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  1. Wow, I'd forgotten about them...Had to google them....I had the mini steel ball maze one...
  2. A lot of people started as kids swapping tapes in the playground, when I was at school computers were not even out, you played Top Trumps, marbles or conkers when in season For me as with much of my early life I just happened to be in a place at a time when something was happening, most times it was good stuff but I have never professed to being an angel in regard of software. It all seemed harmless at the time and it lead to some great times and met great folk. was strange walking between the good and the dark side, one day helping someone get published and the next taking new software and putting it in multi boot. All that multi booting stopped when they started to use fancy protection checks which i didn't understand (a bad sector read I could do but when it was self modifying code that was above my pay grade (and brain)) It all seemed so victimless at the time but when my business skills now in the retail trade I started to see exactly who it affected and as a retail manager it was affecting me as well...Odd way to learn but learn I did, what was more weird was then working with my old mate in his own computer shop and there he was flogging PSX copies while the business was getting lower and lower in sales, lead to a great many rows and me being made redundant only for the shop to close soon after.. So yes, I did learn who it affects quite brutally... Now if I like a game I buy it, same with films, I could get both off the internet but its not the same as having the real thing and knowing you are putting something back..If you had said to me back then that I would be buying films and games I'd have laughed and said "why?". Now I have a double wall covered in DVD, Blu Rays, PC and console games, all real..Reformed, probably not as I still take a look at Commodore stuff but wiser because I normally buy it because I liked the look of the game, no more just grabbing it all just to have it...If they want silly money for it I just don't bother with it where as back then I'd have found it online and grabbed it.. The only thing I miss about back then was going to the shows to meet friends I'd made in the industry and getting some freebies like PSX mugs etc...That I do miss, the driving 70 miles to pick up 100 Amiga disks, nah...Not that..
  3. Certainly as I got older and hopefully wiser I grasped the understanding of why buying software etc etc was important, I learnt values and how business worked in a deeper way but I can't pretend in my case that it was about money when I was younger, I did it because I could, I had access to software as part of my job but the dark side was in such easy reach for me that I frequented that domain as well. I had the funds, I just did it because it was there and I knew so many who were integral in the UK supply of copies. Just being honest...Not going to pretend it was all a mistake on my part, I trod a weird path of giving back to the industry and taking away at the same time...Its an oddity, I was so proud of some of the stuff I did on the right side of the gaming front and now ashamed of how naive I was at first with the dark side. Young and stupid, not an excuse...For me it was about swapping these little black squares and getting to play stuff before others, I didn't make money from it..ever, that was not something I ever wanted as I was well paid as it was... I knew many people who did make money but that was just not a path I ever wanted to go down. To this day I'm scared of getting a parking ticket so never take chances, getting in to illegal stuff would just scare the hell out of me and I don't need that pressure Am I trying to excuse myself, no, not in a million years, I had a choice and I chose poorly but it was my choice, the fact I never made money from it does not excuse my choice but as I look back at my younger life you realise you make many choices on the spur of the moment, some good, some not so good.. Sadly I can't reach 88mph on foot nor own a Delorean
  4. Oh why oh why did you stop him It would have been so wonderful to see him dealing with all the sceners ripping seven shades of piss out of him AND making a big thing of poor coding.. And yes, the C64 scene is brutal in comparison to the Atari one, rarely do the crackers show any form of compassion to the devs, sure its not being openly released (you have to have an account on a BBS and to get one you have to know some of the people) but its cracked on or before day of release. Martin Walkers crowdfunded game was one title that was ripped but rarely on a BBS, Walker being a C64 legend was given some allowance but it was out there.. Poor old Petey would be having kittens...And you spoiled it Carlsson Stand on the naughty step please! But on a side but related note, the C64 scene has shown just how well digital software works in a sales POV..So up yours Petey... Even old scene folk like me with parrot poo on my shoulder regularly buys digital C64 stuff...
