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  1. Another dump may help confirm stuff fred, just in case its a mistake in the dump. Btw, Happy holidays...
  2. Forgive me for not adding to the thread in any real terms but I just wanted to say that its amazing when you experts join heads just how precise and breakable the emulation is, its just stunning how much expertise and precision is needed even for what would seem a simple thing to the layman. All this work for free, still blows me away.. Thank you....End of OT..
  3. sTeVE, I think you forgot something...
  4. Pass, I remember them from the C64 times, their big game was Scarabaeus if its the same Hungarian team... Here's a list of titles Andromeda were involved in on the ST http://www.atarimania.com/list_games_atari-st-andromeda-software_developer_321_S_G.html
  5. Wonderful film...Nice to hear your view was a amazing..
  6. I personally think its fine here, its a comparison between the two and a well written one at that, found myself nodding to every point. The Jurassic Park quote is spot on...
  7. Even just dirt on it so the wiper (think that's the name) makes zero contact on parts of the pot so some parts work other don't (although normally you get crackles or thumps)
  8. I presume from the lack of wiring that the KB with the Qix cart just sits on top of the membrane and has little plungers that come down?
  9. All I want to see is it doing good in whatever way possible, if the family can get a buyer then all the best to them, the one thing none of us want to see is the stuff wasted after the monumental work Curt did. I'd love a museum to get it but I think the family should always be the first port of call.
  10. Considering the size that is very nice indeed...Congrats on the optimising.. I see HE has thrown his nonsense in, rise above and be proud...
  11. Glad to have given you something..Happy times in Athens, never been, must go it looks so wonderful..
  12. Did you get a chance to play Nosferatu on the Snes, very POP
  13. I just loved going to Hatherly Mews, not so easy once I joined Maplin because the best day to go to Silica was a saturday and I worked most of those. As for when Laskeys was there, that would have been the original Silica shop and not the site inside the big shop (Debenhams or such like). The stories I could tell of the original shop, mind you both had a fair share of interesting things and lots of skullduggery..
  14. Thank you MrFish, those are quite cute, never seen them (the boxes) before... Always loved MAD magazine but lost track of it, I know its still going though..
  15. I seem to remember the early Scott Adams adventures had really cheaply typed labels and in branded disk sleeves..
  16. Computer Cavern, I used to go up to there to get bits for a mate..Small old world..
  17. That's in a sorry state??? Looking damn sweet to me Rensoup, TIX & co.. no deadlines, just gentle pushes...
  18. Had a quick play on Altirra, not a fan of the movement, awkward to stop the oneway movement, between that and dying every 5 secs I can't say I'm a fan BUT I've not read any instructions and its not my normal sort of game.
  19. Fountain Of The Gods (The) [v3.51] [Side A].atr Fountain Of The Gods (The) [v3.51] [Side B].atr
  20. To all working on it, we are just happy you guys are doing it, don't bother with trying to hit or make deadlines. It will be ready when its ready, life is complicated enough for all sorts of reasons in various places and we know that so just keep to your own pace and sort real life out first. Paul..
  21. I'm not going to elaborate because it does not need it but people would be stunned at some of the places the copies came from, I can't comment on Sid Meier simply because I have no clue if he got involved in that, the only time I dealt with Sid was when I was doing an article on Microprose that they liked. As for pirate software and it being only kids passing it around, nonsense, I know of BIG names who actively took part in it for various reasons...
  22. Don't forget there the B: Handler for the browser side in Altirra..You would need to consult the help file for more info..
  23. I'm not here to promote the C64, it was a fine machine to follow on from the Atari, its got some great stuff on it as well and endless rubbish but there's more than enough content to entertain you as long as you can see past the fact its Commodore..
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