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  1. How about the standard be: Remove ALL caps from SIO signal/control lines ON ALL DEVICES?
  2. I have a Toshiba 16 G FlashAir card in my Ultimate cart. It's great.
  3. You NEED an Incognito in that 800. Trust me. Here is one place to get it from: https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/incognito-with-fjcs-firmware There are more. I can't live without mine. This is the perfect upgrade for the 800. I am waiting for a Rapidus / VBXE type 816 (w/ RAM) CPU card. Many more cards possible. We have a PBI with 3 slots open. LOTS of possibilities.
  4. I used to have a DataBase program for CP/M called MAG/Base 3. It is a BEAUTIFUL database. If anyone can find this, PLEASE let me know. Thanks. PM me.
  5. BIG Demo FX Demo 3 is where the music is. I think we had this first, right? What game is that from?
  6. Is there much demand for that C= crap?
  7. How much is the latest and greatest one. I want to buy at least 1 or maybe 2. I have 800 Incognito and 1200XL. Thanks. PM Me.
  8. Anti-Greetinx to all those asses....... That brings back great memories Of the Big Demo. IIRC, I spoke to Freddie on the phone for a short time during my FTe days. Brilliant programmer. Always a fan @F#READY I have a MegaTouch machine in my store. There is a ski-ball game that has the same music as part of the Big Demo. I knew I had heard that somewhere before. :)
  9. The ATR-8000 is a beautiful and under developed machine. Easy changes in the EPROM could enable UltraSpeed SIO. Also, the RS-232 speed can be improved, as well.
  10. Best Electronics has replacement mylars for your keyboard. Nice 1400XL. I also had one BITD.
  11. How about FNFM.COM for FujiNetFileManager? Done in an XTree Gold style interface. Hopefully small enough to fit in SDX CAR: ROM drive. This should be easy if it's mostly SIO commands. I don't have time to even attempt this, with the store and all. Hopefully a brilliant programmer will pick up this idea.
  12. I can't connect to Wifi reliably and stay connected on my 800 Incognito. I'm trying to run a BBS.
  13. A Network-OS type system would be lovely if it was extremely [next generation] capable and had a small MEMLO. Is this possible?
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