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  1. I don't think he is as there's no blog update but hopefully he is but isn't up to all that at the moment. I know his wife has done a crowd funding to get a big TV for him which seems to suggest he's not coming out anytime soon, she also did a similar thing to get a proper supply of phones for all on the ward he's on.
  2. Sadly true...In the end I'm not a medical expert so I rely on them to give me the right advice, let's imagine I made all my decisions based on what a particular group thinks who have no medical proof or what I find on the internet, I'd be very ill and probably dead quite quickly. If I believed every utterance from people like David Icke etc I'd never leave the house. I use common sense, is there a disease killing people off, yes, is it affecting people of my age and older, yes, has the vaccine been classed a magic heal, no, its been classed as 95 97% effective in helping. Am I being sold a dud by our government, unlikely but I'd rather listen to medical people and hedge my bets with their advice. I have a choice as do the anti vac people, I know what my choice will be...And the sooner the better...But even more important, the sooner that Jason can get this unless there's a reason not to get it, the better..
  3. Yeah I know, do these people even bother thinking about what they are doing to see if it makes sense. The folk who protest about privacy, I bet they drive, have a doctor, have been to hospital, applied for loans, been arrested etc etc etc...There is no privacy in the way you demand, in most cases you happily handed over the information possibly to get money or help which you were happy to do, irony..... But back moving away from a political chat breaking out, I believe the R number is .7 but the cases are rising almost exponentially, when will the 20 somethings listen, when it starts actually killing them instead of them just being carriers and passers on? And if that happens you watch the uproar about not being treated properly...I wish I could post Jason's case all over social media just in the hope that they would care but its only if it attacks them that they will care..Shocking.. Get well me old mate Jase, you don't deserve this nor does your family...Still, even when utterly at the mercy of this thing you still tried to smile in the photo..A true fighter...
  4. Have to agree, I was lucky, my COVID was almost like I didn't have it but its left a mark on me where it comes to doing any sort of exercise... I just almost weep as I wander down the road watching all these people with no maks, not social distancing in the slightest, its like a game, maybe people will see poor jason's story and wake the hell up and see its no joke!
  5. Good luck with the build Matt, very funky keyboard indeed...Looks the part!!
  6. No, I assure you that we have them too...They pop up when you least need them to..
  7. Sadly there's so many people making it worse, people like my idiot neighbours, she's a wannabe socialite and goes around to people's houses all the time and invites them here, no masks ever, her dumb husband is a food delivery bloke, no masks ever even when he's working and bringing the food about, it seems they both believe they are above it all. It's probably down to them how we caught it. The KFC he delivers from don't care, as long as the food arrives he can do as they like....So many breaking all the rules without a care..
  8. I wasn't aware of the article but knew the circumstances but was asked to not spread the story by another friend of Jason's, Jason although it does not mention it also suffered a cardiac arrest because he knocked the vent tube out.. As the story is now out it makes no odds to talk about it. As some know me and Jason worked for the same company and as fellow C64ers and Atarians got on well, its awful to see me old pal like this but you were not allowed to visit and going all the way up to there was not possible. He is doing better now but because of the weight loss and muscle loss I can't imagine he will be home soon. Get well me old mate.. Paul..
  9. Some great news for 2021, one of the most loved games on the Atari, even if you could not finish it you had fun..
  10. Thank you for the info re the DVD-D @MrZarniwoop I didn't know about those ones.. I love the idea of the add on but the price (no matter how good it is) is too high for me, I'd rather go the cheap and cheerful route
  11. You'll have to take it either directly off the composite socket or stereo board if you get one, the DVI itself has no audio connections unlike the HDMI. Easiest to make a 5 pin din to twin phono lead (shorted for mono) and use that as most TV's still have phono connections for inputs.
  12. WOW......That is almost all I can say re the HDMI display....Only on Altirra have I seen a display so crisp and clear..Razor sharp... I've not ran the config program, I think I read that the Sophia auto sets itself to the machine? Need to run the config still? (must read its manual...)
  13. Like the way they integrated the real loading noise at the start..
  14. Sorry to hear CC...I hope things run in a pleasant manner..
  15. Just adding this to alert @Nezgar as he's Mr Disk Drive on here..
  16. My wife does not browse forums but you can bet when she brings me a tea in she stares long and hard at what is on the screen
  17. Such a shame as that title just looks really interesting
  18. Jebus, did he rob a warehouse? So much stuff, soo bloody expensive..
  19. Or the 5 tones from Close Encounters..
  20. Oh no, you said don't quote you and I have Sounds good...
  21. Despite an O'Level in art I was never arty on the Atari, I just wanted to be a comic book artist to draw Spider-man and Captain America etc but I was never that talented, my art was ok but I was always lost on body proportions and stuff like that. Still life was about as good as I got Thankfully my daughter inherited a better version of the art gene and is flourishing (as best you can in lockdown) doing Fine art at uni..
  22. Wow, loving it Candle, another gem from you.. I can't afford it yet but it would be handy to know the expected cost?
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