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  1. Hoodoo

    Wanted: NES/SNES games

    I have Secret Of Mana and Secret Of Evermore. Message me if you're still interested. Also Dragon Warrior IV
  2. 1.Missile Command 2.Frogger 3.Quadrun 4.Phoenix 5.Asteroids
  3. Tecmo World Wrestling: I love Nintendo's Pro Wrestling, always did, and I always felt TWW was kind of a spiritual sequel in a way, as the grapple system was very similar,albeit MASSIVELY expanded to include finishers,submission holds and the like. I loved the training sequences, the weird text announcing guy (1....2....3...Averted and dropped,we have the winner!) and the overall feel of the game. Best wrestling game on NES,period. Robin Hood-Prince Of Thieves: This one was just FUN,with duels, horseback sequences and melee combat aplenty. It really didn't have anything to do with the film, even the characters look NOTHING like the film version,which is why it probably wasn't widely played. Good,solid Zelda type fun here,though. Pin*Bot: I own an ORIGINAL Pin*Bot machine (restored) in my den, but I love the NES one to this day. The first level plays like the real machine, but after that, it gets kind of bizarre. I really got a kick as a kid when I first heard the NES version of the famous "I can see you!" that the machine emits. LOOPZ: Crazy weird twisty puzzle game with odd pieces. Addictive as all can be. I can't really describe this one better......
  4. I was wondering if there is anywhere to get reproductions of 2600 cart labels. I'm building a set for my sister,and she has some that have badly disfigured labels,and we'd like new label stickers to make them look nicer.
  5. Recently conquered: Legend Of Zelda:Majora's Mask (although, I want to go back through and do it WITHOUT the Fierce Deity mask), Conker's Bad Fur Day, Zelda II:The Adventures Of Link and finished (everything is 100%,all titles, all hidden wrestlers, all store items bought) WWF No Mercy AGAIN (my cart memory got wiped out)
  6. No, but I'm a little different than most collectors....I've actually HAD all my stuff this long, and keep it IMMACULATE (trust me, I'm Obsessive-Compulsive when it comes to my "Bertha" and her games), nothing is plaqued, nothing is broken, nothing rattles. Mine have been nestling together in the same bookshelf they always WERE in. I LOVE each individual cartridge,as I can say, pick up MY copy of Frogger and think "Gee, remember the day I was sick,and stayed home from 2nd grade and played Frogger all day?" or...."Remember, the first time a girl kissed you was because she FINALLY outscored you on Missile Command?" To me, each of my individual games,peripherals and everything else that goes with it (boxes,manuals,all that jazz) was a big part of my life and continues to be to this day, because each one has some sort of emotional attachment. I only feel this way about MY Frogger, if it were broken, another copy just would not be the same anymore. To me, ALL my games are R10s....because there IS only one copy of these for me, whether its Asteroids or Quadrun.
  7. Hoodoo

    Am I Wrong?

    I do indeed have the box and manual, and while I am not *technically* a collector, these pieces are part of the nostalgia involved with securing the game in the first place. It's in between Frogger and Asteroids on the shelf,so its comfy!
  8. Hoodoo

    Am I Wrong?

    I just met someone who is a fellow Atari enthusiast in my area. The difference is, he's a collector, and I'm a player. He was MORTIFIED to walk in and see a copy of Quadrun poking out of my old four switcher ("Bertha"!). I was shocked that he was so shocked. I've been playing Quadrun for over twenty years. I love the game, am I wrong to be playing it at this point? and if so...why am I wrong? I bought the game to play.....twenty three or twenty four years ago, and that has NOT changed. I own it still because I love to play it. He brought the point up that I should get rid of my rares to a collector who can preserve them.....to my utter disgust. Sorry, I mean no offense to you collectors, I know there's a lot of you here, but I bought these to play, and I'm damned well going to play them. I don't care if its Asteroids or Quadrun, if its sitting on my game shelf, its seen a LOT of action over the years. I guess what I really want to know is, both from the collectors and the gamers....Is it wrong for me to sit on my collection because I want to play them? I don't have ANYTHING that's "one of a kind" (like protos maybe only one person EVER played), so I don't feel my playing my copy of Quadrun over putting it in its box and never touching it again will really upset the balance of the Atari community.
  9. Well, not to veer too far off topic, but I think the point is, these games are only rare and important to those who want them. Through the magic of emulation, I have played probably every single game from R7-R10, and there's a scant few of which that are actually FUN to play, which is the biggest key for me,personally. I'm not really a collector, and the rare stuff I DO have (Quadrun, Gas Hog, Mr.Do's Castle) I own because I ENJOY those games and bought them back when they were priced much the same as Asteroids or Frogger.
  10. So,Mr.Admin.....when are our entries to be on the main contest page,then?
  11. I sent a picture label variation (haven't started on a silver yet!)
  12. I'm building a new set of VCS goodness for my little sister, who just recently got into the VCS for the first time, and I was wondering if anyone had a set including the following commons to sell as a group lot. Ms.PacMan Centipede Donkey Kong (preferably the white Coleco cart,to show her different cart styles) Atlantis Kaboom Jr.PacMan E.T. (she insists!) Galaxian Astroblast Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Popeye Superman Venture I had multiples in pretty much everything else, but finding these locally is hard, and on ebay the shipping on them individually would be a little much...Please contact me through PM is you have a reasonable price for this set!
  13. Impossible, neither film was made by Lucasfilm.... Dune:1984,Dino De Larentiis Corporation, Last Starfighter:1984, Lorimar/Universal
  14. Okay, I went ahead and tried it with some commons I have,here are my findings so far (along with the speed/difficulty needed to properly achieve certain effects) Phoenix: Fry until you get two vertical lines down the screen, start the game, you'll start with points (usually some random number between 10-1000) and you'll have a LOT of reserve ships.(switching speed: FAST, difficulty: moderate) Frogger: Fry until the road turns blue and the water turns purple, you'll get extra frogs,plus start on a MUCH higher level,although the game will lock up if you either get another extra man or advance a whole lot of levels (switching speed: steady, difficulty: hard) Space Invaders: "easy fry" (hold reset switch down and power on.not technically frying, just confusing the game's player count), "Strange fry": Fry until you get nothing but the ship and a blue UFO, you have to be FAST to shoot him, but once you do, various things can happen ( I got lockup, infinite lives and a weird glitch where the screen is black, nothing is firing at YOU, but you can shoot and hear the sound effect of the Invader eating dust AND you'll score) (speed: VERY fast, difficulty: VERY hard)
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