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  1. Hahaha! Jon tried to get away with it.  :D


    320 Cartoon Characters ideas | cartoon, favorite cartoon character, cartoon  characters

  2. Hi guys, Back with Atariage member @aaronclassicgamer. Here we see the awesome sir having fun playing Razion-EX on the Nintendo Switch. Originally by NGDEVTEAM for the Neo-Geo, the Switch version is just as fun. Enjoy. Aaron Classic [email protected] Razion Ex-Nintendo Switch-Hey We Got a New Game! https://youtu.be/yCDSEy4sFJg via @YouTube @GamingRct @Fdurso224Durso @AC_Figueroa #shmup #NintendoSwitch And now the video From the description, "Razion Ex-Nintendo Switch-Hey We Got a New Game! Let's play 3 continues of this awesome shmup just brought to the Nintendo Switch by NG Dev! The horizontal shmup is an awesome port of the Neo Geo game made in the last few years by NG Dev. They are the masters of making the 16 bit shmup! Some of their recent releases we have played on the channel on the Dreamcast, but apparently they are no longer publishing on the Dreamcast due to piracy. Either way this is a stiff challenge which rewards you with another continue after each boss/level that is defeated! This encourages you to keep plowing forward to reach later levels! Enjoy and Happy Gaming!" Anthony..
  3. Hi guys, INDOR inc @INDOR_inc #ボークス大阪SR で11/3から始まる「#月華の剣士 & #オロチな人々 SHOP」の販売商品&ノベルティをご紹介 お会計の方全員が貰えるステッカーの他、3,300円(税込)ごとに1枚もらえるコースターは「月華」か「オロチ」かお好きな方から選べます! ※数に限りがあります #月華の酒場 #INDOR #SNK Translated from Japanese by #ボークス大阪SR Starting from 11/3 in "#月華の剣士 &#オロチな人々 Introducing SHOP's products and novelties In addition to the stickers that all checkers can get, you can choose the coaster that you can get for every 3,300 yen (tax included), "Tsukika" or "Orochi"! ※ The number is limited #月華の酒場#INDOR#SNK 4:37 AM · Oct 13, 2021 Anthony..
  4. Hi guys, INDOR [email protected]_inc お待たせ大阪 「#月華の剣士& #オロチな人々 SHOP」が、満を持して大阪にて開催決定! 開催期間:11/3(水・祝)~11/14(日) 開催場所:ボークス大阪ショールーム https://hobby.volks.co.jp/shop/sr_osaka.html… ノベルティも超豪華!コースターは3,300円(税込)ごとに貰えます! #月華の酒場 #ボークス大阪SR #INDOR #SNK Translated from Japanese by Please wait Osaka "#月華の剣士 &#オロチな人々 "SHOP" will be held in Osaka with full satisfaction! Holding period: 11/3 (Wednesday / holiday) to 11/14 (Sunday) Venue: Volks Osaka Showroom https://hobby.volks.co.jp/shop/sr_osaka.html… Novelty is also super luxurious! You can get a coaster for every 3,300 yen (tax included)! #月華の酒場#ボークス大阪SR#INDOR#SNK 4:32 AM · Oct 13, 2021· Anthony..
  5. Hi guys, SNK JAPAN @SNKPofficial_jp 本日より、SNK e-Sports Support Programにて新たに「企業・団体支援」を開始しました。 企業・団体・教育機関などにおける当社格闘ゲームを使用したeスポーツ活動をSNKがサポートします! 詳細やお申し込みはこちらにてご確認ください。 https://snk-corp.co.jp/sesp/#support #SNK #SNKesports Translated from Japanese by From today, we have newly started "Corporate / Group Support" in the SNK e-Sports Support Program. SNK supports e-sports activities using our fighting games in companies, organizations, educational institutions, etc.! Please check here for details and application. https://snk-corp.co.jp/sesp/#support #SNK#SNKesports 3:07 AM · Oct 15, 2021· Anthony..
  6. Hi guys, Back with NeoGeoNow. Let's have a look on what he has to say shall we for this weeks edition. Anthony..
  7. Hey Vince, Sorry about your health issues bro. I can certainly relative with my condition that AtariAge members remembers known me for...But if you need anything, please let me and the everybody here on the forums know and will do our best to help give a helping hand Vince. Glad that your having fun playing games to past the time. Sadly, I contacted NGDEVTEAM and said that my order of Kraut Buster AES will be in the batch for 2022. *Sigh* Anthony...
  8. That poor spider from Garfield's strips can never catch a break. :D


    Pin by Marianne Horton on Sunday comics | Garfield comics, Garfield  cartoon, Fun comics

