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  1. @MrFish Yup, that's him in spirit...
  2. He's probably getting more tired but he's been like the thread shows for many years now...He's almost living proof of how not to serve customers at times..
  3. You slept with Brad? Dirty boy...
  4. Brad is a canny old sod, he KNOWS he has stuff that people want and likes playing god with it. That itself leaves people almost HAVING to play by his rules and again, he knows this and its some sort of kick for him. If I'd turned up with an order at his shack and he politely said he wasn't set up for callers then I'd be fine but to get the bums rush from Mr Koda is just infuriating and he seems to enjoy that side of it, either that or he's a blooming psycho. So we have an issue, scour for other places and grab what you can from more courteous folk or use Best while he has the stuff, I wish Brad would just sell up to a more interested party, he's not getting younger and all this BS about his employee's working 300 hours a day is just BS as I said, its clearly him and maybe his wife sifting through the boxes as best they can and at their own pace. He must be pretty old by now, I met him once at one of the old PCW shows (I think) where he was selling the catalogue and I got a button thing from him but he was fairly old then (compared to me), I just would hate to see him pass on AND the shack get bulldozed. He should just sell up and properly retire.. And don't get me started on ignorant sales people, if my staff were arrogant or rude to a customer even if the customer was pushing it then they got a stern talking to. I'd get "but he was being rude to me" which was then explained that by replying in the same tone sets a bad example to other customers who may not understand the situation and we can't afford to lose customers, if you get a rude one, come and get me. Staff attitude is almost as important as the sales. Brad's horrendous customer relationship is only negated by the fact he has the gear....Without the dependency of his gear most folk would have walked away.
  5. You mentioned doing a real big session of doing disks, there one thing I've seen once, maybe twice over the years and its trace breaks from over heating where the very old board has heated expanded and contracted so many times over the years around the area's that get really hot that a trace just spreads open by such a small margin that only a look with a good magnifying glass or USB microscope (can't recommend a cheap one of those enough) would spot it, well that or a continuity tester along the traces.. Its extremely rare and to happen to 2 drives at the same time would be incredibly unusual. Not really a lot of help and I hope the drives / boards get sorted as drives are not super cheap and ISP Plates must be quite rare? As people know my electronics isn't great but I can fault find basic stuff and you can't really run an Electronics shop and know zero (well you can but it won't be good )
  6. @Mr Robot Thank you for the info at how to get the high speed...Very very handy... Excuse my lack of research, it was one of those rare treats I got and it had been getting such regard AND it looks drop dead gorgeous so I brought it while I could Never RTFM Again, thank you.. Paul.
  7. I was really thinking more about the ultra speed loading (obviously not for protected stuff), I saw quickly that it does go faster than happy but from what little I've loaded it seemed to be at normal speed.....To be fair I've not used it much so could me confusing with Altirra in 810 mode..( was testing some stuff).. Sorry if I've confused the two, long day at the dementia clinic for my friend.....Not a great outcome for him...Very stressful all around..
  8. Just a little out there question, I'm really happy with my Sdrive but here's the question, its basically a drive emulation device, is it possible / has it been done so it can emulate other drives ie a Happy, Super Mini etc etc. Would the hardware be able to do that. Just as a matter of ability it would be great to be able to boot it as a Happy or Archiver etc etc. Its its not do-able then just say no, don't be dumb Paul and I'll be happy, but if its possible has it ever been discussed? Again, I'm happy with it as it is but if there's potential and a person could / wants to do it then why not. Paul.
  9. I can't get over how young most on here are, hell I was at work when you lot were kids..I was over 18 (and some).. Lol @Gunstar I was that person who did the slide show, I was a mad keen amatuer photographer when I was younger and experimenting with long exposures, polarising filters, star filters etc and managed to bore my wife and mother with slide shows of my 'art'. Still got some of the slides but I refuse to enforce them on anyone now I realise how poor they were
  10. Yeah, the hit and run thing is annoying but expected in these days, the nature now is take take take....Not right but expected..
  11. There's always a risk of fake torrents that are loaded with trojan's and there's many sites that offer what you think is the real download location for the genuine torrent software only to get a patched nasty, if you keep saftey in mind and only get client stuff from the OFFICIAL site which is easy to verify and keep your security up to date then you should be fine. Any fake torrents will get picked up by your AV software in real time mode as they download and your OS security will also help. People just get really scared that torrents are only about BAD / naughty software, that's simply not true, torrents get used by developers to supply software in some cases, things like the preservation team use them because its an easy way to share stuff that's 100% legal and the same goes for much of the old legal stuff. Torrents are what you make of them, look for bad stuff and you risk issues, look for the good stuff and there's very little risk.
  12. They would be more fun that the other Guess Who..
  13. I unhid the post for this... If it was Pat then my mistake, I did say I think I reviewed it...If you look at Mule, Sidewinder or a boxing title who name eludes me then you will find me, there's other ones I think I did but its a long time ago.. Did them for fun....Hardly writer of the year stuff...Hardly a writer to be honest
  14. Exactly.....If its within the rules of a compo for music then its fair game...er music...er, you know what I mean
  15. I just had a look at the thread to hear some nice music but I see troll boy has yet again disrupted a thread, thankfully he's blocked but some of the quotes and reactions can be seen and its not good... Music lovely, troll boy not...
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