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  1. I just got an e-mail from a helpful person about this game: The June 23, 1979 issue of Billboard magazine said that Atari just added Superman to its expanding game line.
  2. It was slow for me all night and it's still slow. I'm guessing that a bunch of those background processes have kicked in.
  3. POV video of an ancient wall in Peru:




    Most TV shows just show short clips. This is more like being there.


    Notice how some of the stones have knobs. Those antediluvian nipples are called geopolymer protrusions.

  4. Looks like the batari Basic forum hasn't received a plunk from the magic twanger that causes unlimited editing. On another subject, when I go to edit a reply of mine in any thread, I get the choices of Cancel and Save. If I create a topic and go to edit that first post, my choices are Cancel and Edit Topic. If I click on Edit Topic, I get this error message:
  5. You could try using this: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/287262-batari-basic-extension-for-visual-studio-code/ If you can't compile a bB program with that, we'll be closer to finding out what's wrong.
  6. Looks like he might have misread your post. The number for the second post in this thread is 4292614, not helpful if you want to know that it's the second post. I guess that's another 3rd party add on that Albert will have to buy. You'd think Invision would include something like that. Maybe we're lucky they included page numbers.
  7. I like how we get a notification at the top of the screen without needing to refresh the page. For example, if I'm waiting for somebody to reply, I can do something else until I hear a bloop sound, then click on the AtariAge tab and post a reply.
  8. I guess I was lucky back then. Every gas station, corner store, pizza place, grocery store and so on that I visited had popular, real arcade games. I don't remember seeing any knock-off games.
  9. I recently got a new Windows 10, 64-Bit computer and installed VbB, bB, and Stella (the most popular Atari 2600 emulator) and everything is working great without needing to run as administrator or dealing with any of the problems earlier versions of Windows had with VbB. What anti-virus program are you running?
  10. Which version of Windows are you using and when was the last time you restarted your computer?
  11. Have you tried compiling random example programs from the bB page: randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#example_programs
  12. It comes with every version of batari Basic by RevEng. The latest version of bB is in a folder called bB.1.1d.reveng41 and that's where you will find install_win.bat.
  13. Are you sure that you used install_win.bat and did not set the bB Environment Variable or the bB Compiler System Path using VbB? (There should not be a check mark next to them on the settings page.)
  14. Time to learn all about the Anunnaki:




    1. atari2600land


      I learned about the Anunnaki while watching Ancient Aliens.

    2. BydoEmpire


      Graham Hancock's "Magician of the Gods" is an excellent book on antideluvian history if you're into that, and a lot more grounded in fact and reality than Stitchin's stuff.  Although I did think 12th Planet was entertaining.

  15. OK, that's an old version of VbB. You need Build 568, the one I posted a link to in my first reply. You might also want to look at this: How to 'Install' Visual batari Basic on a Windows PC
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