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  1. Hi guys, SNKオンラインショップ公式 @snk_onlineshop Nintendo Switch版「SAMURAI SPIRITS」発売まであと3日!! SNKオンラインショップでは限定のゲームポーチセットも販売中です♪ さらに!イベントで配布し、大好評を得た『ネオジオフリーク』第2弾が SNKオンラインショップでの購入者限定特典として付属します! https://buff.ly/2PEmAhJ #SNK #サムスピ Translated from Japanese by Nintendo Switch version "SAMURAI SPIRITS" will be released in 3 days !! Limited game pouch set is on sale at SNK Online Shop ♪ In addition, the second installment of “Neo-Jo-Fleak”, which was distributed at the event and gained great popularity, is included as a purchase-only benefit at the SNK Online Shop! https://buff.ly/2PEmAhJ#SNK#サムスピ 11:17 PM · Dec 8, 2019 Anthony..
  2. Hi guys, East London Fighters @eastlondonFGC 12h The last #SundayShodown of 2019 is now over and what an explosive one it was! Huge thanks to those who helped to raise the $82 @matcherino_ prize pot for today's event, to those who watched and especially to those that took part! Congrats to this week's #SamSho winners! Anthony..
  3. Hi guys, Sector [email protected] 6h Congrats to all of our @SNKPofficial Giveaway winners at #LabMonsterZ Thanks for coming and see you at #ButtonMasherZ http://smash.gg/buttonmasherz Anthony...
  4. Hi guys, White Ninja [email protected] Dec 3 Discovered at the RGC 2019, we were seduced by Neotris, a NeoGeo game made by totologic. If you like puzzle games, don't hesitate to support this project that will be released in physical edition! For more information, please visit his Facebook page: https://facebook.com/NeotrisAES Anthony...
  5. Hi guys, Furrtek @furrtek Only the FFC is missing now. Hopefully this is the last revision before the production boards ! 4:31 PM · Dec 4, 2019 Anthony..
  6. Hi guys, Back with AtariAge member Dak1ngofgames98. Here we see a great review with him on the eo Geo Arcade Stick pro. Enjoy. 8^) Anthony..
  7. Hi guys, Back with madlitlepixel with more Neo Geo Arcade Stick pro goodies to share with us. Enjoy. 8^) From the description, "Today we take a look at some accessories for the SNK Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro. Some of these seem odd, but some surprised me. Product sent to me for review from the following site, check them out!" Anthony...
  8. Hi guys, 【公式】KOF'98 UM OL x ゴブスレコラボ実施中! @kof98umol 【#コラボ 格闘家投票キャンペーン開催!】 好きなコラボ格闘家が誰 抽選で15名様に「Amazonギフト券1000円」をプレゼント! 更に、優勝した格闘家の投票者から3名様に限定グッズを 〆12月13日まで ダウンロード http://bit.ly/2W4a2D3 #KOF98UMOL #ゴブスレ Translated from Japanese by [ #コラボ Fighter vote campaign is held! ] Who is your favorite collaboration fighter? We present "Amazon gift certificate 1000 yen" to 15 people by lot! In addition, limited goods for 3 winners from the winners of the winning fighter ま で Until December 13 download http://bit.ly/2W4a2D3#KOF98UMOL#ゴブスレ Tweet #大好きなコラボ格闘家がゴブリンスレイヤー Tweet #大好きなコラボ格闘家が妖精弓手 Tweet #大好きなコラボ格闘家が女神官 10:00 PM · Dec 5, 2019 Anthony...
