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  1. Hi guys, ファミ通.com @famitsu “大切なことはアイレムと『R-TYPE』に教わった”『メタルスラッグ』プログラマー濱田慎一氏が語るアイレムのあのころ、ナスカのあのころ【ゲームの思い出談話室・第3夜】 https://famitsu.com/news/202008/03202933.html… Translated from Japanese by "Important things were taught by IREM and "R-TYPE"" "Metal Slug" programmer Shinichi Hamada talks about that time about IREM, about that time at Nazca [Game recollection room, 3rd night] https://famitsu.com/news/202008/03202933.html… 5:00 AM · Aug 3, 2020· "Important things were taught by IREM and "R-TYPE"" "Metal Slug" programmer Shinichi Hamada talks about that time about IREM, about that time at Nazca [Game recollection room, 3rd night] by Tomomi Yamamura Writer 2020.08.03 18:00 update  A social gathering place for ladies and gentlemen to bring and talk about the memories of their beloved games.  The name is "Hello, my friend", the memory of the game.  The only customers who come to this lounge are "people who are involved in games and celebrities."  Game industry people and celebrities say, "What kind of game do you like and what kind of feelings do you have?"  What kind of influence did the game have on that person's "now"?  It's a simple and game-loved lounge where you can talk about your memorable game to your heart's content.  Today's third night's games are IREM's " R-TYPE " and SNK Playmore's " Metal Slug ." We would like to talk about the "inherited Irem spirit" that flows in both works.  "R-TYPE" is an arcade shooting game for IREM released in 1988, and "Metal Slug" is a shooting game for Nazca (then SNK) arcade released in 1996. Tonight's Theme: "R-TYPE", "Metal Slug"  "R-TYPE" is an arcade side-scrolling shooting game developed by IREM and released in July 1987.  I think that there was a mechanical space colony on the stage due to the unique graphic expression with a three-dimensional effect and a solid feeling, then the boss had an outstanding impact on the stage full of muddy creatures, and then the huge battleship awaited And, the world is shown in various ways with the two sides of mechanical and creature feeling.  The biggest feature of the player's own machine "R-9 (Earl Nine)" is that it has a special "force". While the force is a barrier to prevent enemy bullets, it also has an attack check. In addition, it is possible to shoot at the front and let the force attack at a distance, and to get stronger at the rear by equipping it behind the aircraft after injection, which greatly enriches the stage capture.  The predecessor of IREM was the capcom chairman and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto, who was founded in Osaka in 1969 at the IPM Shokai, and in 1979 the company name was changed to IREM.  "Metal Slug" is an action game released by SNK in 1996. Aiming to defeat Marshal Morden and recapture the stolen weapon "Metal Slug" by operating Marco and Tarma of the Special Engineering Unit Pergulin Falcon. You can take advantage of the battle by utilizing various weapons and getting into the "metal slug" of the tank.  "Metal Slug" was developed by Nazca, which was established in 1994. After developing the NEOGEO titles " Big Tournament Golf " and "Metal Slug", they were merged with SNK in 1996. I love "R-TYPE" too much and join IREM! From there, spend a turbulent time in Nazca --Welcome. Mr. Hamada Good evening, my name is Hamada. --I have been waiting for you. Please go to this seat. ……What is the game that Mr. Hamada can talk about today? This is "R-TYPE" from Hamada . "R-TYPE"...is a game that has really changed my life and taught me lessons. A little regulars ! Good, "R-TYPE"! It is a masterpiece that was made in 1987 by IREM, and the level of the arcade side shoe at that time was raised at once! No, no-"R-TYPE" is the life! I would love to hear from you together! (Quickly move seats with one drink) --Oh, regulars, I'm in trouble! Again, such a thing... Excuse me, Mr. Hamada, I'm a regular person at our shop who likes game music a lot. If you don't mind, is it okay for me to join you? Mr. Hamada, please come and join us. Shinichi Hamada Joined IREM in 1991 as a game programmer. When Irem withdrew from game development in 1994, he went to the development company Nazca. Nasca is absorbed by SNK and develops games at SNK. After that, after working for Sammy, etc., he moved to freelance in 2015 and made efforts to create VR content, and continues to the present. Representative works include "Metal Slug" and "Baseball Fighting League Man". Regulars who like game music Approximately 30 years have been active in the front line of the game industry. A regular of our shop who has a passion and deep knowledge of game music and can not stop when talking about sake