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  1. This explains a lot because I was a "Mega-maniac"
  2. Just a listing I spotted, just trying to help out.
  3. Spotted this on craigslist not sure if it captivates any interest. Not my listing. http://toledo.craigslist.org/vgm/5391437159.html
  4. Awesome find on these clips.....I would have never noticed the consoles either!!
  5. Seen this on craigslist not mine just thought I would pass it along. Item is located in Perrysburg Ohio 43551 zip code to help you out. http://toledo.craigslist.org/sys/3873509116.html
  6. I got this working and no longer need the disk, so if a mod could delete this thread it would be appreciated.
  7. http://toledo.craigslist.org/sys/3360742835.html looks like some nice atari stuff. Just passing along the posting.
  8. I spotted this lot on craigslist. It is not mine just thought I would pass it along to the community. http://toledo.craigslist.org/sys/3326176342.html Again not mine. Just trying to help the community here. I would hate to see this stuff tossed out when I know there are a bunch of collectors here that would give this stuff a nice home.
  9. I am certainly interested in the ROM if it ever becomes available for sale, Heck I would even buy a "locked" SD card just so I can use my Harmony cart.
  10. Or maybe my question should be this: Is Final Fantasy XI worth playing?? Maybe I should have a mod move it to general discussion.
  11. I have tried the FFXI disc and the "play online" install disc that comes with it and I get a " pol-1562 dnas-404" error. So I went back into the "browser" of the PS2 and deleted everything that it would let me from the hard drive. (drive still shows 2GB being used) I restarted the process and still the same error.
  12. Hello all, Long ago and far away I purchased a PS2 fat from a fellow AA'er, long story shorter...... I need the hdd utility disk in order to play some older online games mainly (FFXI) was wondering if anyone had the utility disk for sale as I don't really want to get a "mod" chip or any of that other stuff. Or even if someone has a utility disk I could use (I will pay shipping both ways) just to get it working. Thanks!!
  13. I am interested in the Threads of Fate if it is complete. PM me please.
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