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  1. We (at Maplin) has so many computers kits for various machines based around the SP0256, definitely had one for the Atari back in the day..
  2. Slowpokey, care to reveal what other titles you archived, you may just have another rare item that would be great to at least know it is out there. Paul.
  3. Horses for courses, I took to soldering straight away, I made mistakes as well...Over heating the tracks was my early mistake.. But I think the advice from Mickster is valid, a person not used to it can do a fair amount of damage that can be difficult to fix, bodging wires is never pretty..
  4. Hi there Billy, always great to see a person returning to the Atari campus, you should not have too much trouble getting an 800XL in Germany, there's tons of EU members on here and a great bunch they are too. ABBUC is a good choice as mentioned, worth every penny of the membership. Really hope you get all the bits you want and rediscover that wonderful enjoyment the old Atari (as well as many old machines) offer. Paul..
  5. Sorry to hear, as you know the game is a finished proto and is out there in numerous formats (normally not cart though), if you have a SIO2SD etc etc its out there on all the usual sites..Keep the PCB incase someone can help with the eproms as I suspect its the chips themselves that are corrupt..
  6. The only bugbear of the TAC 2's is that they start to 'grind' after a LOT of use, the ball gets scraped (oww) as does the contact it hits and then the grinding starts, you can sand it out but it comes back real quick..Never tried to make new contacts, should be doable..
  7. The only other J/S I'd go for is a competition Pro (preferably the Mini version), love those. Not seen the modded CX40 Best ones, what did he do to them?
  8. You may want to check out @flashjazzcat aka Jon on here, he's a uk repair superstar...Given you have no electronics it seems a bit silly asking you to change chips etc... Just have a pm with him and see how it goes...He's a lovely bloke.. PS, I have no affiliation with him, he's just been a star with helping me and many others if we get stuck...A very valued member of the forum...
  9. AFAIK there's no places doing them as new, refurbished possibly, you just look out for them on Ebay (or get one in a set given to you in my case) Here's a video
  10. I find that with most of the flight controller type joysticks, I much prefer a short amount of play joystights like TAC2 etc, a lot is made of the micro switch sticks but just ball to contact is fine with me..
  11. I could not possibly comment on that.....
  12. As much as I'd like to hope so I can't but imagine this year has been nothing but trouble for almost every one, jobs going, sudden need to find people to look after small children, the sickness itself and just worry upon worry.. I'm just stunned how much did turn up...Our thanks to all...
  13. You sir are a god..I was almost there....ish Thank you..
  14. We had a similar person on this side of the pond, everyone thought he was a nice guy but he was a crook as well... Anyway, I hope we get more info on this clone....
  15. I want to RGB scart the cable as well, although I can do the soldering I'm not mr electronics, I looked at the tech info and think I might be close, could anyone confirm if it looks right or I'm going to blow my monitor / atari up? I'm guessing here DVI Scart C3 7 Blue C2 11 Green C1 15 Red C5 5, 9, 13 linked? Grounds for above C4 20 Sync ? 21 for shield, not sure in needed
  16. If its from B&C then I'm sure they will replace it, I can't think of any reasons bar a faulty cart, the program works on those computers and as there's only a few parts in the cart it really has to be a duff cart. Just tried loads of versions and they do work fine on my 800XL, I did find one labelled "Classics fix" but no mention of what the fix is, thinking it might be for putting it on a Atarimax cart??
  17. Lovely machine and so neatly done..FJC, you have competition in the super neat installs area Anyway, enough OT from me..
  18. You turn that on and half of Moscow shuts down... Seriously what is in there, it looks incredible, I'm presuming built in SD-Max just for a start..
  19. And then some...Can't make out the kitchen sink but I'm sure its there and beautifully mounted like the rest of it..
  20. Wow, your machine looks amazing, what have you got installed in the beast...
  21. Group spirit hts awesome...Also, awesome cart, everyone should have one..
  22. I've got one so leaving this for a others to win..Best of luck folks..
  23. Lol...I know both of those only too well Can't grumble tho, I'm alive, got a lovely family and food on the table...I'm good..
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