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  1. It was my pleasure! :) *Huggz*

  2. Merry Christmas Buddy!

    Hope you enjoy a few cold x-mas beers too. Cheers!!

  3. Hey hope you will feel better soon! I'm prepared for battle... (my fridge is loaded with beer) lol. Combat sounds good but we should also play RS Boxing, Swordfight and Artillery Duel. :D

  4. LMAO Guess it's time for a new profile pic with a paperbag on my head then... :D

  5. Another day - another profile pic... lol

    I hope you and Bean are doing well! *Huggz*

  6. Thanx for the birthday wishes!

  7. Hey i'm so happy for you, i hope the concert (and the beer) will be awesome! And you won't be alone there - i'll be with you in spirit ;) Looking forward to see some pics/videos. Have fun rocking hun! *Huggz*

  8. Today is a good day to get piss drunk!

  9. Thanks! "Cookie Season" has just begun, of course i'll send you some when i start baking again... i've just been a "bit" lazy lately. Hmm... how about beer-cookies? ;)

    Hey you're a great friend too and i really hope things will get better for you soon! Sending all the good luck i can grab and best wishes to my 2 favorite hellraisers! ;)


  10. Arggh! Your new avatar scared me to death! lol

  11. I'm currently playing Yomawari: Night Alone (PC) and it's driving me insane. But i can't stop playing... :D

  12. Greetings from the land of real beer!

  13. Hello from the Gutter... I'm drunk (like always) so i'm doing fine. :D

    How are you?

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