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  1. I am interested in 1,2 or maybe 3. What is the cost of the best version?
  2. Is there a way to pull RSS feeds w/ FujiNet and have the Atari read them?
  3. Welcome Santa Cruz. I lived about 3 miles away (Scotts Valley) in the 90's while at FTe. I have met Brad Koda, Bob Woolley, John Harris, etc. personally. I don't have my ATR anymore, but I always loved a CP/M machine. I want to see fast hard drives on the ATR and memory expansions that can run the Z-System or NZCOM. I sadly lost the source for my modifications to Ataribus project originally from F.O.G. I had this running UltraSpeed and faster. This was on a 4Mhz. Z80 TeleVideo system. The TVi's have actual UARTs. The ATR-8000 is even MORE flexible. It is a BitBanger (like Indus GT). I think High speed code could be copied [almost directly] from Indus, or possibly better, the USD emulation code for Indus. Sadly, my code is lost. My point is: The ATR-8000 code in its EPROM CAN BE MODIFIED to support UltraSpeed (low divisors). High speed SIO on 4Mhz Z80 is easy. I just don't have the code any more. :( A GOOD Hacker can *DO* this. :)
  4. It does sound as if the problem is in the serial data area. Ask @_The Doctor__ about this. I think he has an ATR8000.
  5. Have you tried the options in Visual Studio to make an XP compatible build?
  6. At the beginning of the USD ROM are the drive numbers. Add 4 to each number and you make it D5: - D8:. It's a few bytes in. I don't have it in front of me, but you will see 1-4 numbers (3421 possibly [I don't remember now]. It's easy. You'll see it.
  7. My FujiNet's SIO port is good and tight. Not too tight, but just right. It fits in my 800 and 800XL nicely, as well.
  8. It may be good to replace 'Young' w/ '[OLD]' (or anything that fits) in the OmniMon ROM and have a go at this game. :)
  9. Divisor zero USD. Great. Now, let's get the Z80 coders to do it for the Indus and ATR-8000. Also Happy/ Duplicator Functions and compatibility. These devices could be the most powerful copying devices ever made. Plenty of RAM on the Indus and ATR. Plenty of CPU power and RAM. These devices are worthy of programming. :)
  10. I will test as soon as I can see video on my 800 again. It still runs the BBS. I thought it was the CD4050 chip for Luminance, but after taking it all apart and replacing that chip, the problem still exists. It doesn't show up at all on my S-Vid monitor. It is visible on a composite input to a TV, but it is low contrast and blurry. It looks like a problem w/ the Luma signal. Only problem in 40 years. :)
  11. @emkay, can you do a GOOD Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" PoKey version using NO IllOps so it will run on my 65c802? Some really nice synthy effects in that one.
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