with one hand. I own countless game music CDs and sound sources, and because I like them too much, they are hot for my favorite sounds, and sometimes dry for those who feel a little disappointing. After all, it is also because of love for game music. Game music because of love. The true identity is... ――Let's talk about “R-TYPE”. It's a game that changed your life...? Hamada-san, I really liked "R-TYPE", so I joined IREM in 1991 (laughs). --What? Great regulars !! --When you said that, you were addicted to "R-TYPE" when you were a student? Mr. Hamada . At that time, I was a prep school student when I moved from Hiroshima to Kansai due to my parents' transfer. After that, I went to a computer-related vocational school, but I didn't have a place to specialize in games like I do now, and I was in an industrial school where I was doing assembler work. Of course, I loved games, so I went to Gamesen, and at that time I also had a part-time job at a high-tech land SEGA (laughs). ――The golden pattern that you like games and work part time at arcades (laughs). Moreover, vocational schools have also changed to computer systems. It's already full. Hamada-san , even when I was looking for career advice, I had one point that I wanted to go to a game company from the beginning, and my teacher was in trouble (laughs). There are various manufacturers such as Capcom because it is in the Kansai area, but I wanted to make a shooting like "R-TYPE", so it was an IREM choice. --So that's how you joined the company, so it's amazing. Mr. Hamada was happy. However, immediately after joining the company, a great man said, "I'm not going to make a shooter from this year, action and fighting from now on!" The regulars are sad (laughs). At that time, it was just about to enter the belt scroll action or case game boom. Mr. Hamada That 's right. After that, I had been working at IREM for about three years, but in 1994 IREM decided to withdraw from the game business, and I was invited by a senior to move to a development company called Nazca. So, I joined as a programmer in the production of "Metal Slug", which is my masterpiece. --Nasca is the one where IREM withdrew from the game business and many IREM creators were transferred to it. Hamada: That 's right. --And in Nazca, you made "Metal Slug," which is still loved by many game fans. Mr. Hamada The 90s was a turbulence for us. One of Mr. Hamada's representative works, "Metal Slug". "Baseball Fighting Leagueman" is a masterpiece of the Irem era. The charm of "R-TYPE" lies in "the god in the details" -When you say "R-TYPE", I have the impression that I was a consumer version made by Hudson that was ported with a PC engine, or I was playing in a stand-up cabinet of a candy shop. It's a game that's catchy and easy to play, so even children can challenge themselves to the entrance. It's a good game that is easy to play for regulars . I also like "R-TYPE" and bought a board at that time! Mr. Hamada That 's right! Comrades like "R-TYPE". I 'm a regular member of "R-TYPE"! (Arms piercing each other) *Please check your personal information about PIGASHIG Hamada (laughs). Good, isn't it the IREM M72 system? It is a regular customer. It's the first board with FM sound source on IREM. This is Mr. Hamada . The board of "R-TYPE" is the IREM M72 system board, but since the VRAM capacity was limited, the background for "R-TYPE" is assigned to only one surface.  For example, in the case of "R-TYPE," when the stage 1 boss "Dubkeradops" appears, the background is darkened and erased, and then part of the body of the boss is displayed in VRAM. Even with a three-sided giant battleship, you are erasing all the stars in the background and earning the display. --So that's it. You're displaying some huge enemy graphics with VRAM swapped. I thought that background darkening was such a production. Mr. Hamada It means that you were doing something very humble (laughs). ――So you were showing good things like restrictions on things like restrictions. The background darkened just before the stage 1 boss, and after that, the boss "Dubkeradops" appears, but this is because some graphics of "Dubkeradops" are complemented by the background, so the background is erased first. I had to free VRAM. Mr. Hamada I joined IREM in 1991, four years after the release of the M72 board, and the M92 board, which has improved graphics performance, was the mainstream. There were also relatively reasonable boards, which were used for puzzle games such as " Good Morning ". Regulars who did not have a chance to make the game in the M72 board? Mr. Hamada wasn't there. I liked "R-TYPE" anyway, so I only joined IREM, so I was thinking of making a game on the M72 board at one time (laughs). As for a game with a lot of characters, the amount of sprites displayed on the M72 board is not enough, so I made it with M92. --The graphics of "R-TYPE" were very inspiring at the time, but I was also surprised by the precision of the graphics in "The Great War of the Undersea " in 1993 . Who was the core of the IREM graphics team back then? Mr. Hamada There were a lot of wonderful people, but AKIO (*), the graphic designer, is impressive.  