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  1. Hi guys, This evening, we are with sonnyrocker. Here we see him discussing about his purchase on Pandora's box and King of the Monsters is shown in it. Enjoy. From the description, "Just purchased the Pandora's Box from PLOYLAB. It plays 3,333 games covering 12 systems including Arcade, Playstation, Neo Geo, N64, Nintendo, etc. I will show you from unboxing it to, setting it up and how to navigate through the menus and how to play it. Version 12S has the ability to download additional games through WiFi." Anthony..
  2. I went Bowling the other night Ryan. The first thing that came to my mind playing it was League Bowling. Anthony..
  3. I agree Ryan. I liked Battle Flip Shot just as much as Windjammers. Too bad many gamers don't recall this game or even played it. Well worth trying it out to appreciate what it is for sure. Anthony..
  4. MEOW!

    1. CPUWIZ


      My cats speak all kinds of languages, but not that one.

  5. Hi guys, Back with Atariage member Dak1ing ofgames98. Here we see him having fun playing King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax. Let's listen in on what he has to say. I think were going to hear an earful for sure on this one fellas. 😬 From the description, "I don't think I can say anymore about this game that I haven't already said in the video. I just don't like this game, and I never will! I'll reiterate what I said in the video, this game has bad voice acting, controls, 3D character designs, controls, music, and story. Yep, that sums up KoF: Maximum Impact Maniax. Have you played King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax before? Have you played the PlayStation 2 version of this game? Is it any better? Let me know in the comments section below!" Anthony..
  6. Thank you Jim Crockett Jr for what you've done for professional wrestling with Jim Crockett Promotions, the National Wrestling Alliance, making superstars out of wrestlers, and help entertain us fans with all the memories you help provided to us



    Legendary Promoter Jim Crockett Jr. Passes Away Aged 76



  7. Hi guys, Brian Hargrove @turfmasta I’ve been going through all my magazines from the time trying to find a single image I remember seeing of someone at an SGI machine working on 3D models. Can’t find it yet. I came across 2 versions of the logo. Top is from June ‘97 bottom is Aug ‘97. Game was released in Dec. Anthony..
  8. Hi guys, Paul [email protected] Figured out a non-destructive way to holster this gun #arcade #retrogaming Anthony..
  9. Hi guys, [email protected] 3h Friday I’ll show everyone what the story on the Hyper Neo Geo prototype is! Which means there’s a story to tell #neogeo #SNK #RETROGAMING #retrogames #retrogamer #videogames #gaming #samuraishodown #samuraispirits #hyperneogeo #fightingames Anthony..
  10. Hi Big Bill, You're very welcome my good man. Always a pleasure to share your material with Last resort. A timeless classic that is and seeing you doing what you do best for the community to benefit from kind sir. Keep up the great work and glad to see you on with us as on the Neo-Geo thread bro. Anthony..
  11. Hi guys, SNKエンタテインメント公式 @snk_enter マーピーの遊び相手も募集しております。 #SNK #マーピー Translated from Japanese by We are also looking for a Marpy playmate. #SNK#マーピー Anthony..
  12. Hi guys, e-spear株式会社 @espear_7 【熊本城おもてなし武将隊 サムライスピリッツ オンライン大会 開催決定 】 主催:熊本城おもてなし武将隊 @kumajyobushotai 大会情報は @espear_7 でも発信していきます 武将隊 サムスピ このコラボは毎回ワクワクする 皆さん是非ご応募下さい 応募はフォームから https://forms.gle/pjQDRa6URzPDR9oD7… Translated from Japanese by [Kumamoto Castle Hospitality Warlords Samurai Spirits Online Tournament to be held ] Organizer: Kumamoto Castle Hospitality Warlords @kumajyobushotai Tournament information @espear_7 But I will send Warlords Samurai Shodown is exciting every time Please apply by all means Apply from the form https://forms.gle/pjQDRa6URzPDR9oD7… 4:22 AM · Mar 5, 2021·Twitter for iPhone Anthony..
  13. Hi guys, 電撃オンライン @dengekionline 『サムライスピリッツ』シーズン3有料DLCキャラ“チャムチャム”の先行プレイ生放送を3月9日(火)19時に配信 https://dengekionline.com/articles/70469/ #チャムチャム #サムライスピリッツ #SamuraiSpirits Translated from Japanese by "Samurai Spirits" Season 3 Paid DLC character "Cham Cham" will be broadcast live on March 9th (Tuesday) at 19:00 https://dengekionline.com/articles/70469/#チャムチャム#サムライスピリッツ#SamuraiSpirits 1:30 AM · Mar 5, 2021 Anthony...
  14. Oooooooh! Big Tournament Golf. Great way to start off the MVS collection Steve. Whoa! 316800 Yen for Andro Dunos and 600000 Yen for Blazing Star. Now that's two spicy meatballs right there Steve. But glad you had the opportunity to see those game in front of your sight bro. That's great you're planning to go back. If its posssible to take a picture of them. We would love to see it. Anthony..
  15. Hey Glynn, Glad to see you doing what you do best with another awesome Neo Geo Love video from you bro. Three huge boxes of all Neo-Geo goodies for us to be amazed bro. Love the Metal Slug CD game with your NOS Samurai Shodown II, Flyers, Marquees, Arcade sticks and your Neo Geo beer mug to go with it as well. Everything looks so pefect and glad they are in your collection bro. Thank you for sharing your video with us and we look forward on seeing more from you as always my good man. Anthony..
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