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  1. Awesome game but playing with a joypad sucks! It's probably much more fun with a joystick on a real 2600. First entry: 47,250
  2. I don't like real golf but i love Leaderboard Golf on the C64. It's a great game to relax and i don't mind the slow pacing.
  3. @!#[email protected] Jeez, this game is as infuriating as expected. My best score so far is 13...
  4. If you're just interested in the creation of Adventure watch this video (without any politic rambles): GDC Classic Postmortem: Warren Robinett's Adventure
  5. Someone should tell Warren Robinett that his easter egg in Adventure was not the first easter egg ever. Other people had the same idea before and apparently the first easter egg was in the Channel F Demo Cart (1977) or if you only count games the first one was in Video Whizzball (1978) for the Channel F. See this thread for more info: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/59087-the-very-first-easter-egg-was-not-adventure/
  6. Good choices! It's gonna be fun to play 2 quirky games for the Halloween special. First entry: Room of Doom - 3,500
  7. Game 7 A is pretty hard. First entry: 7,140
  8. This month went by way too fast. Have to play a bit more over the weekend. Just a tiny bit better than my first entry: 2,406
  9. It's been ages since i played Dragonfire and it's harder than i remembered... First lousy entry: 3,580
  10. Jeez, i'm getting too old for fast paced games like this one. First try: 2,268
  11. Great choice! Be sure to check the online manual before playing.
  12. I beat Shantae: Risky's Revenge (PC) yesterday. It was fun to play through and now i'm playing Shantae and the Pirate's Curse .
  13. Some neat fake labels can be found here: https://www.rediscoverthe80s.com/2011/12/atari-2600-humor-part-2.html I hope someone makes Nutball!
  14. You could also try the sprite editor from junkosoft: https://www.junkosoft.com/tools.aspx
  15. Serpentine is a good game but it's not all that original. I'm pretty sure it was inspired by Konami's "Jungler" from 1981:
  16. Fortunately there are a few .bas files posted in your thread. The latest one is from August 13th 2007: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/108451-happy-halloween-wip/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1350895 It's a good concept, with a few more levels and a bit of polish it could be made into a fun to play game. Just sayin'.
  17. Yep. It's interesting to look through all those projects, not only the finished games. And here's a good example of a failed project (though i *might* get back to it one day...): http://atariage.com/forums/topic/129467-problem-with-player1color-and-pfscroll-need-help/
  18. Unfortunately it seems there aren't any more Halloween homebrews than those i suggested to you a while ago. I was hoping there might be a few more i have overlooked. You could also add Skeleton+ which is at least somewhat spooky and maybe a few hacks like: Hell-o-ween Halloween III Halloween 4 Pumpkinhead We really need more Halloween themed homebrews for the 2600.
  19. Really? I'm just wondering because the ROMs for many homebrews in the AA store are available and they seem to be selling fine. And i thought small runs of around 20 - 50 copies seem to sell pretty quick? I'm just curious and i'm probably totally wrong.
  20. Looks like a neat little game but i'd probably rage quit after a few rounds.
  21. You use the variables instead of the playfield - delete the playfield and paste the code from my post where your playfield was. D'OH! I forgot about pfvline, that works even better for straight line playfields like yours.
  22. The gamespeed works correctly now, will play some more later to check everything. You probably don't need it anymore but you could save 7 bytes by drawing the playfield directly with playfield variables: var1 = %00000001 : var2 = %00000001 : var5 = %00000001 : var6 = %00000001 : var9 = %00000001 : var10 = %00000001 : var13 = %00000001 var14 = %00000001 : var17 = %00000001 : var18 = %00000001 : var21 = %00000001 : var22 = %00000001 : var25 = %00000001 : var26 = %00000001 var29 = %00000001 : var30 = %00000001 : var33 = %00000001 : var34 = %00000001 : var37 = %00000001 : var38 = %00000001 : var41 = %00000001 : var42 = %00000001 http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#playfield
  23. Good Job! 2 games need additional info: Baby is also available at itch.io for $1. Kelly Kangaroo is made with batari Basic and according to the itch.io page it's still a WIP.
  24. The bug only happens once you reach high speed (around 200+ points).
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