I heard from my senior when I was at IREM, but AKIO seems to have drawn up the image of what design and color to use on paper, and then stippling it on dots.  If you do so, you will definitely be worried about comparing the dots on paper illustrations with the "intermediate color between dots." Therefore, it seems that the intermediate color is reproduced by using the bleeding of the cathode ray tube, and when drawing a dot picture, he thought that "decide the color by 0.5 dot". *AKIO is a designer and a dot-drawer. While at Irem , he worked on numerous graphics such as "R-TYPE", " R-TYPE II ", and "Undersea Great War", and was also in charge of the "Metal Slug" series graphics at Nazca SNK. --I tried to reproduce the taste of the illustration as much as possible. It's just a dot art craftsmanship. "Undersea War" released by IREM in 1993. Mr. Hamada At first, "Undersea War" was not designed by Mr. AKIO. The first game was a futuristic submarine that appeared on its own. However, I was told by my colleagues at the same time that there were a few months when the programmers couldn't come to work because development was difficult due to various reasons.  From there, the main designer took the place of AKIO, and about a year later, it was finally completed. I saw "Undersea War" being developed in the programmer room, and I was surprised at the high graphics quality of the scene where a group of two-sided huts were blown off in the upper Balkan. Everyone who was watching together also said, "This is amazing!"  Even within the company, everyone was paying attention to the high quality of AKIO-san's dot painting, and I think many people were inspired by AKIO-san's work and said, “I'll do my best!”.  In the first place, AKIO hears that the portfolio he brought when he joined IREM was the "R-TYPE" stage 1 boss, "Dubkeradops". That's amazing. -It's amazing. My impression at the time was that "R-TYPE" jumped up one step from the graphics level of shooting games so far. I felt something different. Mr. Hamada has exactly the same impression. The graphics of "R-TYPE", which was taken charge of by AKIO, is exciting, and the mecha and alien Dorologchagucha are fused, and although it has a mechanical color, it has a dirty feeling, so the color usage is unique. Next to the stage 1 boss "Dobkeradops", the famous stage 2 boss "Gomander". Many people put their planes in this position and took a break. This is Stage 6 and it's a very mechanical stage. "R-TYPE" has alternating stages of alien-like mood and mechanical feeling, and fuses two tastes. -The movement pattern is also smooth. Mr. Hamada For example, the R-9, which is your aircraft, moves the ship in a smooth incline when moving up and down, which enhances the feeling that you are "being there" even though it is 2D graphics. It's a detailed job. IREM had a culture of doing such small tasks that other parts, for example programmers, would also do.  ABIKO-san was the one who designed the level of "R-TYPE", which was unfortunately already quit when I joined IREM, but the level of "R-TYPE" The design and guidance of how to play is very good, and it is literally fun to do it many times. The level of involvement you have gained since you improved is also deep. That is also the accumulation of detailed work.  I call such a process "invisible device", but I have witnessed many times that IREM's development team has accumulated ingenious devices that users can play with. .. After learning it, I try to make games later.  There is a word that “God dwells in the details”, but I feel it in “R-TYPE”. --I see. Mr. Hamada fell in love with "R-TYPE" because of that. Mr. Hamada . By the way, what do you like about "R-TYPE"? Regulars Yes, there are many, but after all, like Mr. Hamada says, I like the fact that they have been carefully devised and have a unique gameplay.  For example, "bit (equipment attached to the top and bottom of your own R-9)" moves and your own aircraft goes to the front, whereas the bit slightly recoils behind and then follows. It behaves as if it were pulled by its own rubber.  