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  1. Bit late but another vote for the AVG with SIO cable, its a complete setup with amazing compatibility and the nearest to what you are after. I'm not putting any other carts down, the Side 3 is a wonderful bit of kit as are the others but when it comes down to the amount of stuff it plays then the AVG with SIO lead is the winner, just being honest. I have an SD-Max and the AVG with lead, the SD-max never gets turned on these days. The next nearest is Side3 with FJC implementing things all the time.. Its also worth remembering that Everdrives are primarily for rom / cart based systems, disk drive emulation is a whole new ball game compared to loading a cart image. And even then you have to pay top dollar for say a Snes Pro cart with DSP / SFX etc support, even the everdrives do not cover them.
  2. Galactic Chase every time.. Same as Space Invaders, endorsed by Taito but just a horrible game.. Space invaders and Galaxian, two games the Atari folk wanted badly and badly is what they got. You know you have screwed a license when the 3rd party clones just destroy the official versions.
  3. While I use Retroarch for some stuff I'd hate to see Altirra 'hacked' to fit the running profile of Retroarch, Avery has spent a long time optimising it for the way he wants it to work, crobarring it on to a new engine would sure as hell break stuff. Add the fact that Avery has no wish to get involved in other peoples ports and sure as eggs are eggs he would be the most important person to have on board. Sounds like a non starter to me..
  4. You get the high score Jon but I'll cheat you for infinite lives
  5. Ah, thank you for that Hias, nice to know the reason.
  6. And you don't get the box...But nice selection of IC's
  7. As I get older, when I see a person say a game was easy I grrr These days all games are hard for me
  8. Not a problem but Chrome with all the latest MS updates was refusing to even accept there was a download from the link, flashed the screen and did nothing, got around it by choosing open link in new tab and then it happily downloaded it without the the previous issue where it asked you to discard it...Weird, blooming MS up to its tricks no doubt..
  9. hanks for he heads up on the games Mr Robot...Shame about Dr Sparks, but, I've never been a Pipemania or tetris fan, both games drive me mad
  10. Agreement all around? Group hug.....Oops, lockdown
  11. Is that where carbon molecules go from table to table with other carbon molecules?
  12. If the shrink wrap shows no signs of gaps or stretch then I'd be looking inside..I'd also check the box for scuffing on the edges, if found then chances are the shrinkwrap is newer than the box..
  13. I suppose it depends if this was an 'investment' purchase or a personal want. If its an investment then it would make no sense to open it if that bit of clingfilm is going to make the value drop, if its a want I'd be in that box like madman, especially after paying a lot for them (well I consider it a lot). Don't take all this chatter the wrong way ColleenLover, we are dead happy for you getting something you clearly are happy about, its just there's a section of people who love getting their hands on the old stuff to bring back those heady days and there's those who see it all as an investment. I struggle with the investment type thinking, its going to stay in a safe and probably get forgotten about. Maybe only found after the buyer has passed and then who knows what will happen to it.
  14. That has always been my thought as well, shrink wrapping by an individual is now more easy. I have a Stationfall here, its complete but the main disk is borked, if I was that sort of person I could get it sealed knowing most won't open it. But I'm not that sort of guy. Me, I'd open it to see if it was complete..
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