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  1. Ok thanks very much. Oh yeah, Pleeeeeeease. I forgot my good manners.
  2. I don't program. Can anybody make the Donkey Kong 4 levels binary with unlimited men so that I can learn to beat it?
  3. I have the latest version of Stella. Setting the phosphor effect doesn't help. I have tried every posible adjustment under 'game properties' and still it flickers so bad that it is unplayable. This isn't an isolated event because I have 3 different computers with three different versions of Windows and it still behaves this way. Surely other people have observed this same problem. I'll bet someone knows how to fix this.
  4. When you play Pharaoh' Curse in Stella the screen jumps and flickers. I have tried downloads from all over the web and there is no difference. Is there a fix for this problem?
  5. Did anyone ever fix the annoying short lines on the left side of the screen in the original Ms Pac-Man? I would like to haver a .bin file of this game with only that fix taken care of.
  6. Have you made any more progress on this one? I would really like to see it finished.
  7. Thanks to all of you. I will start working on it.
  8. I used to program in BASIC and I know a little machine language. Is there a tutorial available for editing these 2600 games so that the lives counter isn't decremented etc.? I would like to edit the original Pac-Man and MS Pac-Man for unlimited lives. My grand kids play these games and they don't get very far. They don't want to be invincible, just not run out of lives so they can see higher levels etc. Thanks for your help.
  9. What should I have done???
  10. Does anyone have a hacked version of the original Asteroids with unlimited lives that you would be willing to upload? Thanks.
  11. Thanks. You're the best. I'm trying to get all the classic games with unlimited lives so my grand kids can play them as long as they want without having to reset and start over. Thanks to you Nukey, I have a several now.
  12. Does anyone have Space Invaders with unlimited Lives? I need one for my grand kids. Thanks for your help
  13. Can anyone make this hack with UNLIMITED LIVES ? It would sure make it easier to get a look at all the mazes.
  14. I have Atari Flashback II and it has a great version of adventure on it. Has anyone made an adventure hack that can be played in Stella that is like that version? Or can someone make it???
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