  9. Hi guys, SNK JAPAN @SNKPofficial_jp 【お知らせ】オンラインにてNintendo Switchによる大会が開催されます。ぜひご参加ください! #SNK #SAMURAISPIRITS #サムスピ https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1448302241660620805… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6932 Translated from Japanese by [Notice] A tournament will be held online by Nintendo Switch. Please join us! #SNK#SAMURAISPIRITS#サムスピ https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1448302241660620805… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6932 Quote Tweet 週末大会INFO @vsnetinfo · Oct 13 週末大会情報局: 第60回 サムスピ週末大会 on Switch 開催告知 https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6932 #サムスピ #サムライスピリッツ #NintendoSwitch #週末大会 6:57 AM · Oct 14, 2021·Twitter Web App Anthony..
  10. Hi guys, SNK [email protected]_jp 【お知らせ】オンラインにて大会が開催されます。ぜひご参加ください! #SNK #SAMURAISPIRITS #サムスピ https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1448305745175269383… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6934 Translated from Japanese by [Notice] The tournament will be held online. Please join us! #SNK#SAMURAISPIRITS#サムスピ https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1448305745175269383… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6934 Quote Tweet 週末大会INFO @vsnetinfo · Oct 13 週末大会情報局: 第113回 サムスピ週末大会 開催告知 https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6934 #サムスピ #サムライスピリッツ #PlayStation #週末大会 6:59 AM · Oct 14, 2021·Twitter Web App Anthony..
  11. Hi guys, SNK [email protected]_jp 18h 【お知らせ】オンラインにてXbox Series X | Sによる大会が開催されます。ぜひご参加ください! #SNK #SAMURAISPIRITS #サムスピ https://twitter.com/vsnetinfo/status/1448303051542970369… https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6933 Quote Tweet 週末大会INFO @vsnetinfo · Oct 13 週末大会情報局: 第30回 サムスピ週末大会 on Xbox 開催告知 https://vs.netgamers.jp/blog/?p=6933 #サムスピ #サムライスピリッツ #XboxSeriesX #XboxSeriesS #週末大会 Anthony..
  12. Hi guys, SNK [email protected] 3h The schedule for the Steam KOF '98 UM FINAL EDITION community rollback netcode beta test is as follows: Start: 6pm Oct. 19th End: 6pm Oct. 29th KOF '98 UM FE will also be 50% off on Steam during the test period, so we hope you can join! https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/222420/view/2903123926593839075… #KOF #KOF98 Anthony..
  13. You're welcome WRCN. Thank you for sharing your works and allowing me to post them up on the Neo-Geo thread bro. Anthony..
  14. Hey vince. Long time no see bro. What's new with you? Hope all is well with you and your family during these hectic times. Glad you purchased Xeno Crisis. Yeah the sound issue is troubling so many. Hopefully it can be corrected. Glad you purchased one for yourself. Anthony..
  15. Hi guys, SpiderMarmo @spidermarmo Xenocrisis. Sabia das versões de Mega e de Aes. Mas não sabia que tinha saído para o Neo Geo CD. Que massa #retrogames #retrogamer #retrogaming Translated from Portuguese by Xenocrisis. I knew about the Mega and Aes versions. But I didn't know it had come out for Neo Geo CD. Cool #retrogames#retrogamer#retrogaming 9:24 PM · Oct 13, 2021· Anthony..
  16. Hi guys, F. Eiji [email protected] 11 Feast on @BitmapBureau #XENOCRISIS for @SNKPofficial_jp #NeoGeo MVS. #RetroGaming #arcade Antony..
  17. Hi guys, [email protected]_NationOct 12 The 13 entry for #Spooktober #xenocrisis: Platform: NeoGeo, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Sega, PC NA release date: October 28, 2019 Genre: Run 'n gun / horror Developers: @BitmapBureau Publishers: @BitmapBureau "Alien movie" inspired fast-paced Shoot 'em up pure awesomeness... Anthony..
  18. Hi guys, Christopher [email protected] 12 Xenocrisis Neo-Geo MVS [email protected] finally arrived! Anthony..
  19. Hi guys, [email protected] @BitmapBureau Thank you so much for the Collector's Editions on my favourite systems of all time. That's a low serial right there too. @Neo_Geo_Forever @Fdurso224Durso . Happy to have both in my collection Anthony..
  20. Hi guys, Scarlet [email protected] Oct 12 It’s here. #xenocrisis Bitmap Bureau Ltd. Anthony..
  21. Hi guys, [email protected] 20h Couldn’t decide which one to get so I both - XenoCrisis for the NeoGeo AES and MVS Anthony..
  22. Hi guys, Brian [email protected] 13 Got XenoCrisis running on my mini 2slot NeoGeo. Thanks @BitmapBureau ! Anthony..
  23. Hi guys, Francis DiPersio | [email protected] 12 After years of waiting, it’s finally here. Developed [email protected], Xeno Crisis is the first brand-new #neogeo AES release I’ve purchased since Matrimelee more than 15 years ago. Resisting the temptation to pick up the Genesis and Evercade versions was torture! #RETROGAMING Anthony..
  24. Thank you for stopping by to share this Paul. Always glad to have you on with us. Anthony..
  25. NGDEVTEAM's newsletter regarding Kraut Buster 2nd print for the Neo-Geo AES is available to view on the Neo-Geo thread for those that pre-ordered. 



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