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  1. Make shure not to have the difficulty switches on or you cant get to sd card and have to power on again
  2. A "Mask" of a ROM (ReadONLY) information contained in a computer chip can be (c) Copyrighted But can be used for informational and Educational purposes as long as you dont SELL sutch said MASK of a rom witch is just a .bin file but you can copy one archival copy for youreself for back up purposes but cant sell it you can use it to see if youre computer is faster than a nother one .
  3. PS. I ereased all my Sd card Atari Games. Ill Just use the built In ones.
  4. I made a mistake and thought the fb9 was the fbII but I did try regular paddles on fb9 and if you crank all the way to the right then push the paddle button then move left slowly in superbreakout2 it works but if you slam it to the right to fast it bitches about wireless . Now I see why people want to solder lol. I already soldered the cart mod to the fb 2 that was hard enough
  5. When I say repair I went to AXEMAN and found some old coleco brand paddles witch were for old pong games w no button so I bought five or so then I took the pot apart removing the metal bottom case w wire snippets no soldering needed but don’t bend the wipers wrong or it’s TOAST but if you can wipe the circle off the replace bent wiper to connect better then put case back w out breaking the tabs off! Then the 1 Meg ohm pot is gitter free windex works good for wipe ing the carbon off the pot and the wiper from grease witch I stole from the coleco paddles and made the Atari paddle almost jitter free . On Atari 800 basic you print:”paddle(0)” I forgot basic lol anyway the cleaned and regressed paddle are better than factory new. Enjoy 1972 for fbII it’s the paddle code
  6. I almost forgot when I took the fb9 apart to see if there were any user jumpers but not found any but as this topic proves there are some jumpers for the pot values lol anyway they were just cheap pcb makers but I did remove the pcb from the case screws leaving every thing hooked up then plugged the hdmi and the power so I could turn it on whilst Holding a mini button the pcb board witch if you press hold then power on it loads a Linux like boot loader menu I think is Incase you hatch the bios by a bad load when doing the sod card update I think it gives you another way to flash the system. Anyway finding the button and the secret menu was fun . I would just get a used pair of paddles off eBay . Oh the joystick moves the menu and the difficulty buttons are normally in the b off mode so you have to kind of push lately or replace button to up and off then the menu item loads . I think I tried the uodate then removed the sad card while it was loaded used the menu to repair it but I forgot weather it would so I decided not to try making a flash of the bios fail because it was 53$ on Amazon was new but used open box I only was concerned about the sad function I hAve about 512 pages of games but some of the copy(2) files dumps won’t load but w more than 500 games I’m not going to sort the dir Mabie those were .zip I never checked . Anyway I prefer 1meg
  7. Whell morning the plug play I think on the 1 player paddle jacks plug play I took it apart since I just completed the flashback II cart mod witch was a pain in the ass I don’t think I can even read that small w out readers but since basic fun made the fb II mod I assumed the p1 paddle would work w 2 players by removing p1 paddle wires witch was 10ohm or so I would have to rip it apart and remove the paddle pot to see if it’s 10 ohm but adding the 1 Meg ohm made it more sensitive at the right end like turning the vol up and it does nothing until it goes from 3 to 100% vol but the plug play paddle is sensitive all the way around witch makes me actually prefer 1 meg ohm anyway it goes from 0 to like 255 as a number on the atari800 so I think they chose the other value pots to SAVE $ . I think normal paddles should work fine except unless you have a old joystick splitter then you could hook joystick w menu buttons and paddles at same time
  8. It brings up a menu to let you load firmware or reboot it looks really cool and kind of like a Linux loader menu but it’s probably a Android like menu but don’t know what kind of operating system it is Maine it’s a rasberry pie like system that’s what the pub looks like
  9. You can just use normal paddles and they work great I recently repaired my Atari paddles w NEW 1m ohm pots and they are really great no gitter and I personnaly think a 1meg ohm paddle is more precise but this is more twirls one end like all the way to the right is more sensitive like the right is mostly dead but as far as adding surface mount resistors is not even worth it just use normal paddles and don’t belive any hipe that u need a mod to use paddles as normal Atari paddles work just fine on my flashback 9 not the wireless version . Also inside if u take cover off and remove pan w out unhooking it from ribbon cables just remove board from screws and plug power back in and hdmi and the joystick 1 then power off using the normal power button then holf d the mini button and power up and it will open a menu
  10. Whell I don’t know how to fix it but I took mine apart and there is a button on the pcb that if you push and hold then power on it goes into a Linux like menu
  11. You can take apart and there is a button on the pcb if u hold wile powering on it loads then u can use sd card to update firmware the buttons are start and those
  12. Wow figuring out to use ch 3 on the Hauppauge I mean the Vcr to the tv on from the to and back into the hauppauge was confusing ...... and now im tired ..
  13. http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=396079
  14. I finnaly got it to upload its a wmv media player file . of me playing Dig dug before it locks up I have more i might out on FB digdugeasteregg.wmv
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