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  1. https://youtu.be/u9O8qHtxpZo Last time I tried that, the forum software didn't display anything. I always switch modes to be sure the code is correct. When did that start working?
  2. Like Albert said, this crusty old forum software only recognizes youtube.com. If you click on Share at YouTube under a video, you'll get the newer youtu.be version of the address and the forum software won't put the embed tags around it.
  3. It wouldn't be fair to let the player be destroyed while being sucked up by the tractor beam (click link to see it happen in the arcade game).
  4. Albert said that they are one-off vinyl banners.
  5. This works, but there's probably a better way to do it: ;*************************************************************** ; ; Variable aliases go here (DIMs). ; dim _Bit4_JoyU = y dim _Bit5_JoyD = y dim _Bit6_JoyL = y dim _Bit7_JoyR = y ;*************************************************************** ; ; Defines the edges of the playfield for an 8 x 8 sprite. ; If your sprite is a different size, you'll need to adjust ; the numbers. ; const _P_Edge_Top = 9 const _P_Edge_Bottom = 88 const _P_Edge_Left = 1 const _P_Edge_Right = 153 ;*************************************************************** ; ; Defines shape of player0 sprite. ; player0: %00111100 %01111110 %11000011 %10111101 %11111111 %11011011 %01111110 %00111100 end ;*************************************************************** ; ; Sets starting position of player0. ; player0x = 77 : player0y = 53 __Main_Loop ;*************************************************************** ; ; Sets color of player0 sprite. ; COLUP0 = $9C ;*************************************************************** ; ; Skips up/down movement if player is moving left or right. ; if _Bit6_JoyL{6} || _Bit7_JoyR{7} then goto __Skip_Joy0Down ;*************************************************************** ; ; Up movement check. ; if !joy0up then _Bit4_JoyU{4} = 0 : goto __Skip_Joy0Up if player0y > _P_Edge_Top then player0y = player0y - 1 : _Bit4_JoyU{4} = 1 __Skip_Joy0Up ;*************************************************************** ; ; Down movement check. ; if !joy0down then _Bit5_JoyD{5} = 0 : goto __Skip_Joy0Down if player0y < _P_Edge_Bottom then player0y = player0y + 1 : _Bit5_JoyD{5} = 1 __Skip_Joy0Down ;*************************************************************** ; ; Skips left/right movement if player is moving up or down. ; if _Bit4_JoyU{4} || _Bit5_JoyD{5} then goto __Skip_Joy0Right ;*************************************************************** ; ; Left movement check. ; if !joy0left then _Bit6_JoyL{6} = 0 : goto __Skip_Joy0Left if player0x > _P_Edge_Left then player0x = player0x - 1 : _Bit6_JoyL{6} = 1 __Skip_Joy0Left ;*************************************************************** ; ; Right movement check. ; if !joy0right then _Bit7_JoyR{7} = 0 : goto __Skip_Joy0Right if player0x < _P_Edge_Right then player0x = player0x + 1 : _Bit7_JoyR{7} = 1 __Skip_Joy0Right ;*************************************************************** ; ; Displays the screen. ; drawscreen goto __Main_Loop no_diagonal_movement.bas no_diagonal_movement.bin
  6. Those joystick thingies can only be used in if-thens. You get an Unresolved Symbol error if you try to use them in other ways.
  7. Related link: atariage.com/forums/topic/210959-satans-hollow-demo/ (move joystick or arrow keys to make it work)
  8. That's weird. I guess some Windows 10 users have it and others don't. From what I read, it was like that on Windows 10, then it was changed to what I have.
  9. New-ish version of Gyvolver is in the first post. The asm version of the high score code is now used. If anyone feels like testing the high score feature in various ways to make sure it is working properly, please do so. I haven't seen it mess up so far, but more eyes on it can't hurt. There is also an NTSC version and a PAL-60 version. Anyone who uses PAL, please check out the PAL-60 version and see if the colors look OK to you. Thanks.
  10. That doesn't work on my computer. There is no Install option. It was like that on my other Windows computers in the past, but not on Windows 10 in May of 2019. When was the last time you updated your computer?
  11. How to Install a Font With Windows 10 For those who right click on a font file and don't see Install listed in the menu, this is for you. Download a font to your computer. Unzip the font if it was zipped (many people recommend 7-Zip, including me). Right click on the font file to see the right-click menu. Hover your mouse pointer over Open with. Left click on Windows Font Viewer. After the font is displayed in the viewer, left click the Install button. My favorite monospaced font is Droid Sans Mono With Slashed Zero: DroidSansMonoSlashed.zip I use it with Visual batari Basic and things like Notepad++. The code boxes on the batari Basic page will also use Droid Sans Mono (with slashed zero) if you have it installed. Tip Jar Page for Random Terrain
  12. Webroot is a decent anti-virus program according to various sources. It also marks web sites that have been proven to be unsafe in red. I don't visit red web sites. These are the extensions that I have on Google Chrome: randomterrain.com/rt-useful-software-and-addons.html#google_chrome_extensions Avast screwed up my old computer, so I didn't have an anti-virus program at the time when an old version of Firefox stopped working properly and wouldn't update itself: atariage.com/forums/blog/120/entry-15826-got-a-new-computer-from-best-buy-2019/ Since Best Buy recommends Webroot, a lot of people are going to be using it, so if you find out that your web site is mistakenly marked as suspicious, just go here and get it cleared: brightcloud.com/tools/change-request.php
  13. This reminds me that I need to update the code for my Fake Gravity Platformer. It's kind of old and crusty. I need to improve it.
  14. If I would have had that junk on my other computer, I probably wouldn't have gotten a virus.
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