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  1. Hi guys, Back with NeoGeoNow. Here we see him beta testing KOF98UM Final Edition. Anthony..
  2. Hi guys, Back with AtariAge member @GadgetUK on more regarding the Xeno Crisis issue for the MVS & AES. Enjoy. Anthony..
  3. Hahaha. Good one from the Spider from Garfield. :D


    Pin on Garfield Spiders

  4. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 59m The TUNSHI STUDIO - SNK - METAL SLUG III - REBEL SOLDIER 1/12TH ACTION FIGURE is available for preorder! The first wave of figures is Marco, Tarma, and the REBEL SOLDIER, but more from the series are planned! https://modelculture.myshoplaza.com/search?q=METAL+SLUG… #MetalSlug Anthony..
  5. Hi guys, The [email protected] Oct 15 New #MetalSlug 3 action figures are coming from #TunshiStudio. See more photos and details for these 1/12 scale figures here: https://news.toyark.com/2021/10/15/metal-slug-3-1-12-scale-action-figures-447035… Anthony...
  6. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 4h 【KOF XV】 Details behind TEAM ART OF FIGHTING's story have now been revealed! Find out how RYO, ROBERT, KING teamed up to take on this KOF! https://snk-corp.co.jp/us/games/kof-xv/teams/… #SNK #KOF #KOF15 Anthony..
  7. Hi guys, Amazing Neo-Geo MVS restoration project from JoSlay. JoSlay @z0m3ie May 13 Working on an arcade cabinet currently. Sanding off years of gross black paint, finally getting to the bottom layers. JoSlay @z0m3ie May 13 Looks very likely this was an OG Big Red Neo Geo cabinet! JoSlay @z0m3ie May 13 Definitely #NeoGeo JoSlay @z0m3ie May 27 Got all the paint off the sides and using bondo to fill in any imperfections. There are a lot btw, both arms appeared to have been chewed on by angry gamers lacking enough quarters to play through Metal Slug. #NEOGEO JoSlay @z0m3ie May 27 Also had a little bit of a freak out as I thought the SNK on one side had been abbreviated for some mysterious reason. It turns out the K was weak willed and gave up the ghost well before its compatriots during the paint removal process. JoSlay @z0m3ie May 27 Both front bottom corners and lower front panel appear to have been kicked to death by a Spanish Lipizzaner stud. Front panel is not original and is delaminating near the top causing the front surface to be uneven. Wish I’d noticed this during the paint removal. #NEOGEO #SNK JoSlay @z0m3ie 7h Finally back to it, all all the body work damage has been filled in and sanded. On to prep for paint. #NeoGeo #SNK #ArcadeRestoration JoSlay @z0m3ie Starting with the black portions first, really hoping the red I chose will be good 4:07 PM · Oct 20, 2021 Anthony..
  8. Hi Chris, Thank you for stopping by the Neo-Geo thread. That's great that you have the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Xeno Crisis. Still would like to buy that game for the collection. Yeah, I would love to find out more on Final Vendetta. Just by the name, it sounds like its a brawler style title. Wouldn't mind if it is since I enjoy that genre on the Neo-Geo. Also Chris, I asked @Adriano Arcade on Twitter regarding the Q&A article with you. He said that he would get back to us and find out the schedule from Dyl (the owner of ArcadeAttackUK). I'm hoping it will be published soon since that unit needs to be shared for others to be amazed on what you done bro. Anthony..
  9. Ouch! I feel bad for Jon in this strip :D


    Garfield-crazed — 1988-03-27

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    2. fdurso224


      @pacman000 Yeah, I was surprised myself bro. ;-)

    3. fdurso224


      @HwlngmadI remember reading this growing up and was like, "WOW" Jon really got hurt. :-o

    4. Kiwi


      Thanks goodness Jon is a cartoon.  Phew.

  10. Hi guys, This morning we are wirh Sega Surfer. Here we see him showing us is awesome neo-Geo AES collection. Very nice indeed. Enjoy. From the description, "Here are all my AES titles for the Neo Geo so far. Collection is still a work in progress, so expect update videos." Anthony..
  11. Hi guys, SNKエンタテインメント公式@snk_enter KOF’94とKOF2002のスケボーデッキは好評予約受付中♪ 使うのがもったいないかっこよさに仕上がってます ワンランク上のインテリアとしていかがでしょうか https://snk-onlineshop.com/item_list.html?keyword=%E3%82%B9%E3%82%B1%E3%83%9C%E3%83%BC… #SNK #KOF Translated from Japanese by KOF'94 and KOF2002 skateboard decks are now accepting pre-orders ♪ It's a waste of coolness to use How about as a higher-grade interior? https://snk-onlineshop.com/item_list.html?keyword=%E3%82%B9%E3%82%B1%E3%83%9C%E3%83%BC… #SNK#KOF 4:46 AM · Oct 19, 2021· Anthony..
  12. Hi guys, SNKエンタテインメント公式 @snk_enter 「SAMURAI SPIRITS 開運みくじ」のWチャンスキャンペーンがスタート! くじを購入すると、抽選で #サムスピ 出演声優さんのサイン色紙が、合計11名様に当たります (ver.で色紙が異なります) 既にご購入された方も対象です♪ この機会に是非購入してみてくださいね https://slash.gift/store/snkentertainment… #SNK Translated from Japanese by W chance campaign of "SAMURAI SPIRITS good luck lottery" has started! If you buy a lottery, you will be drawn by lottery #サムスピ Autographed colored paper of the cast voice actor hits a total of 11 people ( The colored paper is different depending on the ver.) Also for those who have already purchased ♪ Please take this opportunity to purchase it. https://slash.gift/store/snkentertainment… #SNK 1:30 AM · Oct 20, 2021· Anthony..
  13. Hi guys, SNK GLOBAL @SNKPofficial 【KOF ’98 UM FINAL EDITION】 The Steam KOF '98 UM FINAL EDITION Rollback Netcode Community Beta Test starts today. During the testing period, KOF '98 UM FE is 50% OFF! Join the test today. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/222420/view/2903123926593839075… #KOF #KOF98 #Steam 10:00 PM · Oct 19, 2021· Anthony..
  14. Hi guys, Back with AtariAge member @dolemite14. Here we see him back with mote Neo Geo Love material with Xeno Crisis included in his collection. Enjoy folks. Anthony..
  15. Hi guys, [email protected]__Oct 18 #Hypernoid on #NeoGeo #AES by @NeoHomeBrew Really had fun with this one. Consider supporting NHB on his Patreon: https://patreon.com/nhb Anthony..
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