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  1. Such a shame as that title just looks really interesting
  2. Jebus, did he rob a warehouse? So much stuff, soo bloody expensive..
  3. Or the 5 tones from Close Encounters..
  4. Oh no, you said don't quote you and I have Sounds good...
  5. Despite an O'Level in art I was never arty on the Atari, I just wanted to be a comic book artist to draw Spider-man and Captain America etc but I was never that talented, my art was ok but I was always lost on body proportions and stuff like that. Still life was about as good as I got Thankfully my daughter inherited a better version of the art gene and is flourishing (as best you can in lockdown) doing Fine art at uni..
  6. Wow, loving it Candle, another gem from you.. I can't afford it yet but it would be handy to know the expected cost?
  7. Thank you, did a search for soundcard 2.0 and it got 3 responses but none with links that were right..
  8. Hey Blues76, all jokes about lying to the wife aside, we all love a treat and some would say that this year EVERYONE should have a treat, can't always be that way but if you can I say make it a good one that will last.. I don't know the price of these machines but if YOU are happy then its the right price.. Have fun with it and a happy new year to you and yours.. Paul..
  9. Now at least I have something to go on..Cheers..
  10. If this is when you try and choose a disk for the disk explorer to look at then its been in previous versions..
  11. I always had a crush on Apple II's but never got one, saw many of the game boxes that always looked amazing (yet nothing like what the ACTUAL game looked like ) and they just looked so right as a computer and then I got my 800 and boy was that a handsome beast, as Matt said, the bigger the computer the more it seemed like one. I'd have upgraded the 800 instead of the XL but something said to me to leave it be the machine it is, its the fact that it is an 800 in looks and working so to mess with that seemed like messing with nature. And so my 800 is what it is, I'm still in awe of Matts work and if I could do it to that degree of neatness then perhaps I might have thought more about doing it but I know it would be less than perfect in my hands so my 800 remains untouched.
  12. Soundboard 2.0 ? Please, what is this, can't find any info
  13. Apart from getting planning permission and building an extension on that machine then I doubt there any real estate unplundered As with many of us the 800 will always be the King of the Atari's, its probably should go to the 800XL which has been the most versatile when it comes to upgrades and ease of installs but the 800 just says it all, mighty, keyboard of your dreams, looks the part and does the job... Well done that man for taking that machine to the next level..
  14. Sadly here in the UK we are licensed to one day and as few people as possible, ok for folks like me and my wife who are normally quiet at this time of year but my heart goes out to the families who so look forward to an Xmas meet up, after all this locking down and then Xmas ruled out at the last moment as well... All a bit sour.... And tomorrow they will assault us with rising numbers anyway.. What a long hard old year.. Lets do the best we can to enjoy what is left as safely and as happily as possible...
  15. Ha ha Matt, can you stuff any more inside that machine As always, great neat work and to such a noble beast of a machine.. Excellent.. Happy Xmas my friend.. Paul..
  16. A strange, annoying tragic and occasionally happy year, we can all just hope things start to sort themselves out bit by bit... Seasons greetings / happy xmas to all, I hope things improve for every single person on here and around the world... A friend from another forum whose wife is a NHS nurse managed to fall down her stairs after a huge shift, she then had a secondary fall yesterday and is now recovering after surgery to pin and plate the multiple breaks, Xmas day in hospital, pretty grim... Lets hold a glass up to them and to all.. Merry Xmas folks..
  17. Congrats on the machine, the video link does not work? Lying to the wife......Big mistake, they have a sixth sense about these things...Expect pain (Be it physical or worse still, mental...)
  18. Definitely not Peter Agnew I do have a link to the film Highlander though through the SFX company that worked on it..
  19. What a strange old year but it just got stranger, a KFC console / super PC...KFC???? its real, has the insanity actually started hitting the streets
  20. Just spotted that I don't have a Tac 2 anymore I've been using a Starfighter (same people) and its just spot on...
  21. Zen, you may want to update your Altirra
  22. Thanks for the tips fella's, never too old to learn something new... Hoping my aliexpress ordered hot air gun has a display that actually displays the real temp and isn't just for show
  23. Yep sorry times 3, one for not making it clear, 2 for calling you Bob and 3 because I've done the same thing once before....Doh.. Hmm, I'd have to have a wee bit of practice and choose the best temperature (what do you use?) as I'be worried about returning to track lifting hell Thank you Bryon...(I've used virtual blu tack to hold the name in place now)
  24. What are your main uses of it Bob? I have a very cheap one that I have not needed to use as yet, my initial reason was for SMD's (forgot to get the solder paste though). I've seen FJC use them to remove broken up old sockets, always keen to learn of new things tho.
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