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  1. Its a hack of Hibytes Star Trek Advenure game (just looked at the code), I guess from looking at the disk that some sort of Adventure creator was used to make the Star Trek game and this person has used that to to do his own thing. There's remnants of text allowing to Add Rooms etc hence the thought its from a creator software..


    Also there's only 10 room files on the disk so not finished (?) and the parser is very unfriendly..


    Will post the disk if the owner does not mind..

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  2. I'm sure someone does own them somewhere but they have long since been found everywhere, I like a few do a 99.9% rom set for Altirra with instructions as to what goes where. If you want them give me a PM..



  3. Welcome Mazz, careful of Snicklin, he's an undercover Brit :)  (Seriously, he's a lovely bloke)


    Nice to see a fellow C64 user with a 1541++ (simply the BEST C64 upgrade out there), sad story about the 600XL but you should be able to pick up an 800XL fairly easily and they are the easiest machines to upgrade, I also follows FJC's video's for exactly the same reasons and it was his advice to use my 800XL for the U1MB and my unexpected Sophia 2. The nearest to the 1541++ on the Atari is an AVG cart with the SIO lead. Loads tapes and disks etc all off a SD card, pretty much makes the Atari a self contained games machine with almost no need of disks drives, tapes or carts..The SIDE3 is very close behind but the AVG SIO lead makes it almost totally compatible..


    Also nice to see some share my attitude of loving 8 bit machines in all shapes and sizes, there's quite a few multi machine people on here but on the Atari there can be people who only use Atari. I personally don't want to limit myself to one source of goodness so try them all, if the good games won't come to you then you go to them..


    There's a nice sticky thread on the page you posted on re people being new or returning to the Atari which lists all the devices and options out there but you can always ask in the forum, there will be at least one person who can anwer stuff as as you see people queue up to help.


    Have fun, stay safe..



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  4. My Samsung WS has Auto or wide, mixing that with the res switches via the config.exe and I get a 4:3 picture (well it looks very close to 4:3 but I like some only want to see it on a 4:3 display, hence the RGB cable want)


    Can't wait to see it on my Amiga 1081 monitor or the philips  8833 mrk II, crt for me every time..


    I know, it sort of defeats the point of the Sophia 2 as it gives a HDMI pin sharp picture as opposed to a slightly soft CRT lower res display, but it's how I have always played it on real hardware..


    Yup, not everyone is an ace player or may have health problems that make gaming harder so patches like these area godsend for some. I used to train everything that moved, be it snes, PSX, Amiga, C64 etc etc but what Eddy does that is so much better than simple trainers is to search for the little extra's that really are neat, like the Faster Lightning death in Hardhat willie, many cheaters myself included would not bother with that. It just shows his code reading skills are both great but creative as well.


    What I also like about the patch system is that people often moan that a game with a trainer menu is too much of a temptation and ruins the game (nonsense), with the patch system the user has to go out of their way to get the cheat so clearly wanted to cheat..No excuses..

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    Just to let you all know the car is now fully taxed and insured for another year, there were a few bumps along the road but its all done thanks to you guys..Cars and Uni, vampires of the modern world..Thank you..


    Mods, please remove after a day or so just so people see I did everything I said I would..Thanks...

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  7. Nice desolder video @Stephen, those tools certainly make it a lot easier, been watching Jon use one as well. Too rich for me and pointless as well because I do work for me only as it stands and I'm nowhere as super neat as you lot :)


    Got my very cheap Aliexpress one that I have yet to use (gotta be better than a standard desolder pump..)


    But super impressed with those models, may they continue to serve you guys well. I just like seeing it all done properly and neatly...

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  8. Quite the madness, what complete loon thought that imposing that on other states would help British business. Some vast car giant may sign up to it but hobbyist makers like our guys, why would you want to shackle yourself to another countries tax system in such a way. To many on here its a once in a while set of sales, to others its part of their business but we are not talking of 4 houses in the country and 3 sports cars in the garage, its a niche setup that pays a few bills. Obviously wee would like to see them get the 4 houses etc but we have to be realistic. And now the UK has stuck a virtual wall up to potential sellers.




    The bottom line (and a return to topic), how hard is it going to be to get a Sophia 2 in the future or any of the other great gear out there that's not in the uk.

  9. On 1/4/2021 at 12:33 AM, Jghinato said:

    Hi. I really want to buy one avgcart. How can I get It? Thank you and congratulations!!

    Message @tmp directly...


    The problem starts depending where you are with all the shipping issues and price changes..

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