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  1. Know what Garfield's least favorite food is? Raisins! Here's a funny Sunday strip of it. Garfield-eats-all — 1989-04-16 

  2. Hi guys, [Behind the production] "The journey to make the best Terry Bogard has begun! Anyway, keep facing each other and overcome yourself in the past. Believe that the repetition of that Anthony..
  3. Hi guys, TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS @TVG_INDOR ■商品情報■ BAR オロチな人々 本日OPEN 目玉商品の #1P2Pアクリルスタンド クリス祭 を全色並べてみました どこを見てもクリス!クリス!クリス! #akibaTVG #SNK #オロチな人々 #INDOR Translated from Japanese by ■ Product information ■ BAR Orochi people OPEN today Featured products #1P2Pアクリルスタンド I tried arranging all colors of Chris Festival Chris no matter where you look! Chris! Chris! #akibaTVG#SNK#オロチな人々#INDOR 2:49 AM · Jun 11, 2021· Anthony..
  4. Hi guys, TOKYO VIDEO GAMERS @TVG_INDOR BAR #オロチな人々 で販売するアクリルミニパネルが着々と出来上がってますよ(*•̀ᴗ•́*) 一足お先にお披露目します こちらは後ろにマグネットもついているので立てても貼ってもどちらでも飾れるスグレモノです 6/11(金)から販売開始です #akibaTVG #SNK #INDOR Translated from Japanese by BAR #オロチな人々 Acrylic mini panels for sale at are steadily completed (* • ̀ᴗ • ́*) I will show you a pair first This is a Suguremono that can be displayed either upright or pasted because it has a magnet on the back. It will be on sale from 6/11 (Friday)#akibaTVG#SNK#INDOR 5:32 AM · Jun 8, 2021· Anthony..
  5. Hi guys, 稲坂浩臣(STUDIO24) @studio24inasaka ■YouTube更新■ テリー・ボガード原型の制作ドキュメントです。 中津川マーシャルアーツクラブの皆様!取材協力ありがとうございました!最高のテリーを目指して挑戦の日々は続きます!https://youtu.be/xjDectxyhmc #SNK #餓狼伝説 Translated from Japanese by ■ YouTube update ■ This is a production document of the prototype of Terry Bogard. Everyone at Nakatsugawa Martial Arts Club! Thank you for your cooperation! The days of challenge continue aiming for the best terry!https://youtu.be/xjDectxyhmc #SNK#餓狼伝説 5:14 AM · Jun 11, 2021· Anthony..
  6. Thank you for the heads up Steve. Wonder what's up with SAG shipping them so late. Anthony..
  7. Hi guys, [email protected]_Geo_Forever 9h When the Neo Geo CD made the cover of Edge Magazine back in December 1994 (These scans will be on http://NeoGeoForever.com in the future. I still have a lot to upload) #NeoGeo #SNK #RETROGAMING #retrogames #arcade Anthony..
  8. Hi guys, [email protected] 6h An other article on neogeo cd in the Edge HS magazine #NeoGeo #neogeocd #edge @Neo_Geo_Forever Anthony..
  9. Hi guys, Back with AtariAge member @dolemite14 with more Neo Geo Love content for us to enjoy. Let's see what he has for us to see this time. Enjoy. From the description, "Here in my latest Neo Geo Love, I find some pretty good Neo stuff. I add a Neo Geo MVS that has been on my want list for a very long time." Anthony...
  10. Did work on the Yugo today. 


    L and R Axle Assembly


    Brake pads 

    Brake Drums

    Brake Shoes

    Brake Lines


    Tune Up

    New York State Inspection


    Next up is giving it a fresh paint job later in the Summer.




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    2. x=usr(1536)


      @fdurso224: I really doubt that the 127 is still on the road, unfortunately.  From what I recall, it rusted out about 3 years after it was given to me, but mechanically it was very sound even at the end.


      The way that I ended up with the car was that it had been my mother's car, but she ended up buying a brand-new Honda Civic.  The 127 had had a new clutch about six months before she bought the Honda, and the local Honda dealer was going to give her less on trade for the 127 than the clutch replacement had cost.  My father decided that I needed something to learn to drive on, so it was passed on to me.  Got really good with it in the fields :)


      In any event, it's a car I definitely have a soft spot for - and ditto Yugos as relatives.

    3. x=usr(1536)


      @fdurso224: BTW, I should mention that we had that 127 in Ireland.  The only one I've ever seen in the US was registered as a 128 and was in far better (body) shape than mine ever was.

    4. fdurso224


      Amazing story and background @x=usr(1536). I can listen to you all day. Are you into playing games on the Neo-Geo? If o, come by the Neo-Geo thread and have fun on there. Would love to have you aboard with us. 8^)

  11. I always knew that Odie was into thumping good reads and music from the Classical period. Superb choices. (See strip).A POP CULTURE ADDICT - IN REHAB: Garfield and Odie BFF's - Best Frenemies  Forever

    1. simbalion


      More to Odie than meets the eye!

    2. Hwlngmad


      Good stuff!  Love Odie as some strips are positively hysterical like the 'Friendly Dog' one.

    3. fdurso224


      @Hwlngmad Hahaha. So true Ryan. So true. 8^)

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