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  1. "Benign esophageal stricture can happen when scar tissue forms in the esophagus. This is often the result of damage to the esophagus. The most common cause of damage is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux. ... Frequent exposure to harmful stomach acid can cause scar tissue to form." https://www.healthline.com/health/esophageal-stricture-benign
  2. Newspaper printing press set on fire in Hong Kong:



  3. Oh, I forgot about that: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#draw_sprites_on_atari
  4. Nope, jwierer made Visual batari Basic: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-vbb.html#playfielded https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-vbb.html#spriteed
  5. Do you think a banana silently screams when you peel off its skin?

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    2. Flojomojo


      @Random Terrain I think you'll love this story about the symbiosis between wasps and figs. Enjoy! https://www.newyorker.com/tech/annals-of-technology/love-the-fig

    3. GoldLeader


      That is Amazing Flojo!  I'm off to eat some wasp mummies!

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Maybe that's why I don't like figs. I hate the flavor of wasps!

  6. Is that similar to what Visual batari Basic has? https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-vbb.html#playfielded https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-vbb.html#spriteed
  7. Don't eat pie. One day someone will tell you to shut your pie hole and on that day you will be victorious.

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    2. atari2600land


      The only pie I eat is chocolate pie. All the other ones are icky. Who actually wants to eat chopped up pumpkins?!

    3. Flojomojo


      WTF is "chocolate pie?" That sounds like a euphemism for bovine excrement. 


      Apple pie is fruit [pie] of the gods, and I tell myself that pumpkin or sweet potato pie is a fine source for Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. 


      Also, cherry pie is something that exists. 

    4. atari2600land
  8. Breaking News: Pack of wild hot dogs eat man's buns!

  9. Do you choke on meat by itself or just when bread is wrapped around it? Check out these videos by William Davis, MD: https://www.randomterrain.com/favorite-quotes-health-and-safety.html#william_davis_videos
  10. Here's a video about YouTube censorship:



  11. Speaking of music, I made this using Visual batari Basic: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#ex_sound_with_bg_music The "music" plays on one channel while the sound effects play on the other. The only problem is that repeated sections of the "music" are wasting ROM, so I hoped that Sprybug's tool would fix that, but it isn't finished yet:
  12. Related page: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-cheating.html
  13. Also check out the DPC+ example programs: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#expro_dpc
  14. Related link: https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories.html#debug_colors
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