Its behavior is also designed to have inertia, so it spreads, so if you move the R-9 like swinging the bit, the bits will gradually separate. There is also a technique that uses it to swing the bits from the bottom of the huge three-sided battleship to destroy the upper turret. When I first noticed it, I felt like I was done! That's interesting. Mr. Hamada . If you put it at the back of the screen and put the lever back, the bit will come out a little bit forward. So, with the force, you can survive the enemy's attack. For regular customers, I try not to die on that final move (laughs). Hamada-san, you've put in a detailed design that can be modified according to your own operations. Even though I have a great sense of game making, I also like the kind of innocence that users can find without having to say to the front. -The more you notice it, the more you like it and the more you fall in love with it. "R-TYPE" is full of such charm. There are many small ingenuities such as tilting the aircraft when the own aircraft R-9 greatly moves up and down and the movement of the bit is also very unique. If you swing the bit around, you can destroy the turret above and below the battleship as in the end of the video. This is a video of Mr. Hamada actually playing the final stage recovery from "R-TYPE II". Mr. Hamada said that he played in front of the development staff when he was asked to show me the two-lap play of "R-TYPE II" that nobody could do inside the company when I was a newcomer. In the latter half of intense stage 6, when he played back the attack of the enemy by switching back and forth between the forces, the person in charge of the project was very excited and said, "I want you to do this!" Developed "Metal Slug" from withdrawal from IREM's game business to SNK subsidiary Nazca -It was in 1994 that you moved from Irem to Nazca. Mr. Hamada . IREM decided to withdraw from game development in 1994, and I also moved to Nazca with AKIO-san who was in charge of graphics at IREM. --At that time, I was surprised at the Neo Geo games that the graphics tastes such as " Top Hunter " and " THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94 " changed from the Neo Geo titles until then. Was it because of the participation of Nazca? Mr. Hamada No, Nasca is a different development company from SNK, and I didn't have any direct relationship with the SNK development team that created those titles. However, I have heard that the developers of SNK were surprised to hear about the development methods of AKIO and the IREM graphics team. At that time, Mr. SNK was gathering various development companies, so I think that he was evolving graphics with various stimuli. --So that's it. What did it look like when Nazca was launched? Hamada-san At Nazca, we decided to make golf games and shooting games first. For shooting games, I thought that it would be better to make a new work of "R-TYPE", but "I hate making the same thing", so by trial and error, "Metal Slug" I was born. The golf game is later called "Big Tournament Golf". ――“Metal Slug” was originally a shooting game project. Mr. Hamada Yes. "Metal Slug" is an action game, but it has a lot of know-how and techniques of shooting games.  The level design is "Miiha" on the 2nd, 3rd, and final sides, and the 1st, 4th, and 5th are Mr. Kujo (currently Mr. Kazuma Kujo of Granzera). Miiha's face is to make it so that you can stop scrolling and show the event firmly when you reach the event scene, but Kujo rarely stops scrolling, running through the bar while shooting suddenly It is a design that makes you feel comfortable. However, if you get into a bad condition, you will be hit by a throwing bomb that has been shot from a distance (laughs). ――It is said that among the attractive bullets that produce so-called flashiness, the bullets that are about to be killed are mixed (laughs). Mr. Hamada That 's right. Mr. Miihaa is "to Irem era undercover Cops " and " Geo Storm to have been responsible for the" essence Tteyuu Mr. Kujo is "In the Hunt" have been responsible for, "but scroll're free and die ride in tone" There is each one. ――Mr. Kujo seems to be a shooting game, especially in terms of thinking. Hamada: That 's right. I was in charge of the program around the player characters, but in the first place, the main character was a tank during the development of "Metal Slug". It's very profound, but you can jump and crouch (laughs). -The main character is a tank! At the beginning of the production of "Metal Slug", the main character was a tank. For this reason, tanks with jumps and various movements, like those in the image, appear in the game. Since it is Mr. Hamada, the movement when riding in a tank with "Metal Slug" was actually very detailed. Originally it was made as a main character.  