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  1. Also, sorry about the link at the end of my post. I didn't read the entire thing. Thanks Albert for deleting it. :)
  2. I would like a 1090XL attached to my Incognito 800 PBI. I would like a FAST Zilog Z380 chip w/ Lots of RAM, and a Fast hard drive. Or, an 800 card would be even BETTER. You have 800 backplane signals AND PBI bus to use. Imagine NZ-COM running FAST with the ability to use databases, ect. This is do-able.
  3. Which option is best for my Incognito? I use SVid, so I could re-purpose the composite pin for the right channel. I don't want to drill holes in my 800.
  4. @Farb What about those who do not have ATX compatible hardware? Many things can only handle .ATR format. Edit: Are you ADDING .ATX to the .ATR archive, or are you REPLACING them? Please ADD, NOT REPLACE. Thanks.
  5. The antenna looks nice! That would help. I used my phone hotspot and ran the data up quickly. Be careful w/ that. WiFi Best.
  6. Yeah, I'm running a 1.79 Mhz 65C802 in my Incognito. Edit: Time Pilot 16 works, but has some small graphic glitches and is slow. Can you measure the CPU speed and act accordingly?
  7. AspeQt is a dead , obsolete project by reyyan ataergin (ray), who is an evil troll that was banned from AtariAge. RespeQt is a wonderful program with excellent features. He [ray] has personally harassed me, and some of our most brilliant programmers here. I shall take LEGAL action if he does again. [END OF DISCUSSION].
  8. Toolkits can be helpful. https://qagg.news/?q=ghidra K
  9. Search for my modded ROM that makes ctrl-shift ? the HELP key. It's only a 6 byte patch in the OS IIRC. I mean the XL/XE OS on 800 Incognito, BTW.
  10. That's nice, but Amazon could shut it down in an instant if [they] don't like how we're using it or what we say. There has got to be a censorship free service for this.
  11. I have a 1.1. It has TERRIBLE network reception / transmission. An antenna would be a great option. I take my 800 downstairs and it works. Upstairs, it does NOT work (sitting 10 feet away and 6 feet above the WRT1900AC.) Wood floor, no metal in the way. Edit: My Motorola phone and everything else WiFi that I have get very good reception.
  12. This could be awesome if it could be re-written by a genius that could translate it into FB (or similar) FXEP is an awesome system, and would if it could be translated into a more modern system. I've heard that FXEP can network w/ Pro! BBS. Possible? Thoughts? Ideas?
  13. Is there a 16 bit version available for the 1.79 MHz 65C802? I run the 16 bit version and it runs slow and has display list problems. Thanks. -K
  14. They actually hold the SIO plugs instead of spitting them out? NICE Push Push SD is NICE, but not req'd. Nice improvements. Mine seems to be very poor w/ WiFi. low signal = slow. Laptop works perfect at this distance. FN almost never works at same distance [2 feet CLOSER]. FN has problems seeing my WRT1900AC Router. Lovely device, but still a few issues. I WANNA get the BBS up on this this thing! With a better (preferably) WiFi Antenna connector and actual external little gold co-ax connector, w/ a little 3" antenna.
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