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  1. I must admit although my daughter was introduced to the Atari it was not something she took to as much as I thought she might. Being of a later generation she liked the newer stuff more but my role was to police the new stuff so as to make her aware of all the pitfalls and issues with using new stuff. I really like hearing about the young using the old kit because its simple, safe and fun. Thankfully she's never been in to Fortnite, she is awaiting Animal Crossing for the Switch at the moment but that is secondary to her Uni work which is all go.
  2. 6yrs old, wonder if he still has all this... Looks like he's quite rich by the flooring etc and oh to have that much space for it all... Would i want all that, yeah go on then, would my wife want me to own all that, er I think I would be wife-less.
  3. Actually it does, not as funky as NTSC artifacting but there's at least one PAL game that uses it..
  4. And it needs the 'counting' feature where you can shoot a number of shots which guarantee's a 300 saucer every time that the original has
  5. I like it the way it is, its a great mix of improved yet like the Atari, yes I'd love all the suggested bits but it one guy doing a PD thing so we can't expect 100% time devotion The alien is an essential item and he's coming, so that is brilliant, I've let the author know we are loving his work here and invited him so hopefully he will have a look in and comment on stuff. Who knows what holds for this wonderful update but its sure made us lot very happy!
  6. All do-able in the profiler, pimp out a machine in configure system to you wants then go to the profiler and create / add a new profile under the system it is ie XL/XE making sure to use whatever categories are needed then repeat process for the machine without the devices / drives and another new profile. Make sure you tick show in menu in the profile editor.. I think that is what you want? Edited as I always forget which way around to make the profile, before create the new profile or after...Sure its after, yeah, has to be after you configure the machine.....Not done it in awhile....
  7. As seen he answered my post on the site and we are going to get the big bad aliens....Yayyy
  8. You sir have been awarded The Child in a Toy Shop badge
  9. Good lord, I didn't know Stevie Wonder did an Atari repair offer...
  10. Yup, in the original programme you have to choose 8 tracks of music, a book and a luxury object. Some might say I'll have a juke box as a luxury item but that breaks the rules of 8 tracks, as you say, its all about your choice and I'm bending the limits to allow a few freebies that follow the computer agenda but in the end if people want want special software like fancy DOS's then you have to prioritise choices. It would like a really hungry man on one of those reality shows being given a ham sandwich and then demanding it should have been steak You get what you get and make do That's the fun of the idea...
  11. DOS 2.0 just enough to use, of course if you want a FANCY DOS then that's one of your choices gone, can't have everything
  12. I think blank disks would be an allowed item as a freebie, its not adding any games or utilities, just the ability to save stuff which sounds fair to me...I'd say 20 blank disks would be a fair allowance for the island...Enough to use but after a while something that would need keeping an eye on for space..
  13. Built in games are ok, ie incognito....classed as a freebie..That's how the item comes so in the rules..
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