The main character of "Metal Slug" did the location test twice in the days of the tank, but the development was stopped for a month because it was not good. In the meantime, the planners and AKIOs had a meeting about what to do, but in my eyes, everyone thought, "Isn't it better that the hero is a human?" I felt it.  So, I tried to boost it by using the enemy soldier's graphics to make the player character human. --Arbitrarily (laughs). Mr. Hamada When I showed it to the planner, I was called to the development meeting three days later and said, "Because the player character is a human!", and I thought "OK, it worked!" After that, he was told, "But I will also leave tanks!" He also said, "Because I will be able to ride a tank!" ――Your chances are to increase your work with great momentum! Mr. Hamada The specifications have changed more than I expected (laughs). You worked hard to make it all, and it became the current "Metal Slug." --I see. It's always important to believe in yourself and make it (laughs). Mr. Hamada That's why I think that "Metal Slug" is a game made by gathering the know-how cultivated in IREM for all planners, graphic makers and programmers. -The flow of "R-TYPE" was later connected to "Metal Slug". I enjoyed everything, including staying overnight and staying up all night! Those days when I ran through Hamada-san When you were in "Metal Slug," you thought that you couldn't pull your legs because you could make it with the people you admired who made your favorite games. I stayed at the company for 3 days a week and made it. I work until 5 am and sleep in a futon or sleeping bag under my desk (laughs). --Oh, that's only possible at that time (laughs). Mr. Hamada I can't think of it now (laughs). Regulars, that's what it was like back then (laughs). Even Hamada-san , you enjoyed those days. It was fun, so I was able to create as much as I could, and I spent a lot of time working on it, so even if I made a mistake, I thought I would try hard to get it back, and I would like to know how to collect good and bad things. It was fulfilling.  Best of all, everyone around us loves games and weird people, so it's fun. This was during the Irem era, but I ran out the time card and started playing the game with everyone staying at about 1 am in the middle of the night. He said, "What is the range of Nintendo's Superscope?", shooting at distances of 1m and saying "12m is the limit!" (laughs). Of course, it's not that often, but sometimes. --(Lol). The point is that it's fun. Mr. Hamada Yes, it was like a training camp or a day before a cultural festival, so I enjoyed everything. For some reason, you can concentrate most at around 3 pm.  In today's world, it is not recommended that such a way of working is a corporate organization, but if you experience it for a night or two, I think it may be useful for making things. Regulars's I'm able to concentrate me the night of the staying somewhere due to circumstances in the company. I also made things that were not in the plan without permission (laughs). I understand Mr. Hamada (laughs). The next day, please ask, "I've made this, so put it in" (laughs). Regular engineer, because he is doing his favorite thing with the tension at midnight, the engine starts. Mr. Hamada Yes, I'm really happy if you put it in the game. So it's hard to stay up all night and stay, but it was fun. --It's a good story. That may be the important essence of making things. Hamada: That 's right. I'm really happy that I was in IREM then. Even now, I can only respect seniors, and I think that Irem had a chance to learn something special, unique, and important at that time. AKIO-san was the one who stood out, but there were also a lot of strange people who were unique and had a lot of variety (laughs). --(Lol). Mr. Hamada It was a culture of people that it was natural to do high quality. Even so, there were many people who liked mischief, and it might have been Kansai. I think they were people with a laugh-like taste. ――So you are still taking advantage of that kind of goodness. Hamada: That 's right. I learned important things. "The ingenuity of the game" that is included in the game will be valid over time." Regulars ...... Well, I've heard plenty of talk good today over! I didn't talk much about sound today, but of course, the song of "R-TYPE" is also good! When it comes to “R-TYPE” songs, many people like the “Scramble Crossroad”, which has six sides. That's what it's called. But I personally like the 7-sided “Dream Island”. It's a little sad song.  Master! Give me a replacement! ――Yes, please have another. Regular customers Well, I think that "R-TYPE" was the first FM-embedded circuit board equipped with FM, so I don't think it's so good yet. In that sense, how to use the FM sound source for the FM sound source remixes " Moon Patrol " and "Mr. HELI's Great Adventure " recorded in the soundtrack called " R-TYPE IREM GAME MUSIC " It was very nice to be familiar with!  