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  1. I always found Goonies and Conan hard to play, very precise movements needed.....Ron obviously loved us to have a challenge..
  2. For me the best PCE emulator has been Otake and before that Magic Engine but I have to be fair and say I've not knowingly tried the Mednafen PCE emulation in LONG while.. Loved Magic Engine and am a registered license owner but Otake has snagged the best mantle with the work on input lag. Retroarch is what it is, its a Marmite emulator
  3. In a short search I robot major Havoc and Firefox apparently used quad pokeys..
  4. I may be wrong but isn't there compatibility issues with some / all hardcoded disk titles that search for a device, the issue is that the person wants an everdrive type thing, now what that normally means depending on model that it will load 99% of games and the more expensive say Snes version will support the secial chips in some of the cart, the point being its pretty well compatible with most of the software off the bat and that is what this person is looking for. The nearest for me would be the SD-MAX and an AVG cart, its two purchases but gives the most possible effective playability of tapes, roms disks and xex's... ANd, they can be plugged in at the same time..
  5. The SD-Max is as close as it gets as Bob says..It as he says does not do rom images but many have been converted to other ways which it will load.
  6. Basically almost yes, normally a rom loader for SNES Mega Drive etc, nearest is a thing for the C64 called a 1541++ Ultimate in terms of what he wants it to do (does tapes, carts disks etc ) but nothing as close as that on the Atari..(as yet)
  7. Could be my shady memory, twas a LONG time ago...At least I got the falling right I much preferred Spelunker..
  8. I played the C64 one and seem to remember eventually getting to a room and falling and falling and falling and then it said something like The End...I think that is the case..Don't remember a Boss battle in any form?
  9. The more the merrier Mq, every one needs to know if there's issues be they real or user generated...As seen there's a brk in a place and Altirra stops on those (which I'd presume from my little knowledge is what real hardware would also do?) Nothing that a little EA can't fix...
  10. You sir have incredibly high standards of coding Again, I think for a game that was mainly data extraction up to only a very short time ago its stunning...May all the crashes be banned Thank you..
  11. Lets remember this is more of a WIP demo and early on, days ago there was just LOTS of data and sprites...I think its amazing and we should expect crashes here and there Good to get the reports in though..Every bit helps And as Stephen says, ignore Emkay, its become standard practice for him to pick holes in every thread he comes to, most people have him on ignore until he stops this odd behaviour.
  12. Just did a big search and apart from a mention in an Atari book I've not seen or have this hacked version..
  13. The thing that worries me in these cores that are used all have to fit in to a universal front end that runs the said cores, with so many techniques of emulation I do wonder if some features have to be trimmed or limited to suit the engine. That said Altirra in its current form will not be emulating these features and that's ok with me and I'd say a majority of users..
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