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  1. SPIKE

    Movie Cart

    @rbairos HOLY FRACKEN CRAZY!!!! i just saw the ZPH vid on YouTube! I NEED AN ATARI COPY OF BLADE RUNNER!!!! SO FRACKEN AMAZING!!!
  2. wow! this looks neato! going to give it a spin asap!
  3. WOW WOW FRACKEN WOW! wish i understood TIA programming to help with the noiz!!!!
  4. what a drag. sorry that this happened. i already bought a couple versions of this off of Etsy a few months ago.
  5. AWESOME! I can't wait for the finished product! Maybe I will finally be able to create my game idea!
  6. FRACKEN AWESOME! one of the weird, isolating and avant-garde anime series. Serial Experiments Laine and Texhnolyze are also favourites.
  7. DOES NOT NEED COLOR. The stark brutality and the bleak void of a dead landscape is what draws me in. Like listening to COIL's "Music To Play in the Dark" or some SUNN o))) or Ulver. I really like that you are only using colour as a special effect.
  8. very cool addition. i went back and watched a bit more of the game play. i REALLY like the obstacle of the Hangman's Dance! the bass line motif gets really tiresome. any way you could leave any music motif out and put the focus into sound design and sound effects?
  9. PLAGUE looks really interesting. can't wait to see the finished version!
  10. FS: [uS] Jaguar System and Jag CD and their boxes, PRO controllers, power, breakout A/V cables, a few games and a few empty game boxes(carts lost in a move), a few ad posters, the molded carrying case...and yes...that is BATTLE SPHERE. No...I will not split up the package. -> Please make an offer over private message. <- U.S. sale only. (price does not include insurance and shipping) Shipping will be via UPS and I will have them pack it all up. I will send other payment terms/info over private message. Payment via PayPal F&F or buyer pays fee. Thanks!
  11. you are correct. the file was out of order and listed at the bottom. however...i guess i need a better file of Pacman8k. the one i played...the intermission was all messed up. anyone have a link to the latest version?
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