And then... (Since then, the story of various game sounds continues) --Oh, regulars have entered the endless drunken talk mode... Even so, "R-TYPE" and "Metal Slug" are still ported to various models and are being played. How do you feel about that? Can you tell us about that at the end? As a fan of Mr. Hamada , I am happy to be able to play "R-TYPE" comfortably, and I am very grateful for "Metal Slug" as a creator. After all, it is interesting to say that it has nothing to do with the times, and I think that the ingenuity of the game, which I am trying to please, will continue to apply even as time goes by.  I'm currently focusing on VR technology, but what happens when I use it to represent an old shooting game? We are working on the theme of expressing the fun of the original game with the latest technology while enjoying what kind of know-how is required. I hope everyone will enjoy it someday as well. --An old shooting game in VR...! That sounds exciting. Mr. Hamada, I'll do my best! Also, when it comes to " R-TYPE ", Mr. Granzera is producing " R-TYPE FINAL 2 ", right? Personally, I'm really looking forward to what kind of "R-TYPE" it will be if you stick to destructive expression with the current hardware! Related article How did the "R-TYPE FINAL2" come to be made?! Interview with Kazuma Kujo, the key man of development The sequel to the side scrolling shooting game "R-TYPE" series has been decided! Interview with Kazuma Kujo, who holds the key to "R-TYPE FINAL2"! --understood. Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you again. The games told today can be played on this hard! ■ "R-TYPE" ・Nintendo Switch/Steam " R-TYPE Dimensions EX " is now available! Related article "R-Type Dimensions EX" Switch & Steam will be released on November 29, with a 20% OFF sale commemorative sale for a limited time Tozai Games announced that Nintendo Switch and Steam version "R-Type Dimensions EX" will be released on November 29, 2018 at 1500 yen. In addition, a 20% off sale was held for a week from the release date to celebrate the release, and the download started in advance from today (November 1, 2018). -The PC engine mini includes the PC engine version of " R-TYPE (I/II set in overseas version) "! Related article PC Engine mini released today. Special tricks for playing the special version of "SOLDIER BLADE" in a caravan are now available! KONAMI released "PC engine mini" today on March 19, 2020. ・Virtual console distribution of PC engine version "R-TYPE" for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U! ■ "Metal Slug" ・PS4/Nintendo Switch " ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG " is now available! Related article Nintendo Switch version of the "ACA NEOGEO" series, "Metal Slug" will be delivered on March 30 Hamster announced that it will start delivering "ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG" from March 30, 2017 in the download software "ACA NEOGEO" series for Nintendo Switch that is licensed from SNE. -"Metal slug" is included in NEOGEO mini! Related article The real NEOGEO mini machine arrived at the editorial department! Deliver the first impression immediately after opening NEOGEO mini released on July 24, 2018. The NEOGEO mini, which has been attracting attention from many game fans as a new hardware commemorating the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand, arrived at the Famitsu editorial department. Immediately open and deliver the first impression of this product. Lastly, Mr. Hamada, who spoke with us today, announced.  I don't have any particular announcements, so I will support Gran Zera's "R-TYPE FINAL 2"!  Gran Zera is currently developing the latest R-TYPE final product, R-TYPE FINAL 2.  When I think that I can play the latest work of "R-TYPE", I'm excited.  Please support Granzela-san as well! "R-TYPE FINAL 2" Official Site We are looking for people who want to talk about that game!  In the game memory chat room "Hello, my friend", we are waiting for the appearance of "people who are active in the game industry and celebrities", "I want to talk about that game! I am. If you are interested , please feel free to contact and consult with Tomomi Yamamura ( @PommTomo ). Anthony..
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  5. Hi guys, Mike [email protected] 38m Just got the Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Korean Switch bundle! This goes in the office showcase. (w/ @VOLGARR @necrosofty @frostman007 @kenwilso and crew) Anthony...
