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  1. Also its so easy to forget you are in PAL mode by accident, and I always set High Artifacting PAL / NTSC auto in System / video.. The phase as said is important if you want to get per box colours, A.E. is my test for that, should be blue and orangey red..
  2. Congrats on getting through COVID, gives heart to me as I'm positive as is my wife and daughter... Lovely machine but like others, do not use the PSU its a killer.. So nice to hear your story, we all deserve some luck and kindness.. Paul.. Happy gaming!
  3. Technically some modems still exist in the ADSL 1 and 2 range but thankfully not in the way the older days had.. Saying that, one of the most liked noises is the sound of the modem handshake from back then..
  4. Ha ha re the centrefold, boy as kids did we know what they were Sadly kids now have it handed on a plate, there's very little need to think on their part but also there's very little wish to think. I'm lucky, Serena was born and wanted to explore and learn, naturally we encouraged this and we have always had a point of stealth learning, getting her to think and to listen without making it seem like a lesson. She's got here issues just like most kids but she likes to understand which we love. Ironically because of her getting covid it means learning is on hold while it passes through...
  5. Really really enjoyed that Kay... She said that she worked on the Disco Star Wars which I presume (much check my CD) was the Meco Monardo version that was incredibly popular back then and still something I listen to.. A strong woman in the industry back then, great to hear...Also her love of digital space / surround is just great, the gaming / film enhancement is simply massive but to hear they initially didn't even use stereo was shocking. Edit: And yes she worked on The Meco Star Wars, all the synth work.
  6. Lol...Most kids would be too lazy to actually plug the phone in to the coupler..Just way too much trouble
  7. Good old acoustic couplers, the poor kids of today would be lost...
  8. The only reason to keep it would be if you wanted to sell it later on 'as stock'
  9. "Greetings Professor Falken,Want to play a game"
  10. Don't want to derail thread, I'm feeling pretty good, at worse a bit of a cold and mild sore throat...My wife is worse but no breathing issues, just loss of appetite and sore joints.. I'm on the case looking after her...No idea where it came from... Great to see BB being made perfect for the U1mb...
  11. Nice one Aha, as the government has decided I have an enforced 2 weeks at home I best play something..Nice selection there.. Ahem....No Miner or Bounty Bob......That's like cheese without pickle
  12. I like others would have expected this to sell like the Holy Grail, odd times... I'd say someone got a bargain...
  13. Will have a play, thank you for doing these... Gives me something to do after testing positive for covid..
  14. Yes, must admit I don't use the ethernet on it but it is a lovely device, so many user options to do. Between that and the AVG / SIO I'm very happy, Fujinet isn't for me but its very clever. C64 and Atari owners are well served in the cart department which is appreciated hugely.
  15. I'll do my best, he has been working C64 stuff as in June he released a game called Tiny Quest (and very nice too). Life can throw so many curve balls so its possible other things have turned up.. If I hear I will pass it on... Talking of curve balls, just back with my wife from having a COVID test, we both felt a bit rough and we are hoping our daughter is coming home for Xmas from uni, had to check..Fingers crossed..
  16. I'll also test the game for you, it would be a pleasure.. I apologise if it came across as attacking, I didn't think I was, I thought I was bringing some humour in to it.
  17. Most definitely on both issues, I love dev on the machines but as its a niche market I urge makers of new stuff to check if there's a market for their stuff before spending, software is one thing but hardware needs upfront cash. The last thing I want to see is time, effort and money put in to an item that sells little. Of course I / we want to see new stuff but use caution, especially at this point in time, never has it been more right to know your market. Naturally we wish the lady and her cart a huge success.
  18. We love your work tmp but real life and trying to have a bit of a good time in these trying times is more important..
  19. No, its a nice gesture, I think the only thought was why at first and then just if its another person work to get it to work off car then give them credit (if you can find out who did it).. As long as they work its helping someone..
  20. I've been watching this over time on Lemon, seems to be mixed opinion. The load speed is a small worry, on the Atari a deliberately sped up load speed could cause issues if it ever supported ATX. I'll stick with my AVG and 1541 Ultimate++, I'm sure its a good cart but like others I don't like more adaptors and its getting a tad busy on the cart side on both machines. Can'y knock the lady for trying a new avenue but how many carts can we all need.
  21. Sure looks that way, I remember one disc game that found OmnimonXL and started overwriting itself, I suspect any program at $C000 would have caused this. I seem to remember many carts tried to overwrite themselves as protection.
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