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  1. Flickerterm is good. My main question is: "Will NZ-COM run on this?" NDRs, Aliases, Timestamps, etc?
  2. Is there a DT80.CAR image out there somewhere? I have an Ultimate Cart.
  3. I'm looking for DT80.CAR image so I can use CP/M on FujiNet.
  4. Could a method be provided where we could type FUJUNET -CONFIG /C or something like that to disable / enable Config boot from the Atari side? Useful for SDX. Example: -CONFIG to turn it off. +CONFIG to turn it on. /C for coldstart. This would be useful for those who don't have a Windows / Mac / Linux machine. Yes. Those users exist.
  5. What is the maximum capacity of SD card? I have a 64G in mine and it can't see it.
  6. @_The Doctor__ This isn't about the 850. It is about packets vs concurrent mode. I would welcome a BBS based on the N: device. It has been too long since I have coded, and I have the store now, so not much time available. If anyone wants to take this on, I'll test it on my Incognito [WHEN I get video fixed].
  7. NecroBump... What equals zero here: https://joedubs.com/vortex-based-mathematics-numerically-conceptualizing-reality/ :)
  8. Does it really take up too much space in the device, or is the Atari too low on RAM to view a text file catalog of disks so I know which one to mount as D1:? Config sounds like the perfect place for it. I need to read the file so I know which disk to mount.
  9. It would be very helpful when using the Homesoft game collection.
  10. That's great. I love the speed. Now, about the memory... I suspect I already know the answer, but: Is Z380 with some RAM out of the question? Wishful thinking... :)
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