  9. Hi guys, 新宿マルイアネックス アニメイベント @marui_annex_a 【KOFG STORE at 新宿マルイアネックス】 〈再販情報〉 明日12/7(土)開店時より若干数ですが再販売いたします。 画像をご確認ください。 イベント詳細はこちら→ http://bit.ly/336HGuv #KOFG #KOF乙女 Translated from Japanese by [KOFG STORE at Shinjuku Marui Annex] <Resale Information> Tomorrow, 12/7 (Saturday) will be re-sold to a limited number. Please check the image. Click here for event details →http://bit.ly/336HGuv#KOFG#KOF乙女 5:51 AM · Dec 6, 2019 Anthony
  10. Hi guys, frionel @frionel26 Reminder! Casablanca World Fighters next month in Morocco with 3 main event games : - KOF XIV (SNK WCS) - Samurai Shodown - Dragon Ball FighterZ About 10 000 $ cash prize money. Top 4 paid. Trophies for top 3, medals for top 8. No registration fees! Casablanca World Fighters Casablanca World Fighters smash.gg 5:44 AM · Dec 7, 2019 Anthony
  11. Hi guys, HAMSTER [email protected]_Corp いよいよ12月12日、SNKさんから「SAMURAI SPIRITS」の新作がNintendo Switchで発売されます。それを記念した「SAMURAI SPIRITS Special Sale」をニンテンドーeショップで開催!アケアカNEOGEOの3タイトルが50% OFFです。新作発売前にぜひ体を温めておいてください。 https://nintendo.co.jp/search/?q=%E3%82%A2%E3%82%B1%E3%82%A2%E3%82%ABNEOGEO&mode=soft&ssort=aprice… Translated from Japanese by On December 12th, SNK will release a new “SAMURAI SPIRITS” on Nintendo Switch. “SAMURAI SPIRITS Special Sale” in commemoration of it is held at the Nintendo e-shop! 3 titles of ACA NEOGEO are 50% OFF. Please warm up your body before the new release. https://nintendo.co.jp/search/?q=%E3%82%A2%E3%82%B1%E3%82%A2%E3%82%ABNEOGEO&mode=soft&ssort=aprice… 7:02 AM · Dec 7, 2019 Anthony..
  12. Hi guys, HAMSTER Corporation @HAMSTER_Corp ACA NEOGEO THE ULTIMATE 11: SNK FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP is now available on Windows 10 PC ! It's a soccer game released by SNK in 1996. Choose your favorite of 80 different teams, more than ever before, and conquer the two Championship modes! https://microsoft.com/en-us/p/aca-neogeo-the-ultimate-11-snk-football-championship-for-windows/9p2tb0z4wbp0… 12:15 PM · Dec 7, 2019 Anthony...
  13. Hi guys, HAMSTER [email protected]_Corp Windows 10 PC「アケアカNEOGEO 得点王 炎のリベロ」の配信がスタート!1996年にSNKから発売されたサッカーゲームです。本作はPS4、Nintendo Switch、Xbox Oneでも好評配信中!ぜひお楽しみください! #アーケードアーカイブス #アケアカ https://microsoft.com/ja-jp/p/%E3%82%A2%E3%82%B1%E3%82%A2%E3%82%ABneogeo-%E5%BE%97%E7%82%B9%E7%8E%8B-%E7%82%8E%E3%81%AE%E3%83%AA%E3%83%99%E3%83%AD-for-windows/9p2tb0z4wbp0… Translated from Japanese by Distribution of Windows 10 PC “ACA NEOGEO Scoring King Libero” starts! A soccer game released by SNK in 1996. This work is now on sale on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One! Please enjoy! #アーケードアーカイブス#アケアカhttps://microsoft.com/ja-jp/p/%E3%82%A2%E3%82%B1%E3%82%A2%E3%82%ABneogeo-%E5%BE%97%E7%82%B9%E7%8E%8B-%E7%82%8E%E3%81%AE%E3%83%AA%E3%83%99%E3%83%AD-for-windows/9p2tb0z4wbp0… 11:17 PM · Dec 6, 2019 Anthony...
  14. Hi guys, Brian [email protected] I got a nice little blurb in issue 197 (Shenmue cover) of Retro Gamer! Thanks @RetroGamer_Mag ! #NeoGeo 5:39 PM · Dec 7, 2019 Anthony..
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