  6. Hi guys, SNKエンタテインメント公式 @snk_enter \EN GARDE…FIGHT / SNK×ハードコアチョコレートのコラボTシャツ、「SAMURAI SPIRITS サムライスピリッツ-覇王丸-(旋風裂斬バニラホワイト)」が好評発売中! モノトーンに差し色の赤を加えることによって、過激でクールなデザインに いざ、尋常に…勝負! https://snk-onlineshop.com/item/4580015700264.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=sns&utm_campaign=20200730_haoumaru… Translated from Japanese by \EN GARDE...FIGHT / SNK x hardcore chocolate collaboration T-shirt, "SAMURAI SPIRITS Samurai Spirits-Haohmaru -( Whirlwind Zan Vanilla White) is on sale now! Extremely cool design by adding red color to monotone I'm always on the table... https://snk-onlineshop.com/item/4580015700264.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=sns&utm_campaign=20200730_haoumaru… 3:00 AM · Jul 30, 2020·Twitter Web App Anthony...
  7. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 1h Announcement: We are supporting this weekly online tournament series via our e-sports support program! #SNK #SAMURAISHODOWN #SNKesportsMX #SNKesportsUS #SNKesportsCAN #ArcadeRumble https://smash.gg/ar_league Anthony..
  8. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] Anuncio: Estamos dando apoyo a este torneo online a través de nuestro programa de ayuda e-sports! #SNK #KOFXIV #SNKesportsMX #allinONEcup #allinONEgames https://facebook.com/100029320581132/posts/359031561750860/… Translated from Spanish by Announcement: We are supporting this online tournament through our e-sports support program! #SNK#KOFXIV#SNKesportsMX #allinONEcup#allinONEgames https://facebook.com/100029320581132/posts/359031561750860/… 10:40 PM · Aug 2, 2020· Anthony...
  9. Hey Paul. Thank you for stopping by to share these with us bro. Really appreciate that you do so for us. 8^) Anthony..
  10. Hi guys, Nintendo Everything @NinEverything 53m Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Switch footage https://nintendoeverything.com/samurai-shodown-neogeo-collection-switch-footage/… Anthony...
  11. Hi guys, Nin-Nin Game @Nin_Nin_Game 14h Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shodown) Neo Geo Collection [PS4/SWITCH] in stock http://bit.ly/2KzuQPP #NeoGeo #SamuraiShodown Anthony..
  12. Hi guys, Nintendo [email protected]_Deals 8h 50% OFF! ACA NEOGEO WORLD HEROES (Switch) $3.99 (Was $7.99) Via eShop: https://nintendo.com/games/detail/aca-neogeo-world-heroes-switch… Anthony...
  13. Hi guys, Charlie Cat @Fdurso224Durso Welp. after seeing one of my favorite Neo-Geo advertisements on Ebay for over 10 years, I finally went ahead and purchase it. Whenever I lose while playing Neo-Geo, I'll have the level of confidence like him 8^) 3:53 AM · Aug 2, 2020· Anthony...
  14. Hi guys, Back with AtariAge member Neo Gunloc. Here we see him and his skills in action playing King of Fighters R2. Enjoy. Anthony..
  15. Hi guys, THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER @TheAKBCTN_INDOR 毎週コンセプトが変わるすごいショップ『100MEGA SHOP!』第1弾は本日発売の「#サムライスピリッツNEOGEOコレクション 発売記念」として、#サムライスピリッツ の限定ショップを開催します 開催日:2020/7/30~8/5(水) WEB☞http://indor.jp/100mega/100mega_shpo.html… #SNK #INDOR #100MSHOP Translated from Japanese by Amazing shop that changes the concept every week "100 MEGA SHOP! The first release is today's release #サムライスピリッツNEOGEOコレクション "Commemorative release" #サムライスピリッツ Will hold a limited shop Date: July 30, 2020-8/5 (Wednesday) WEB ☞http://indor.jp/100mega/100mega_shpo.html… #SNK#INDOR#100MSHOP 11:32 PM · Jul 29, 2020· Anthony..
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