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  1. Not sure if you're still around nippur72, but the wait-state issue has been fixed in MAME 0.224 which is available now.
  2. Anyone know if this rom is still available?
  3. Yeah there's plenty to do, that's for sure. MAME currently has no method to manage wait states, so the cassette problem won't be going away any time soon. Here's some fixes for 0.206 (release due on 2019-01-30), these being - Fixed the crash on reset - connected up the cart slot. The z88dk guy will be able to experiment to his heart's content. We allow a single cart of any size up to 64k. - Added printer and joystick I'm taking a break for a bit due to an extended heatwave here, but I'll get back to it once the weather settles down. So, keep an eye on this thread every now and then, when I'm ready I'll start asking questions. Thanks for the schematic, just downloaded it.
  4. Interesting topic. I've fixed a couple of the many bugs in MAME's emulation of the laser500 etc. - The new character generator has been added, replacing the old inaccurate one. - A language selection feature has been added: English (default), French, German. - The non-working cursor keys have been fixed. These will be in the next release (0.205) due out on the 26th of this month. There's still plenty of other bugs, for example if you select the new language then choose the Reset option, it crashes. So, after choosing the new language, you have to quit and restart the emulator. I do not possess either a machine or any manuals or software, so if you guys want other things fixed, you'll have to supply me with at least full manuals.
  5. Have you checked out MAME lately? As of the next version (0.204) all the games will run and are playable. The sound is problematic though.
  6. Is there any homebrew for the game.com? I'd like something that works on a real machine, and pushes the hardware to its limits. I've been working on getting all the existing games working in MAME (done as at the next release), but need more examples to flush out any remaining bugs. The only thing I saw was someone's Hello World, but the rom was never released.
  7. Yep, put the roms in the roms folder. It works the same as MAME.
  8. Uh, read the instructions? C to bring the gun into use, then A to fire. Or, turn 90 degrees then run away (takes a few turns to get this down pat).
  9. Thank you The scan of the manual has been added to my collection.
  10. The pencil II is started to be emulated in MESS.
  11. Ah well, sorry to hear you feel that way.
  12. Back then the default was no menu. A lot has changed since then, but you could try right-clicking on Adam, choose Properties, and one of the screens there will let you turn on 'menus' or 'Newui'. Turn that on.
  13. http://messui.the-chronicles.org/howto.html Read this page, particularly about mess.ini - you should be able to restore the menus in MESSUI 0.141
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