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  1. Ever go shopping in a Salvation Army? Really interesting goodies in there.

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      It is... but without the online store to take up all of the good stuff... you can find boxed PC games and I've even found NES games, a model 2 Genesis (didn't buy it as it looked pretty dirty). Sometimes even old computers... I once found a 386 laptop there but it needed too much work and wasn't worth paying $50 for.

    3. masschamber


      one by my house yielded the best stuff (closed last june) including Eli's Ladder

    4. adam242


      I used to go to a half dozen thrift stores near me every weekend.. Had quite a few good scores over the years. A SNES with 15 good games, a boxed 1050 disk drive, a Commodore SX64, a few NESes, a few Atari 8-bit carts, lots of 2600 stuff. It all seemed to dry up about 5-10 years ago when people realized this 'junk' was actually worth something in eBay land.

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