new stuff to keep the pre teens entertained, as well as the real retro legends to keep us "ol' timers" grinning from ear to ear. The best part is they are all original cabinets and games...no recreations of "re-releases". This is the REAL DEAL folks.....and the price reflects that: All classics still cost only a quarter! Classic games there i have seen there: Space Invaders, Asteroids, Centipede, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Galaxian, Galaga, Bowling, Beer Tap, and more that slip my mind at the moment. They also have a lot of classic 90's games like Simpsons, TMNT's, Area 51, Terminator 2, Mortal Combat, etc. GREAT place to spend the day if you are a into classic gaming!
  7. Something i have been meaning to ask...... Has anyone here been to Nolan's uWink restuarant yet? I am heading out to CA in a few weeks and would like to hear some reviews. What is the atmosphere like? Do you need to "dress nice" or is casual wear ( like t-shirts) ok? It's hard to tell based on the few photos and reviews i have found online. I am more interested in hearing from people here at AtariAge thought of the place. Is it worth the trip?
  8. Wow!! Awesome story, and thanks so much for sharing. It's stuff like this that really helps clue one in as to what his personality is like. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to type all of that out! So what program did your interview appear in? I would like to learn more about it.
  9. Great thread topic, as i can relate! I have some dead carts that i really miss playing....and the interesting thing is that they are ALL 80's Activision games. Here they are: Megamaina Stampede Barnstorming Freeway All four of these have not worked for over 10 years now......but to date i have had no problems with any of my other Atari carts. So is it more common for Activision ones to go belly up? I miss these games a LOT and will consider trying my hand at fixing them up with some of the tips mentioned here. One question: What is the best way to OPEN a cart without damaging the plastic shell, or the sticker label(s)?? Thanks in advance for any tips!
  10. Awesome insights so far guys...keep them coming! I totally agree about the "charasmatic factor" I have seen a few interviews of him from the 80's and he definately has that appeal. He really comes off as a person you would love to sit down with for a couple of hours at a lounge and hang out with, talking about old times. So far i have heard nothing but positive things. Keep the reviews coming!
  11. Thanks go out to those who have responded so far....i particularly like the comments regarding what your experience with him was like. I have always had the impression he was a personality you could easily approach, and not like the usualy stereotyped "too busy for you" type. I always enjoyed his dry humour as well in the few interviews i have seen, it makes him come across as being someone you would be comfortable with just hanging out with. So, for those who have said you met him: Describe what impression you had after the meeting. I am really curious about what the experience was like...in the slim chance that maybe some day i have the opportunity. Oh....and just so you know, i am not Nolan incognito! I actually found that comment pretty funny....whatever gave you THAT impression ? LOL!!
  12. Justin, i would very much like to talk with you! I am a serious PTT collector and historian. Since 1981 i have been amassing a huge archieve full of stuff and info, and would love to add more to it if you have anything you would be willing to share. Anything from the very early era ( 77' through 81') i would love to hear about! Also, is it possible to contact Gene to discuss his involvement in the PTT concept? I would very much like to hear all he can tell me about his role. There are many questions i would love to get answered regarding the starting of PTT and any info either of you can share would be wonderful. I am exspecially interested in those character robots he still had back in 2005. Does he still have them? I have co-organized a 30th Anniversay Event for PTT enthusiests this May in CA, and would love to have Gene involved somehow if he would be interested. We hold a small convention every year for PTT/CEC collectors and fans, this will be our 4th. It is a small gathering, not a huge mega-event, but the people coming would love to hear his stories! Feel free to PM me here, and i hope to hear from you soon!
  13. Hi everyone! It's great to be here at AtariAge! I have been a longtime fan of the classic system and was thrilled to find this message forum! Thanks go out to the Atari Museum for introducing me to this very informative place! Okay, forgive my "newbie-ness" and also forgive me if this has been posted in the wrong section........i chose this one mainly because my subject matter is so closey associated to it. I would like to know who here has had the opportunity to meet the man himself, Nolan Bushnell. I am sure there must be a lot of you here, and i would personally love to hear your stories, and you opinions. What is he like? Can anyone here provide any insight into what one could expect if they were to meet him? i did a search last night on this very topic, and read hundreds of posts but did not find any that directly told of experiences with him on a fan-level. SO ...i would like to hear from those of you who HAVE met Nolan and what it was like! Huge thanks in advance, i look eagerly forward to your responses!
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