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  1. I think Albert said during the early part of the upgrade that anything PMed or posted would disappear.
  2. That's something Albert needs to know about. I just checked and see that too, but until it looks normal, you can click inside of that empty box and it will still work.
  3. I think you click on Following above Reply to this topic at the top of the thread, select what you want to do, then click on the Update Preferences button.
  4. I bet somebody could do a version that looks similar to 10th Frame on the Commodore 64:
  5. When I click on About, it says 12.2 is the software version.
  6. I’m posting this from my mother’s old iPhone (5S or whatever it is). Quoting seems to work. This is much better than the previous phone version. Maybe someone needs to upgrade their Internet.
  7. I thought the sound people were talking about was the "Play a sound when I receive a notification" option that can be turned on or off: https://atariage.com/forums/notifications/options/
  8. Thanks. Wow, if a lot of people start using Closed or Private that could get very circle jerky in a hurry. We've already seen how some people rarely post outside of certain forums, so herds of nerds could end up in their own little gated communities and rarely poke their heads up over the fence. That would be great for keeping wild-eyed fist wavers contained, but it would suck unwashed monkey balls if people are posting useful information that would benefit non-members.
  9. I'm not understanding the purpose of clubs. If a club is a separate section of the forums, are the threads viewable by the public? Can anyone post in a club thread or is it only open to members?
  10. Speaking of blogs, will lists in blog entries be automatically updated to the new style or will each blog user need to do that by hand? Also, will [horizontal rule] be changed to a blank line in the forums, blogs and profile pages? Horizontal rule used to make a blank line, but now it makes a horizontal line, like the name says.
  11. About notifications, if we want to see the red indicator at the top, but not receive e-mails, what options do we select: https://atariage.com/forums/notifications/options/ Duh! I didn't scroll down far enough.
  12. For those who want to know, links now work in status update replies. I went to reply to Albert's reply in my status update, but couldn't. After disabling Adblock Plus on AtariAge and refreshing the page, I was able to reply. (I'm using Google Chrome.)
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