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  1. I was wrong it was about the store it's Borders and also I just bought a new copy for $19.99. Give them a call if you don't believe me they have a stock they ship out, so why do people demand crazy prices? They have back stock in the warehouse that they don't show in the store but will mail you a copy. Borders.com (removed my store location number, call a store in your location)
  2. Why 40$? FYE still sells the 20th Anniversary Tron DVD for $18.50 NEW.
  3. Nice sell price, but I dont see why anyone would ever want to rid themselves of a C64DTV unit. They are the best!
  4. There you go, I made this along time ago. And usually post it for people when they want to know how to do the mod.
  5. Its a real Atari 2600 inside, without the pin connector. Just like a C64 DTV is a real Commodore 64 without the ability to plug in a disk drive.
  6. I suggest that you google his AA handle, the mocking has already been done. I see nevermind then, to much ambition from this fellow. Why would anyone want to build a NES clone? Lol. I guess I just give people to much credit??
  7. I estimate it will likely be a simple platform game, nothing really big. Dont get your hopes up or mock him for *his* attempts if he fails.
  8. Oh, well. It doesnt take much time for me to create a sprite. So its not a big deal if the project doesnt happen. But I will support his ideas, like all of you probably should.
  9. Accepted and I have sent you another sprite design, female as you requested.
  10. I have just sent you my sprite design.
  11. Good ol' NES and its tons of Arcade portings. Some being amazing, others being not so great but all being quite playable.
  12. I have one for Castlevania Adventure, and one for Zoids Densetsu. They are great I think, but havent got what I want on my other games yet.
  13. I would be amazed if I ever had the opportunity to own a Vectrex... I have always wanted to play Star Trek on it!
  14. Game Boy Player will play ALL Game Boy games, Colour, dual, mono and Advance Super Game Boy will as mentioned play original mono games and dual colour games, but they will not display in full colour True... But honestly playing the original Gameboy games/dual colour games on a SNES feels ultra-retro. There are tons of games that will play on the Super Gameboy, and distinguishing a Color game and a Dual games is really easy. If its a color game it wont have the side knick.
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