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  1. Hi guys, THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER @TheAKBCTN_INDOR ■新商品情報■ K' BLACKOUTパーカーが入荷しました! 裏面はK'のクールすぎるプリント、表面は「BLACKOUT」の周りに色々なキーワードを散りばめています。 見つけて読んでみてくださいね #Kダッシュ展 #100MSHOP #俺一人で充分だ #SNK #NEOGEO #INDOR Translated from Japanese by ■ New product information ■ K'BLACKOUT hoodies are available! The back side is K's too cool print, and the front side is studded with various keywords around "BLACK OUT". Please find and read it. #Kダッシュ展#100MSHOP#俺一人で充分だ#SNK#NEOGEO#INDOR 3:25 AM · Oct 29, 2020· Anthony...
  2. Hi guys, THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER @TheAKBCTN_INDOR □お知らせ□ 現在K'展に品切れはなく、すべての商品(※販売終了商品を除く)が揃っております 特典で貰えるデカトートもまだありますよ ピンクTシャツは明日夕方頃発売予定です。 入荷の際はTwitterでお知らせしますね #Kダッシュ展 #100MSHOP #俺一人で充分だ #SNK #NEOGEO #INDOR Translated from Japanese by □ Notice □ Currently, the K'exhibition is not out of stock and all products (※ (Excluding discontinued products) are available There are still big totes that you can get as a privilege The pink T-shirt will be on sale tomorrow evening. We will inform you on Twitter when it arrives. #Kダッシュ展#100MSHOP#俺一人で充分だ#SNK#NEOGEO#INDOR 3:24 AM · Oct 29, 2020· Anthony..
  3. Hi guys, THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER @TheAKBCTN_INDOR ■入荷情報■ K'キャンバスボードのグラサンとノーマルが両方入荷しました! どっちにするか迷うような悩ましい商品を作ってしまい申し訳ございません┏● 店頭で実物を見てカッコ良さを体験してください #Kダッシュ展 #100MSHOP #俺一人で充分だ #SNK #NEOGEO #INDOR Translated from Japanese by ■ Arrival information ■ Both K'canvas board sunglasses and normals are in stock now! I'm sorry I made an annoying product that makes me wonder which one to choose.┏● Please see the real thing at the store and experience the coolness #Kダッシュ展#100MSHOP#俺一人で充分だ#SNK#NEOGEO#INDOR Anthony..
  4. Hi guys, SNK JAPAN @SNKPofficial_jp 【お知らせ】オンラインにて大会が開催されます。ぜひご参加ください! #SNK #SAMURAISPIRITS #サムスピ #週末大会 https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1321677081978130437… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=5305 Translated from Japanese by [Notice] The tournament will be held online. Please join us! #SNK#SAMURAISPIRITS#サムスピ #週末大会 https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1321677081978130437… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=5305 Quote Tweet 週末大会INFO @vsnetinfo · 23h 週末大会情報局: 第65回 サムスピ週末大会 開催告知 http://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=5305 #週末大会 #サムスピ #サムライスピリッツ #PS4 7:25 AM · Oct 29, 2020· Anthony...
  5. Hi guys, SNK JAPAN @SNKPofficial_jp 【お知らせ】オンラインにてNintendo Switchによる大会が開催されます。ぜひご参加ください! #SNK #SAMURAISPIRITS #サムスピ #週末大会 https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1321089576904073216… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=5292 Translated from Japanese by [Notice] A tournament will be held online by Nintendo Switch. Please join us! #SNK#SAMURAISPIRITS#サムスピ #週末大会 https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1321089576904073216… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=5292 Quote Tweet 週末大会INFO @vsnetinfo · Oct 27 週末大会情報局: 第14回 サムスピ週末大会 on Switch 開催告知 http://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=5292 #週末大会 #サムスピ #サムライスピリッツ #NintendoSwitch 7:24 AM · Oct 29, 2020· Anthony..
  6. Hi guys, プリズムチャンス@オンラインくじ @prismchance_p 次回くじのお知らせ 「サムライスピリッツ ネオジオコレクション」おんらいんくじ 販売開始:11/1 11時 価格:770円(税込) アクリルジオラマやスタンドなど豪華賞品25種 牙神幻十郎の特製法被が当たるチャンスも! @snk_enter #サムスピおんらいんくじ https://prismchance.jp/product/samuraispirits_kuji_2020/… Translated from Japanese by Next lottery announcement "Samurai Spirits Neo Geo Collection" Onrai lottery Sales start: 11/1 11:00 Price: 770 yen (tax included) 25 kinds of luxury prizes such as acrylic diorama and stand There is also a chance to win the special happi coat of Genjuro Kibagami! @snk_enter #サムスピおんらいんくじ https://prismchance.jp/product/samuraispirits_kuji_2020/… 10:04 PM · Oct 28, 2020· Anthony..
