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  1. I know the graphics were not great on the 5200 but I have to say I loved the sound chip, came as close as possible at that time to what we were hearing in the arcade
  2. Donkey Kong was never originally released for the 5200 if memory serves me, however it was later ported from the atari 8 bit computer
  3. That is really interesting since Jungle Hunt was an Atarisoft product, Burgertime is Data East, Choplifter is Sega, and Bump and Jump was also Data East also since coleco holding are interested in new and retro projects like the flashback couldn't this be solved by all of us in the community ponying up the cash for a copyright on something like the original colecovision or something similar since the homebrew community is only focusing on software for the original hardware? This would also solve any future issues of ownership since it would belong to all of us no one person could exert control like coleco holdings is trying to do.
  4. Please add me to the pre order list
  5. Eduardo if you plan on doing another run please put me down for one.
  6. Just had mine done and the quality is excellent, anyone looking to have an rgb mod done should have it done by Yurkie
  7. Anyone have a source I could get this cart from? either an individual or website?
  8. its impressive but damn those boards are expensive, it is cheaper just to get a real jag
  9. anyone have a link to buy a new laser assembly?
  10. Anyone on here good at repairing the cd unit? I got one from a guy that is very ruff. will load a game once out of about 50 tries, the cd latch was broke so the switch has been hot glued which seems fine as the drive will spin up and all it will just most of the time not recognize a disc. If anyone has any skill in repairing these things please msg me
  11. I don't have a cd at the moment so I have none for sale but if you go to pcenginefx.com the user Keith Courage sells the White Cdrom. I myself have been shopping for a Super CDRom2 which tends to be more rare and go for more money which is why I can't find one and can't aford one.
  12. As a TG16 collector I can tell you that the system with case and cdrom that goes with it usually sell for between 150 and 175 on ebay.
  13. rebuilt they are worth something, non functional they aren't worth much.
  14. Looking for either the pink interior or the all black model, if anyone has one or knows where I can get one please msg me.
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