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  1. I used a public payphone today  because I forgot my smartphone at home. I remember times growing up in NYC that you would see waiting lines for them and occasional arguments on who was next to make a call. Now you're lucky to find one and seeing anyone near it.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Reminds me of being a wiseass teenager at the mall.  They had 4 payphones and my friends and I would go to each one, then crank call the operator (by dialing 0), then walk away while each of the 4 phones would be ringing...If anyone answered them they got chewed out by the operator 😂

    3. Shawn


      In my city of 40 thousand people, there might be 10 pay phones I can recall seeing in the last few years that are still in use. The last bank of phones that you used to see at shopping centers,etc. are all gone. the last one in the City was torn out by Ma Bell last year.  

    4. ls650


      The only places I see payphones now are airports and malls.

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