  7. Hi guys, Back with fellow AtariAge member, NeoTurboManiac. Here we see him revisiting Shock Troopers for the Neo-Geo. Excellent!! From the description, "We will re-visit Shock Troopers for the Neo Geo. This 1997 action packed run-and-gun shooter draws influence from popular games in the genre like Mercs, Ikari Warriors, and Bloody Wolf. There's definitely a lot to talk about for this game. Enjoy!" Anthony...
  8. You're welcome Paul. It was really a pleasure to see it from you. We really like your setup at your pad as well. Anthony..
  9. Oh man! This is really good stuff bbb. I love the Sci-Fi retro style cover that Japan Amusement Monthly had during this time period. Love those selection of Neo-Geo titles in the magazine as well bro. King of the Monsters. Ninja Commando, Top Players Golf, Football Frenzy, Soccer Brawl, Baseball Stars 2, etc. This really is so cool to see from you bbb. Thank you for sharing this with us. I would like to go on Ebay and purchase this trade magazines if I find them and add to the collection. If it wasn't for you, I would've never known these existed. Thank you for sharing them with us kind sir. Amazing to say the least. Anthony..
  10. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 5h SNK Producer Yasuyuki Oda dives into the latest news concerning THE LAST BLADE and SAMURAI SHODOWN via a special video message! #SNK #SamSho #lastblade >Special video https://youtu.be/QhWBkBHzQy8 Anthony...
  11. Hi guys, SNKエンタテインメント公式@snk_enter 街の木々が色づいてきましたね 今日は『SAMURAI SPIRITS』に、『#月華の剣士』キャラクターの参戦決定記念ということで… #SNK #サムスピ #秋ですね Translated from Japanese by The trees in the city are getting colored Today, in "SAMURAI SPIRITS", "#月華の剣士 ] To commemorate the decision to participate in the character ... #SNK#サムスピ#秋ですね 10:41 PM · Oct 28, 2020· Anthony...
  12. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 4h Starting today, THE LAST BLADE: Beyond the Destiny is available for download on the Nintendo Switch! #SNK #NEOGEO #lastblade > Trailer https://youtu.be/38v_exMMz1o >Nintendo eShop https://nintendo.com/games/detail/the-last-blade-beyond-the-destiny-switch/… Anthony..
  13. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 4h A character from THE LAST BLADE slices into SAMURAI SHODOWN! That’s right! A new warrior from the Season Pass 3 DLC will be coming from none other than THE LAST BLADE! More details on the way so please stay tuned! #SNK #SamSho #lastblade Anthony..
  14. Hi bbb, WOW! What a find this is. We are always looking for new discoveries here on the Neo-Geo thread and this really is some amazing pics that you shared with us kind sir. Stunning to say the least Thank you. So......Japan Amusement Monthly. I personally never heard of this trade magazine before bbb. I looks very interesting with a cool looking Sc-Fi pic with those classic neon 90's color. I really enjoyed that era growing up as a youngster. Excellent looking promotional photos that was offered at the time with the "Big Red" MVS 4 and 6-slot units, the Japanese 2-slot cab, and the 1-slot showing the boards and cart inserted. And a superb selection of titles too. Magician Lord (my favorite Neo-Geo title), Sengoku, Alpha Mission II, Ninja Combat, all top-notch and entertaining games to play. Many fun hours playing them all in the arcades. This really is a cool trip down memory line bbb. Thank you for sharing this with us. Also bbb, I see that you just enlisted onto Atariage. Thank you for doing so and posting on, "The Official NEO-GEO Thread. Glad to have you on with us and welcome aboard. We can't wait to more postings from you on the Neo-Geo thread, and throughout Atariage. You're going to enjoy your stay. So much to see and participate on what we have to offer and all that we contribute to the video game community. If you have any particular question regarding the Neo-Geo or SNK related material, go right ahead and post them here. Will be glad to answer them for you and do our best to give a helping hand. Thank you again for sharing these awesome pics with us bbb. It really made my day for sure. Are you on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook? You can see me as Charlie Cat on there and I comment daily on each. Anthony...
  15. Hi Paul, Welcome to Atariage, and thank you for posting on, The Official NEO-GEO Thread on the forums here. Glad to have you aboard and please enjoy your stay . We offer so much for the gaming community that you'll feel right at home. So many postings and subjects to participate in that will be glad to see you contribute with your words of wisdom and expertise on what you have to type away with us. Thank you for enlisting kind sir. We really enjoy your Neo Print piece that you shared on Twitter for us to view on the Neo-Geo thread. Amazing work you done on playing games on this unit. We would love to see more of your content regarding it and see what else you have plans. If you have any questions, comments, or remarks that you like to share involving the Neo-Geo or SNK related material, please feel free to share them with us here on the Neo-Geo thread. We will be thrilled to reply back. Happy to have you aboard with us. Thank you again for registering on Atariage Paul. Have fun on the Atariage forums, and feel free to browse around all the pages that we accumulated here for your enjoyment on the Neo-Geo thread. . Anthony..
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