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  1. Thanks! I tried it and it works. ?fre(0) gives 33980 and ?fre(1) gives 65520. Now I must check out FXEP. :)
  2. Function not implemented, but it WAS until it wasn't. There were NO errors on the RespeQt side
  3. I never put my 800 in the Registry because I changed the bottom plastic, so S/N is invalid. There may be many others like this. Just a thought.
  4. Use a VPN and put it up on T.P.B. :)
  5. I did CD PRO>BASES> and then copy /n *.dat pclk:pro>bases> and it worked for some reason. This is different from the error - 144 issue, I think. I'm going to try 4.49c and 4.49d again and compare results.
  6. I just tried a large copy operation and got this (no FATFS involved, this was PCLINK). Relevant? I'm going to need to find a drive that has a FAT partition. Those files are around 620K each.
  7. There's been so much crazy stuff going on here so I haven't had a chance yet. I'll REALLY try to make time tomorrow.
  8. That one is terrible. There MUST be a Command line for proper operation, especially with other devices. Also, make sure it's a genuine or 100% compatible FTDI chip. Look for one like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/383086031628
  9. That's how I put the prototype MYIDE.SYS in the cart. So nice to have this fine image tool, so much easier now. :)
  10. I use MEGASync and IceDrive. No need to use the Evil Goo.
  11. Good luck Jose. I wish I could help, but I am in almost the same boat as you. I am a slave to this Indian idiot (see the message base on my board). I don't get social security and must live on $100.00 a week. Things will get better, I firmly believe they will. :)
  12. Plugging in straight, by hand, individually is VERY different from a pin in an SIO connector mounted on a board. There must be a 90 degree bend, and there is where you lose all the strength. If you use a paperclip as a pin it will most likely get pushed back into the SIO connector and the 90 degree angle will be reduced by bending.
  13. I just drank a beer that is ~95% dihydrogen monoxide. Make fun of (their) buzzwords and shove it in the face of [stupid people]. Good stuff. Fact, BTW: Vegetation (trees, plants) process both CO and CO2, removing it from the air and producing both FOOD and OXYGEN. :)
  14. BTW, I got the Error - 144 while using APT and no FAT partitions at all.
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