  5. The truth from Peter, good luck.... The truth is that him and Lance are the root of the problem, I presume Lance has known of the issues but lets Petey be his mouth...Lance should have got Petey to fix the item and not sell any while that was being done, to still be selling the same bugged item is just wrong, it makes a mockery of good customer service and loyalty to the customer...2 things very much needed in a small business world.. As for selling a bugged item, Microsoft have got away with it for decades...
  6. Sadly this isn't practised by the big companies for the most part... It does worry me when the little companies do it as their honesty and quality are incredibly important to them making a living, there's no vast revenue from other places to fall back on so when you get Petey being allowed to tell customers they are pirates and no refund for you it looks bad on Lance as I presume petey is just a supplier to Lance and should not be making company policy even if it is his game. I wonder if Lance even knows he's being used in the FB post? Petey is worse than the itch you can't scratch, he's more like the itch you would be happy to cut your leg off to get rid of it.. What with Centron Peter and this Peter we have to wonder if all Peters are infected, eh JAC!
  7. As I said to Marius privately, Petey acts in a psychopathic way, he posts about people defaming him while actively doing it 100% more to the other person, he has no ability to see what he's doing is wrong because in his head all the things he does are correct. Certainly some paranoia thrown in for good measure.. FB should be forced to remove the post but probably won't... I also like some of V61 stuff but like others found the price and input from Petey annoying, Lance seems like a really nice guy when I have spoke to him but with Petey he's tied to a creative person with shall we say, faults. Like some, I've had ok chats with Petey but suddenly the other petey appears and its downhill from there.. Its odd, there another Peter, the Centron 3d guy who is in the Oz papers for not being a terribly sane person...Who would have thought that
  8. Marius, you don't need to prove yourself, there's bundles of evidence that Petey has broken forum rules, defamed people, shown total distrust of his customers and often no care of the problems in the software. You on the other hand have been a proven supporter of all our devs and just a great guy.. You have zero to prove about you...The forums show just what a nice person you are an a true Atarian like all of us new or old on the forum.
  9. I got the same NDA thing, what was more odd that he (Petey) asked me in the first place after saying I was a pirate previously???
  10. Just had a look at the thread again, wow, I think @Simius going to be VERY busy which for any dev I am glad to hear, sorry I could not help with an order but I think you have a few to deal with..Hopefully there will be a few spare at the end so I can get one sometime in the new year..(Maybe a birthday present if I'm lucky ). Also very happy to hear you are all fine now...Can't have our family being ill... Paul.. Bringing a little care to the community..
  11. Hi Jay, we all have our issues and a great (far too many on here) number of us have depression, we all deal with it in ways and I hope that all of us overcome it. Keep that immune system going, may try some of that stuff myself. Just keep safe, especially in these times and do whatever makes you happiest..We all wish you a safe and fast recovery.....We are here if you need us...
  12. We need a multiboot of that left cart..It seems popular...
  13. My venture cart sometimes becomes graphically corrupt, its like the pointer to a user defined set is screwed up, also get audio hic-cups.. The graphic problem happens about half way through the game, you just see a jump on the screen and ten its partially stuffed, it still plays but looks awful.. Its a real venture cart (annoyed Petey when I posted a picture of it with a dated note to prove I had one, he so wanted it to have been me playing a dump so he could scream PIRATE) But yes, very annoying to have games untested on real hardware and also not even fully tested in any way, not fun for Lance either but he's not removing it from sale so there's a joint agreement to sell on... Commercial games that get less testing and care than almost all the free games our devs make..Just wrong..
  14. Nice to see Scott has been nice to the fans and power to all the copyright owners who make stuff openly available...Its a lovely gift to know that you are using with the original authors consent..
  15. Yes, a serious amount of work went in to this game, amazed it wasn't seen by many at the time...As said before, I'd not seen it until a couple of years ago on here, I certainly would have remembered that back in the day..Instant classic. Love all the call backs to other games and songs as well, wonder if Nik was asked Donkey kong, Summer or Winter games etc...Nice.. I wonder if the creator is contactable, would be nice to ask about PM Madness any other more hidden secrets..
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