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  1. Split into two 8192 byte files. Burn one to each 2764. IIRC, it's usually low part on left, high on right.
  2. What I want to know: Are the ILLEGAL opcodes necessary for function, or are they just road blocks to prevent your enemies from running this code? Phaeron kindly fixed one file for me and PROVED that the IllOPs were NOT NECESSARY. This B.S. MUST end. Quit fighting against the Future! Don't be left in the Dark.
  3. I like the metal foil backed floppy disk write protect stickers for EPROMs. They protect against UV and more energetic waves / particles. X-Rays and stuff. Use a black fine point Sharpie to write on it.
  4. Does this R: Handler use the interrupt lines? is there flow control? I believe it is possible, it may require some thinking outside the box, though. :)
  5. Since you guys are working on Q-Bert: How difficult would it be to add samples of the SC-01 sounds (for expanded RAM systems)?
  6. So it looks like there is still no easy way to copy Indus CP/M disks...? (1-3 are 256).
  7. Jon has a RTFM here: https://atari8.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Ultimate-1MB-Incognito-and-1088XEL-U1MB-Firmware-Manual.pdf :)
  8. Do you think it could be rewritten as a relocatable extended RAM SDX driver?
  9. Ask Lenore about this. @Dropcheck She is very good and will help you.
  10. That's Awesome! Kind of afraid to ask, but can you PM me the total cost if you don't want to say it here? I'm gonna have to save up for a long time, but I just love this machine. :)
  11. A picture of the device would help us identify it. Is it an orange cart with a socket on top?
  12. FYI, that requires an 850, P:R: Connection or equivalent.
  13. Didn't BobTerm have a color ATASCII driver? Could it be added to Ice-T?
  14. Silicone sounds kind of slippery to me to be used on a belt.
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