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  1. Hi guys, Nintendo [email protected] 3h The Neo Geo Pocket Color's First RPG, Biomotor Unitron, Launches On Switch Tomorrow https://nintendolife.com/news/2022/05/the-neo-geo-pocket-colors-first-rpg-biomotor-unitron-launches-on-switch-tomorrow… #NintendoSwitch #UpcomingReleases #NeoGeo #Retro #SNK The Neo Geo Pocket Color's First RPG, Biomotor Unitron, Launches On Switch Tomorrow Surprise! by Alana Hagues 12:45pm In a surprise announcement, SNK has announced the next game in its Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection series, Biomotor Unitron. Released on the handheld back in 1999, this was the very first RPG for the system. The game mixes sci-fi elements with dungeon crawling. You control a robot through these dungeons — which are semi-random a selected from a variety of pre-programmed layouts — and level up the character controlling the Unitron robot. As your level increases, so does your ability to control the Unitron. The game launched in Japan and North America, but never saw a European release. As with all the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection releases, Biomotor Unitron comes with a full-colour digital manual that you can flick through on your Switch. We've also got a small rundown of the game from SNK's press release: We can't wait to get our hands on a slice of Neo Geo history with this one! Biomotor Unitron launches tomorrow (26th May) in North America and Europe for $7.99 / €7.99. You can check out the rest of the games in this Neo Geo series over on SNK's official website. Will you be picking this one up? Or have you played the game before? Let us know in the usual spot! Anthony..
  2. Pleasant surprise for sure Marko. Thank you for sharing this and looking out for us as always bro. Anthony..
  3. You're welcome Michael. Always a pleasure to do so. Anthony..
  4. I use to like it when the Status Updates was on the forums index section. But we still continue to have fun as always on AtariAge and we're doing fine after and before  it existed in that area by posting away with the great members on here. :)

  5. Jon fishing with Garfield and Odie. :-D 


    Garfield | Daily Comic Strip on July 16th, 1995 | Garfield comics, Fun  comics, Funny comics

