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  1. There are only 2 kinds of Keyboards: Good (Mitsumi) (Original PC Clicky), and Bad (all that China rubbish). That's how I see it. I'm typing on a 'Supposedly good' hp ProBook 6550b, and I am forced to type on these little square buttons with very little 'feel' and very little travel. This so-called 'business-grade' hp has a TERRIBLE keyboard compared to a real Mitsumi. Edit: This is re: 400 kb's mentioned earlier.
  2. I *HIGHLY* recommend a U1M. After you have it, you won't be able to believe how you ever lived without it. :)
  3. Dial up to dial up will connect at the lowest common denominator.
  4. I always liked the Synth-y sounding one. I believe it was late 70's, or very early 80-81, or so. My memory may be off, but does anyone remember that one?
  5. I can host it with LimeWire Pro. Edit: Add link. magnet:?&xt=urn:sha1:IVAQPSJQ7F3TKB7R7LGWCYHLOWWQEUEF&dn=Atari8bitPreservedSoftware2019-07-09.zip.mp3&xs=
  6. Sorry, but I don't pay attention to the [S]hit of [T]ramiel Commie types. Lorraine is hot, though. :)
  7. I am still seeding it. Did any of you guys get it all yet?
  8. That's almost as stupid as using 'password' for your e-mail account. Pizza anyone? :)
  9. Hopefully, some kind person will port this for us. :)
  10. Raw is better for foolproof binary transfers. Try to upload (I think it was an XM-301 term) using Telnet. It won't work if the file has certain sequences of characters that the protocol interprets as escape sequences.
  11. If the big diodes (in the back, near the caps) look as if they have overheated, replace them. I have seen this quite a few times. Edit: Make sure to use long legs to elevate them from the board for COOLING.
  12. I didn't see any binaries in there. Has a compiled version been released?
  13. Those OSS Atarimax carts fit all models, and there is no through-hole or screws. Who wants a hole in the middle of their circuit board? It takes away precious space for traces and components.
  14. If you Un-Zip the Zips into the proper place, then it is perfect.
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