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  1. Oh, yes please re the plungers... Tell me how much I owe you... Will PM my address.. Paul..
  2. I saw the review of it, and I wasn't impressed, the guy doing the review was more in tune with how cool it looked on his desk as opposed to what it could do. Basically it comes to the point that its under powered and pricey and add to that you have to supply a PSU AND a controller at cost to you makes it a bit of an over spend... I myself don't want one, I can emulate the 2600 etc and I don't really think its good-looking, so I'd suggest a wait and see if it drops in price or people get it and sell it soon after.
  3. No rush David...No one wants hassle for you.. One day you might tell me if you have the yellow plungers
  4. River Raid semi 3D, excellent... To quote others, awesome... Superb work there..
  5. Make sure you get all the blood and spittle off them
  6. Just tried the first version and was dead in seconds...Hopefully issue two is a bit easier... Nice idea borrowed from various games..
  7. We had a lad who worked as a saturday boy as well as beeing a customer, Jim was a very bright youngster and designed an electronic puzzle toy (looked a bit like a Rubiks Cube), sorry can't remeber its name but I think it was launched in Hamleys toy store here in the UK, his mother put her house up as collateral. Sadly he stopped working for me because of the toy and I never found out if it all went well (I hope so for his parents sake).
  8. Nice to see you back, whatever the future brings you just keep safe..
  9. Long time no see, were you frozen in Carbonite and just released by the Princess?
  10. Yep I agree except where cassettes where the purchase, I used to buy a lot of C64 cassettes 'on faith', thankfully I had a very understanding shop that would take them back if they were awful.. When I read this I thought I must check out those games again and god knows what games I was thinking of but it wasn't the ones I thought it was.. Must be getting my 2nd jab affecting me
  11. What a wonderful 'wake up to thread'...Made me laugh so much... But I agree with the OP, the expectation back then and what you got on those titles was a letdown..To a point... As for neutering a game...How mean is that As for changing the names, I think they may have passed their 'best before' date
  12. Reminds of the infamous 1 inch drop used to fix a lot of things back then, we used it on XL's, as you can imagine it basically reseated most of the socketed chips, wasn't always the fix but surprised by how many it did sort..
  13. I got the idea of how difficult Brad would to be to work for from posts where people turned up and he was like "go away". And yes, I also get a feeling Brad wants to cling on to the stock, no disrespect to him but it won't be much use in a graveyard, I just wish he would sell it on at a decent price and let someone young and more 2021 take control of it. Like most I detest that website, its an abomination in today's slick and easily searchable sites but as you say, would he let someone do a stocktake and catalogue all his gear, almost certainly not... Such a shame as with a few changes he could retire with a pretty penny, I know its a tough old world out there what with the pandemic and all the international shipping issues but with just a few changes and an assistant he could be getting more orders than ever with a young pair of legs doing the stock picking. Presentation and support is everything in the retail world, if you offer a good service with easily viewable stock then there's riches to be made.. There's no room for crotchety behaviour and silly limits...People just pay more elsewhere...
  14. I wonder why Brad does this, that and the limited order for some people / items? I wanted to get some 1050 drive support rubber things, Brad very quickly replied and the price was good but the minimum order AND expensive postage just meant it was a non starter...I think it came to 8 bucks before those other two were added which would have been around 58 bucks in the end...No sale... Edit: And because of the overall price I would almost certainly be hit by customs... Brad's a nice guy (to me) but him and Ben just have a really odd concept of how business works...
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