  6. Hi guys, SNKオンラインショップ公式 @snk_onlineshop 【注文受付終了まで残り1週間】現在、「SNKオンラインショップありがとうキャンペーン」開催中です! 長年のご愛顧に感謝の気持ちを込め、対象商品を最大50%OFFでご提供いたします。 ぜひこの機会にSNKオンラインショップでのお買い物をお楽しみください。 #SNK https://snk-onlineshop.com/topics_detail.html?info_id=541… Translated from Japanese by [One week left until the end of order acceptance] Currently, the "SNK Online Shop Thank You Campaign" is being held! With gratitude for your patronage over the years, we will offer the target products at up to 50% off. Please take this opportunity to enjoy shopping at the SNK Online Shop. #SNK https://snk-onlineshop.com/topics_detail.html?info_id=541… 5:27 AM · May 24, 2022· Antony..
  7. Hi guys, SNK [email protected]_jp KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series、明日開幕 「KOF XV ICFC WEEK1キャンペーン」を開催! アカウントをフォロー&このツイートをRTで、KOF XV esports Tシャツが3名様に当たります キャンペーンは5/31(火)まで! 大会エントリーも受付中ですので、ぜひご参加ください! #KOF15 #KOFXV #KOFXVICFC Translated from Japanese by KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series, opening tomorrow "KOF XV ICFC WEEK1 Campaign" will be held! Follow your account & RT this tweet to win 3 KOF XV esports T-shirts Campaign until 5/31 (Tuesday)! We are also accepting tournament entries, so please join us! #KOF15 #KOFXV #KOFXVICFC 10:30 PM · May 24, 2022· Anthony..
  8. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 4h 【KOF XV】 Here comes a special sketch and some comments about BILLY KANE from KOF XV lead designer, Tomohiro Nakata! >Check out the trailer! https://youtu.be/sgH1giYp_qc #KOF15 #KOFXV Anthony..
  9. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 5h Get your hands on the Steam GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES game and soundtrack bundle! Features 37 tracks from the legendary NEOGEO fighting game. Enjoy these action-packed tunes while you game! https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/26137/ *Comes in MP3/FLAC #SNK #GAROU #NEOGEO Anthony..
  10. Hi guys, Back with NeoGeoNow having fun as usual. Anthony..
  11. Good to know Mike. Would love to participate in it once I take out my NGCD unit. Been a while since I hooked up that baby. Mike, did you ordered the spinner board from NeoHomeBrew? Anthony...
  12. Hi guys, SNKエンタテインメント公式@snk_enter 現在、「SNKオンラインショップありがとうキャンペーン」を開催中! リムルルはもうお迎えしましたか? おうちにナコルルがいる方は、2人一緒だとさらに可愛いのでぜひ https://snk-onlineshop.com/item/4580015698714.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=0524RIM… #SNK Translated from Japanese by Currently, "SNK Online Shop Thank You Campaign" is being held! Have you welcomed Rimururu yet? If you have Nakoruru in your house, it's even more cute if you're two together https://snk-onlineshop.com/item/4580015698714.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=0524RIM… #SNK 10:32 PM · May 23, 2022 Anthony..
  13. Hi guys, SNKエンタテインメント公式@snk_enter 現在、「SNKオンラインショップありがとうキャンペーン」を開催中! 「メタルスラッグ DINEXマグカップ P.F.」は軽くて丈夫! さらに長時間温度をキープできるので、アウトドアにもオフィス使いにもぴったりです https://snk-onlineshop.com/category/THANKYOUCP/4580015694396.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=0523DINEX… #SNK Translated from Japanese by Currently, "SNK Online Shop Thank You Campaign" is being held! "Metal Slug DINEX Mug PF" is light and durable! It can keep the temperature for a long time, so it is perfect for outdoor and office use https://snk-onlineshop.com/category/THANKYOUCP/4580015694396.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=0523DINEX… #SNK 3:24 AM · May 23, 2022· Anthony..
  14. Hi guys, SNKオンラインショップ公式 @snk_onlineshop 【ただいまキャンペーン中!】ARTでFIGHTINGなパーカー 龍虎の拳(日本国外版のタイトル:ART OF FIGHTING)のオレンジカラーのパーカーです♪前も後ろも腕の部分もプリント入りでカッコよく着られます! https://snk-onlineshop.com/category/THANKYOUCP/4580015702459.html… #SNK #龍虎の拳 Translated from Japanese by [Campaign now! ] ART and FIGHTING hoodie Art of Fighting (Title of the foreign version of Japan: ART OF FIGHTING) is an orange color hoodie ♪ The front, back and arms are printed and can be worn cool! https://snk-onlineshop.com/category/THANKYOUCP/4580015702459.html… #SNK #龍虎の拳 5:39 AM · May 23, 2022· Anthony..
  15. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 2h 【KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series】 The first round of the series will start on Thursday, May 26th. Registrations are open now, so sign up! > NA (Entry deadline: 5/26 4:30PM PDT) https://start.gg/tournament/kof-xv-icfc-weekly-series-na-week-1/details… > EU (Entry deadline: 5/26 6:00PM CEST) https://start.gg/tournament/kof-xv-icfc-weekly-series-eu-week-1/details… #KOFXVICFC Anthony...
  16. Hi guys, [email protected] May 20 IT’S FINALLY HERE. My new daily driver for retro emulation and fighting games. A forgotten piece of high quality gaming tech from the past: the Neo Geo Pad 2 for the PS2. You get the microswitch thumbstick from the Neo Geo CD controller, with the button layout of the Saturn. Anthony...
  17. Hi guys, NeoGeoForever Retweeted Paul Darbyshire @pablo_0151 10h From my Neo Geo Arcade Stick session yesterday. Art of Fighting 3 still absolutely blows my mind, it has to be one of the best looking games of the 90s. Anthony..
  18. Hi guys, NeoGeoCollector @NeoGeoCollector A heavyweight trio! #NeoGeo #MetalSlug #kingoffighters Anthony..
  19. Hi guys, From AtariAge member @Steril707. Game is looking great for sure. Inviyya https://www.facebook.com/Inviyya/ First look at some pixel art for the Neo Geo version of Hyperblaster (Inviyya2). Main difference will be (as you can see ) the much more colourful and detailed parallax background layer. Anthony..
  20. Hi guys, 稲坂浩臣(STUDIO24) @studio24inasaka ■今月末第一回締め切り■ 「テリー・ボガード」の商品に封入されている投票券。 たくさんの方にご応募頂いています! いつ送ってもらっても投票は反映しますが、次回第4弾、第5弾のキャラ選考に反映されるのは5月末日まで! 抽選でプレゼントも企画してます!是非ご参加を! #STUDIO24餓狼 Translated from Japanese by ■ The first deadline at the end of this month ■ Voting ticket enclosed in "Terry Bogard" products. Many people have applied! Voting will be reflected no matter when you send it, but it will be reflected in the next 4th and 5th character selection until the end of May! We are also planning gifts by lottery! Please join us! #STUDIO24餓狼 11:11 PM · May 19, 2022· Anthony..
  21. Hi guys, odenn [email protected] Replying to @studio24inasaka 餓狼伝説スペシャルのイラストに忠実な造形の再現 餓狼スペ時代の不知火舞の若さが際立ってます Translated from Japanese by Reproduction of modeling faithful to the illustration of Fatal Fury Special The youth of Mai Shiranui in the Fatal Fury era stands out 6:02 AM · May 20, 2022· Anthony..
  22. Hi guys, 稲坂浩臣(STUDIO24) @studio24inasaka ■彩色見本公開■ 「THE KING OF COLLECTORS'24」 第3弾『不知火舞』 受注開始は5月27日(金)からです! https://hi-studio24.stores.jp その他、追加画像や詳細は来週のブログで! #studio24餓狼 #餓狼伝説 #SNK #KOC Translated from Japanese by ■ Color sample released ■ "THE KING OF COLLECTORS '24" The third "Mai Shiranui" Orders will start from May 27th (Friday)! https://hi-studio24.stores.jp Other additional images and details will be posted on next week's blog! #studio24餓狼 #餓狼伝説 #SNK #KOC 5:00 AM · May 20, 2022· Anthony...
  23. Hey Zack, Good to see you again bro. Glad you continue to play Neo-Geo and collecting for other units like the legendary Playstation. Thank you for the shoutout and glad were friends that help each other out. Oh man! I'm so sorry that your dog as cancer Zack. As a Leukemia patient, I can understand what your pet and your family is going though. If you need anything down the road, let me and the members here on AtariAge know. Will do our best to give a helping hand. Anthony..
  24. Hi guys, I thought this's pretty cool. Art of Fighting 2 with a remix of Surviver's song Burning Heart. Anthony..
  25. Hi guys, [email protected] This was posted on @NEOGEOmini FB page. So awesome! I don’t own KOFXV but this alone would be worth it. #snk #KOFXV #bossofbosses #geese Anthony..
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