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  1. What do you think is the single best year of Garfield comics?  I used to rent all the volumes from the library and the 96-97 ones were my favorite.

    1. Frozone212


      Food for Thought was pretty good for the early 2000's

    2. thanatos


      Wow, kinda stopped paying attention in the 80's, there were already like 10 books by the end.

    3. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      @zetastrike That's a very good question Zeta. Hmmm. Hard to answer. I personally feel when Garfield started to really become successful during the mid-1980's onwards. Jim Davis made the transition of making the Garfield characters more on a cartoonish look and make Garfield more relying on walking on to feet like a human.  I don't have a particular year to say, but I'm thinking mid 80's to early 2000's were the best years for the franchise Zeta. 

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