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  1. It's so nice to see the wide variety of software that hit the Atari, stuff from all walks of life, excellent..
  2. Had both the ZX80 and ZX81, also had the calculator.. Saw him at some of the early shows, a deeply serious man.. As said, he opened up home computing..RIP.
  3. Thanks Matt.. The how many disks if was on if it wasn't a game was what made me ask, I have no idea how many pages it would need but I presumed A LOT. As with any of the books made in to disks, I just think it's easier and cheaper just to use the book
  4. Excuse my question, I'm not religious. Is this a game or just the Bible on a disk? Just curious.. I presume its just a computer based version of the Bible as making a game out of it would be a bit wrong....Stranger things have happened though..
  5. Yes, also loved Cavelord, that and Zeppelin felt very similar in some ways...
  6. No probs with j/s here in Altirra, just set to XBOX360 mode using a PS4 pad.. Game would have been a decent one back then, not so much now BUT still great to have...Thanks guys..
  7. That's fine, as a majority of the stuff is out there as ATR and a lot of this fantastic collection is ATR based so people can just keep a copy of this in their ATR release and then just collect the newer additions as ATX, who knows, someone may crack any previously missing additions. As someone who has started to realise how precious time and the lack of it is, I support anything that will make the preservation of these titles less time-consuming for the people involved, while also giving us more correct out-of-the-box versions of the titles. Thanks to all..
  8. I hope it picks up there, but it's understandable due to that retched virus.. Looks very scenic from what I have seen of it.. Break out the sausages ASAP
  9. Yup, spot on, I could see the game in my head but not the title.
  10. Hi there, enjoyed the episode, wasn't expecting to get a mention, although I started the ball rolling all credit has to go to the programmers, without them this would have not past over to the Atari. All them, all I did was link them up. You had a wee issue with my nick name, just think Die Hard. Mclane as in John McClane (yes I forgot the right spelling) and Inc as in short for incorporated. The Inc is both a call to Nakatomi Inc in the film but also because I forgot my password for my old account which was just Mclane. Not a problem for me, just explaining, I've been called MUCH worse.. Laughed at the big glass of wine and accompanying bottle, to be honest, a perfect choice for Return of Fury as the hardness could drive you to drink, it won't make you play better, but it will cheer you up for landing on the spikes Will be watching again.. Paul..
  11. No probs, one I didn't know about in the Input mapping... One of those little secret add on's that Avery does.. That would have been handy for the Gamepack I was part of...Thankfully the Xbox360 mapping was present back then...Did most things.. Turbo on the pad being dead handy
  12. If you set the input to an XBox360 controller they get mapped to the shoulder buttons.. Should work with any directinput Joystick..Works the same on my PS4 controller as it does on my 360 one.. I don't think(?) it's user editable though.. Just hardwired by Avery..
  13. Here's what I have but note, depending on what version you are using there may / will be extra commands or changes in the commands as Avery updates them from time to time. PS, don't forget that .help in the debug console will show a list of commands while .help <cmdname> will give detailed help (if available) for the command.. Altirra - Debugger Commands.rtf Altirra - Debugger Reference.rtf Altirra Debug Commands.pdf
  14. Thankfully the ebay users are a lot more clued-up these days, so the magic words, "Super Rare" don't have the same cash unlocking ability now. Now we have people who know the worth of items to a high degree. People who have a lot of spare money normally have it because they are NOT gullible and don't buy stuff at what looks like an inflated price. In fact, seeing "Super Rare" in an auction title normally makes any readers instantly "Oh, another super rare item, Lol" and they go to the next item.
  15. I wonder how quickly it will be relisted, as there's very, very little chance it will sell. Nice idea @Mr Robot, would put a clamp on the fantasy prices....If they truly believe (unlikely) that it's worth that much,then they prepare to take the risk.
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