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  1. Thank you so much for that reply! I (sigh) never stopped to think that the error message might be pointing me to the line where the error was. Turns out I had a "::" that went nowhere at the end of the line. (There must have been a declaration there at some point that got moved). It now compiles fine. Thanks again - I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
  2. With all apologies if this is something that I should know (or should have founding using better search skills) but I am very new to writing on the TI994/a and using the system itself. I am part way through a game that I'm writing in xb256 as a way of teaching myself about the TI99 and, when I go to compile it, the compiler hangs during pass one at "L20." (If I'm be totally honest, I don't know what this means - but I was able to follow the tutorial and I have been able to successfully compile other shorter programs). I've grabbed a couple of screenshots if they are of any help. I am writing on the original hardware and using classic99 for compiling. I have tried some other suggestions in the forums (removed comments) and, although I was /am using long variable names in basic, I've trimmed them down to four letter or smaller variable names). I don't think that I'm using any parts of basic that the compiler doesn't support. Here are a couple of screenshots. If anybody has any advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks E.
  3. Hi there - thanks for the reply! I appreciate it. I want to work on the Atari itself. I have a flashcart that I can load up with the various programs as well as the SIO2PC. I have a couple of 1050s too, if I need to use them. I don't really have any plans at the moment - I just want to make sure that I don't invest in a particular piece of software / version of basic / version of a language that isn't commonly used by the community or isn't reliable. Since I don't really have any background knowledge to draw upon specific to the Atari, I am hoping for some guidance. I understand that working on a retro machine is very different from using modern tools to build for a retro environment. I'm just looking to have a little fun. E.
  4. Hi All ... I popped back on to this website a few weeks ago after a very (very, very) long break from retro computing. With the Covid situation being what it is, I've found that re-starting my retro computing hobby has helped out a little bit with my state of mind. I have a couple of Atarimax's flash carts and a SIO-PC unit and I am looking for guidance on the sort of programs I should be working with if I want to do a little harmless development on either my 800 or my 800xl. I've never done any programming on the Atari line - most of my knowledge is tied to Apple ][s so I don't really know what is worth using and what I should just ignore. I suppose I'm primarily looking for advice on compilers and assembly language editors - although any other tips would be appreciated. I know that Microsoft produced a version of Basic for the Atari and I'm not sure if that's worth anything or if there are other versions of Basic that might be worth looking at. As I am going into this with out much of a plan, I'd consider messing around with Forth and Pascal, too. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! E.
  5. Bought a few Intellivision carts from him. They were well packaged and arrived quickly. Solid communication - great guy to deal with. E.
  6. We worked out a small deal for a couple of Intellivision carts. Everything went smoothly - great prices, well packaged. E
  7. I wish that I could write that my deal with CrimsonAtari went well. Unfortunately it didn't and I would strongly caution anyone who is buying something from him to make sure that you are getting what you are expecting and that he knows what he is sending you. I have been holding off on this feedback for almost two weeks because were in contact fairly regularly and, after a few messages back and forth, we had a solution worked out (basically a partial refund) but, since he has been "off-grid" for the last few days and hasn't responded to messages, I have had to start things with paypal and I figure it's probably important to let other people know what happened. ** We made a deal for an Atari 7800 console package and three games that he said - directly in a PM - were for the 7800 - namely Xenophobe, Titlematch Pro Wrestling and TomCat F-14. The package arrived on July 5th and there was no proline controller and two of the three games were the 2600 versions. The package contained a standard 2600 controller and an aftermarket controller that, while not all that important to me, didn't work properly (it only went "up"). Also, for what it's worth, the power switch on the 7800 console works intermittently - sometimes it takes four presses to get the power to light up, sometimes the minute you press the button it lights up and it then turns itself off. I recognize that this is 30+ year-old technology but he didn't make any mention of these problems when we were discussing the deal. I have a variety of messages where he discusses what went wrong and I suppose I could go into more detail if somebody wanted to send me a PM. The bottom line is that he has admitted that he sent me the wrong games and that he should have included a proline controller. In order to settle things up, we agreed upon an amount for a partial refund. Like I said at the beginning, it's been about a week since he agreed to the refund and he hasn't been on the board since. I am glad that I did not "gift" him the payment and, although I would have rather not written this message or had to get in touch with PayPal, I feel that I have to let other people know what happened. I've done lots of deals at Atariage over the last five or six years and this is the only time that something like this has happened to me. E.
  8. Thanks for the info - I appreciate it. I have covered the windows - yeah, I didn't actually think it was anything valuable and, when all was said and done, I think I paid about $20 for the cart, chips and about 10 other commons but it was such a unique-looking object that I had to pick it up. I'm pretty sure that the games are straight copies. E.
  9. I stumbled upon this at a flea market today - I have no idea what it is although I suspect that it is some sort of piracy device ... having said this, it strikes me as a fairly elaborate way to steal a game. Anyway, it works - the chips have stuff like pitfall, bezerk, frogger, missile command, Kaboom! and a couple of other ones that I can't remember. One chip has a couple of different games on it. Throwing the switches at the top gives me access to a different game. There are lots of settings where I get strange sounds and blasts of colour (like what you get when you are "frying" a machine). If anybody has any insight into what this is, I'd appreciate knowing. E.
  10. I received one of his modded 7800 and I'm quite happy with it. The package was sent quickly and the unit was well packaged. E.
  11. After a long time of being "out of the collecting game," a 7800 was passed on to me. I used to collect for the system but passed on my system and all my 7800 carts a while ago. I just picked up Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Asteroids, Karateka, Food Fight, One on One, Robotron and Pole Position II. I'm only interested in loose carts (probably only commons, too) only and, as I'm in Canada, would like to pack as many as possible into a single shipment. If you have a bunch that are sitting around (I'm not too concerned about labels, either) please drop me a line with what you have and how much you'd like for them Many thanks Dave
  12. Received the stuff that he sent out. It was in great condition, well packaged and arrived really quickly. Great guy to deal with. Thanks, Allan.
  13. Hi Guys ... I guess I'm not really used to all of this and I thought doing this would be easier than it actually turned out to be. I'm feeling overwhelmed by the PMs and requests and the such and, as there really is no pressing need on my part to sell these things, I think I'm just going to shove them back in the cupboard. I apologize to anybody who is feeling that I wasn't treating them fairly but, for what it's worth, I was genuinely doing my best to be fair to people. I suppose I should kill the pictures ... if somebody with power can lock the thread / delete the thread, I'd appreciate it. E.
  14. I thought this several years ago and did the same thing, oh the regret! In the last 9 months or so I've picked 2600 collecting back up, plus nearly completed a 7800 collection which I never had before. You have some very nice looking carts there and I wish you luck with your sale, I actually wish I had more cash right now. Yeah - I went to bed feeling fine about this decision and then, in the cold light of morning, started to rethink my convictions. I'm going to go through with it for a little while though and see if decent arrangements can be worked out. ---> Jeremy ... Thanks for the kind words!
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