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  2. Well it looks like we have some contradicting statements from the community here. Is this a case of purism or are these things really not worth it at all?
  3. Haha, yeah I know about Rob Webb. He just sells the EMS carts which are incompatible with my transferrer. I was just checking here to see if I could get some secondhand for a little cheaper. Thanks for the help though, I'll check that Tototek link again later on.
  4. Dual-CPUs? That's more for Server-grade/Enterprise applications. I don't think you'll want to be dropping $2000 for a Skulltrail rig just for MAME. I think you mean Dual-Core CPUs. Yes, Dual-Core processors run much faster than Single-Core. A 3ghz P4 should do MAME just fine. Your best bet is to get a cheap video card like an 8500GT or one of the new 9400GT cards. If you have a display that uses DVI the image quality will be much better than VGA. If not, check how much RAM you have and max the channels out, 2GB runs well, 4GB runs amazingly. The good thing about a Graphics card is that it offloads a lot of work from the CPU and you avoid the whole "shared RAM" thing that onboard video uses.
  5. Particularly, the ones that are compatible with the transferrer called the "Flash Linker". I'll buy any size cart for 4M to 64M. They should say Mr. Flash or Dr. Flash or something to that effect on them. They are made by Bung Enterprises. See picture. I'm also interested in other flashcarts and linkers for the gameboy as well.
  6. Picked one up from the thrift store a few months ago. It's still sealed in amazing condition. It still has the sticker on the front that says what games it is compatible with. It's for Sega Genesis. How much do they go for nowadays?
  7. Get an Xbox. I've been playing lots of MAME games on mine, and they run flawlessly. Sorry to sound like an Xbot, but the DC has been pretty much useless to me for emulation purposes.
  8. Received the 4mbit cart in good shape. Initially had some problems with writing Sludgeon/Pushpin to it, but it seems to be working fine now. OldStuff gets an A+.
  9. $70 for Halo 3 Limited Edition. Great game, even if the campaign was a little short. The online is finally balanced and forge is endless fun. I don't understand why there are so many Halo haters. I think the second most I paid is like $50 for Xenogears.
  10. Thanks for the replies everybody. I do actually have an SP, and a micro as well. I was thinking of getting a EZFLash IV mini-SD version for it, as that coupled with a 1GB stick should take care of my portable gaming needs. I don't know anyone who has had one though, so I don't know how well things work with it. Boxed everything up last night. Only thing left under the TV is a modded Xbox and my 360. I feel like a Microsoft fanboy Anyways, does anybody know anything about a GamePark 32? I've seen them here and there in articles and such, and after reading a review I'm kind of intrigued. I've always wanted to make games, would that be a good place to start? The GP2X, though cool is a little out of my price range, what's a good price for a GP32?
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