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  1. Yes it is his business and he can do what he likes, yes he's getting on so big changes are very unlikely, it's a shame he won't budge on certain stuff that would give him a better revenue, but I believe the term is "invitation to treat", ie he can offer goods but does not have to sell them which is fair game if you ask me, It's not very popular, but it's his choice. When I was in retail I would have complete arses come in with a stinkingly bad attitude and then demand sales to which they were told to leave, was that wrong...Not in my book.. The choice is there, vote with your feet... Arguing about him bringing his business and sometime attitude in to this decade won't make it happen... Some have very good service, some not, just vote with your feet..
  2. I've not read all 71 pages, but I presume the quest is to create a game that works on a basic machine with the possible exception of extra memory to cut down on load times and so forth, I know the author only has emulation and is passing around beta's to people with real hardware, so it's getting an overall test. I'm sure the bugs will be worked out with all these experts chipping in. I'm just happy its being worked on but do cringe a bit when I see arguments, sure we all have views but let's not let it get too heated. Right, I'm orf, picking my daughter up from Uni, her first year complete...Home for a bit..And just in time for my birthday (soon).. Looking forward to a nice fully working final of this game..Thank you to all contributing..
  3. I'm using the latest beta and have been getting all the images kindly put up by SoulBuster in this thread But all the CAS files bring up a command line error in this version of Altirra whereas they are fine in 3.90. The error complains about missing bytes at line 0... I just want to check if its just me getting this error, I've dumped my settings, and it's the same. I only ask as I see only me reporting this so kind of wondering if I have a dud setup?
  4. Yes, totally, the $ is needed to show it's not a decimal address, although it's pretty obvious that an address / amount using letters is hexadecimal its needs to be shown just to make sure....Most debuggers know that if it has letters it is hex so no need to add the $ but not all. Remember that 8000 Hex ISN'T the same as 8000 hex in Decimal...So its all important...
  5. Just had a play, all good here, thanks for the update @tmp
  6. Ah, thank you......Yes, I was lazy
  7. What is new in D021 please... All flashed but no time to play
  8. The graphics have a very 'Another World' look....Plus, the game looks to play very nicely..
  9. Yes, this irks me too.... Cease and desist orders for a Mario clone..Seriously, even if there's still traction on the game, it's just annoying, as for POP, I do hope they just let it go as a nice release.
  10. Wow, that sounded pretty nasty, cooking the old noggin isn't a good idea The worst example of this is a YouTube clip on YouTube where an Indian guy is on top of one of their electric trains and is helping people to pack on board the train. At one point for no sane reason he puts his hand up and touches the live wire, there are 2 enormous bangs, and he's basically cooked. Sadly, it's a real clip, originally was on one of those gore porn sites and got linked in to a forum I used to use, people were not impressed. Respect the live wires...
  11. I still love a good set of DLI colour bars, bit sad I know but even the basic pencils thing made me smile. Can't think of any other named demo's but a nice bit of 3D always impresses, plasma is clever but like chunky scrollers, been there, done that a million times.
  12. Lol.... What a long load this is.... Never had the tape version (and grateful having seen the load time) and I so love Jumpman, but that would have put me off... But thanks for the tapes Glurk, nice to have..
  13. Flob in the UK is a euphemism for phlegm, ie green nose secretion from a cold that you spit up.. Put me off for a sec but the screens look great..
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