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  1. Thanks. Also looks like fancy new additions such as Bold do not work on the main page.
  2. Here are 3 things about status updates to check on later when you have more time: Before the update, when a person made a new status update, if a status update by that same person was already on the main page, the old one would be removed from the main page and the new one would be displayed at the top. Now if a person updates their status update multiple times in one day, the old ones will take up space on the main page. Links should work on the main page, not just on profile pages (full links and text that has been turned into a link). Speaking of profile pages, are we stuck replying to status updates on profile pages or will a 3rd party hack allow us to reply on the main page and on a status update page, like before the update.
  3. The background "music" in Above Majestic is annoying and sometimes sounds like a tooth being drilled by a dentist. The ridiculous makeup used on David Wilcock's face makes him look like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  4. Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about!

    1. save2600


      Little Fanny perpendicular!

  5. Take a look at this: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/icon-symbol-sign-like-flat-icon-3547917/ It's free for commercial use and no attribution required. If you don't like that, here's my adapted version: Somebody probably posted something better while I was Googling and farting around.
  6. Yeah, to me the heart symbol means love. I might like a post, or want to thank somebody for a post, or laugh at a post, but love is too much of a commitment.
  7. I like the "New content begins here" orange line in a thread that we have now.
  8. Answer: There is also a Questions and Answers forum.
  9. Latest News: Class-action lawsuit forces Applebee’s to sell fresh apples and live bees starting in July.

    just for laughs oprah GIF

  10. I'm older than 50 and still can't code, unless you count BASIC, but I only do that by copying and pasting. This forum upgrade isn't as jarring as one or two times in the past where it seemed like Invision was trying to make the forum software harder to use. "What? They can do that with one click? Unacceptable! Change that to 3 to 5 clicks by the end of the month!"
  11. I think Albert said during the early part of the upgrade that anything PMed or posted would disappear.
  12. That's something Albert needs to know about. I just checked and see that too, but until it looks normal, you can click inside of that empty box and it will still work.
  13. I think you click on Following above Reply to this topic at the top of the thread, select what you want to do, then click on the Update Preferences button.
  14. I bet somebody could do a version that looks similar to 10th Frame on the Commodore 64:
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