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About Me

Hi Guys & Gals.

My name is Anthony and I've been playing video games since I was 3-years-old. I love life, video games, cuckoo clocks, cooking, chess, playing Pokemon,, visiting cities and almost everything in general. I'm Roman Catholic, I believe in God and love Jesus's style. Believe in them and they'll be there for you ALWAYS!!


I'm labeled as the ambassador to the Atariage.com forums by the administrator for fellow gamers to enlist and participate on the exciting material that we offer to the video game community. We welcome those in a positive and friendly matter. We treat members and guests impartially. So have no fear 8^)


I'm the topic starter for "The Official NEO-GEO Thread" on the site. Please drop by for your inquires, reviews or anything else related to the Neo-Geo or SNK! You can also PM me regarding them!


I'm also the topic starter for the yearly "Games Beaten" thread as well. If you complete a game during the year please post and explain your thoughts on it!


Recently, I've been posting Garfield content on the Status Update section on the forums. Have a good laugh with Garfield and the gang with his classic and modern strips to start the day right. 



Be Cool Baby!!! \m/(^_^)\m/


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