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  1. Hi Larry, just glad that it's not a bad board...Glad it's working in some form as it should.. Paul...
  2. The problem is that unless it's a brand new AVG cart the it won't have the connector soldered inside..
  3. Many of us are multi machine on here, can't say I'm an Amstrad person but there are folks here that are...I'm Atari, C64 and Amiga plus consoles.. The cart is certainly a good move, cable or not, the cable just opens up new things like loading tapes, it will load disks / atr images but the compatibility is not as high because many game's / disk use fancy ways of loading that only work right on the SIO aka the Serial Input / Output port, basically the port where disk and tape get loaded from... The lead would be a nice bonus, its not expensive and just opens up the cart more..The SIDE3 cart when its released is another great choice, its main firmware author FlashJazzCat is writing a whole new set of features like cartridge rom loading making it another ideal cart, it has different features than the AVG but it's tailored towards the creative folk out there while offering great gaming / util use.. Remember us lot love to help so don't get flummoxed by the Atari, just ask and there's sure to be a person with the knowledge..
  4. In order.. Not that I know of... Yes indeed It's a fantastic cart... Best of luck finding it...I know tmp has now added the connector socket internally now to save you having to solder that and I know he's just got some leads BUT I don't think he's doing the sio jack or willing to make them up.. If you can get the lead and the plug for the SIO its very very easy, 4 wires only to solder or depending on the SIO plug you get you might be able to crimp the wires although I'd recommend soldering them. The other two wires just twist together
  5. Ah, kind of hoped he might have kept his word...His life, his choices...Shame he didn't see himself as a programmer... But yes, we are indeed the weird ones, but sometimes its pretty cool to be weird
  6. @SavetzI take it that Randy never did any new levels, did you not send him Omnivore in the end?
  7. It's the keycaps that I have the most thought about, I can stick something on the big bits but those little buggers, was thinking of using blu-tak on them but will it even stick once in the peroxide? Chemistry was not my big subject, to be honest not many were my big subject
  8. The manual shows a connection to the U1MB but does not detail it as to where on the U1MB, is there a connection or does the U1MB just pick it up? Ignore, can't afford it for ages yet and would I really even appreciate it.....Probably not...
  9. You should start getting some more technical replies about now, best of luck there... Paul..
  10. That's an idea, thank you.. Just my luck I'll use something that reacts with the peroxide and I get a green machine out Will give it a shot after this damn flu thing goes, stomachs turning, head hurts, aching but no temperature (thankfully)
  11. Probably something you have already done, giving its connector a good clean..
  12. Tried to contact him many times, not sure if Kay Savetz got hold of him but Randy Just seemed to remove himself from all things gaming.. A shame as he had given his blessing to a PC reimagine which itself just stopped being updated.. Also make sure you get the full J-M experience with the beta of Jumpman, some differences..ie Randall Glover and level differences..Lots of differences in fact.. Often known as Jumpman #1 or Jumpman Zero.. Will add it to the post for completeness... I've always been a huge champion of Jumpman, I saw it back in the day and the initial thought was "ugh, looks cheap" and then, I played it, I was HOOKED...Such a fun and playable game that I still play almost every week.. Jumpman Zer0.atr
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