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  1. I've got the Concorde one...Really nice..
  2. I love the ambition here, you could run it on your PC / Mac but you are still trying to get it done on the old bit. That's dedication.. And why not, it can do it, just not as smoothly as a PC..
  3. Sadly it also allow for people quoting him for us to see, wish it blocked them too..9 out of 10 times I ignore his posts as he is on my ignore list but sometimes I see his 'strangeness' quoted. Trying to think of some games that match what Mark2008 is looking for...
  4. You are a strange fellow, you just like to sit there, pick up on something that irks you about someone and then in your head its ok to pick holes in them. Why do you care about what I did years ago, yes I sold Atari's, did I know about their working, yes I did, am I a genius and a guru on them, no, not even close. Then there's the bit about thinking I know stuff because I knew or know people that do?? The notion I'm falsely claiming to be more intelligent by riding on peoples knowledge is just absurd. I come to AA because its a nice place, its got good people and when I'm stuck I can ask people who are a LOT more knowledgeable how to do something I can't do, that's one of the points for places like here, to share help, am I a knowledge thief for doing that, don't be silly. We do have a person that comes here talking like they know everything only to be caught and told of their mistake and that person is you. You just try and say that others opinions are pretty much worthless while what you say must be taken as fact. The one thing I don't like about you is that you try and belittle the devs on here, constantly telling them they are wrong and basically don't know how to code properly yet you produce nothing of worth to counter this. As for begging, it never happened that way, I asked people to post a link to the crowdfunding page I had setup, I made a point of saying I was not asking people to help as folk had been really kind to me and my daughter in the past, The fact people did help was amazing to the point it brought tears to my eyes but I never begged, get it right please. Lastly, I'm too lazy to work it seems, that annoys because I have always give 110% to any job I've done, I've never been picky about what sort of work I did and its that exact reason why I cannot work, I took a job working as a contractor, it was all manual very heavy work and it destroyed my knee's and spine...I'm not allowed to work because of the effects its had... Anyway, thanks to Gnusto I can now block this thread and you can carry on massaging your inflated ego...I used to like your posts but then it became clear you see others as inferior yet show no proof of why you are a cut above the rest..
  5. Another vote for binning the thread..No need for personal attacks..
  6. And who is this nasty little barb at? C'mon keyboard Rambo, me, Jose?
  7. I like to learn new things and I'm usually pretty good at doing that but I mostly know my limitations (which are many), my most proud thing was learning to make furniture, right down to the staining and lacquering of it, my first bits had mistakes (bad sanding) but within 2 weeks I was making what I was told were perfect cabinets etc. One thing I'm rubbish at is car work, mostly due to the lifting but I always find that the manual and the car I'm working on don't tally up Electronics I'm ok on but there's stuff I'd not do myself or I seek help on (one reason I watch FJC's video's so often) Better to see it done right and well than do it without knowledge..
  8. Yes, I've heard it runs very well... Re Blocky and the incremental saves, as long as we don't go down the route of automated saves it all sounds good. I do not like programs that spit out automated stuff which isn't part of the program running, its annoying to find all these little files strewn throughout the directory that you can't quite remember what they were for later on..
  9. Yep, does not look stunning but it plays great in regard of the machine..Top stuff..
  10. The games are as good as the coders creativity, don't look for limitations, look for possibilities, alternatives and most of all, playability. And here's the rub, I get labelled a thread derailer yet I constantly encourage, support and welcome our devs and regardless I'll carry on doing that but what we have here is one person who constantly is critical of the ways things are done, rarely is it done in a constructively critical way, more snipes and yet he gets support for this. I got a silly comment about selling the machines and knowing people in the scene but I never claim to be a supremo, quite the opposite, I don't see myself as important, I'm just a little cog who likes to see people encouraged, get people invited to join, welcome new people so they know its a great site..Hardly a huge ego.. I just love the whole retro scene and I encourage people to try new systems so they can find alternative great software but at my heart I'm an Atari guy but I detest things where we try and find the best machine, it usually leads to bickering, just enjoy your machines, you will find great games and poor games, just enjoy the goodness... If this is classed as derailing the thread then I think we are losing the plot about what a free talking community is about, yes you will get some off topic banter but how many times have you seen the off topic stuff lead to really enjoyable ON topic stuff.
  11. Yup, I played some cracking games on a ZX81...Not exactly thought of as a stellar games machine but the programmers didn't let limits bother them..
  12. As I always say, go where the good games are, don't limit yourself ever...I love my Atari but there's very creative people who have different ideas on lots of platforms...
  13. Topic related...The C64 is nothing to do with Atari but you always keep saying about it...Please, don't use double standards..
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