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  1. Now we just need James Garvin back and the trinity of over ambition will be complete! A pleasure to hear from you, Lars!
  2. Totally agree about the SSs from the 80s. Not only were they horrible with performance, but the build quality was worse than cars from the 50/60/70s. For a real shocker, check out used prices on late model Jeep Wagoneers!
  3. T2K and AvP are the most own games. Raiden is a solid game, especially for its release date, that does not get a lot of attention or play.
  4. Here is one for you. A late model Ford Bronco. Ten years ago, I could have got excellent condition ones for $6K. Now, I can not touch one for under $20K. Monte Carlo SSs from the 80s used to be freebie cars, now they are in the $15K range. All this said, people that were kids in the 80s/90s are now adults. They remember things, like VCRs, and want to experience these old technologies, despite smart phones everywhere. I bought all four of my Jaguar consoles for $50 brand new in box. I sold the new one for $500. I played the three others and sold them CIB for $400 with NR.
  5. I would not hold your breath. Doom+ is in development, since the mid-90s. Always close to release, but never hits the streets.
  6. It is not rare, just harder to buy.
  7. I sold the first run copy of Air Cars, last year, and I had the cardboard cartridge holder that came with it. I do not think that I got near $250 and I certainly got more than $50. Why don't you just put it up with a NR? It will sell for whatever it is worth.
  8. To amplify, the show The Wire featured a character who was a crack addicted and named Bubbles. You are pretty spot on in the cultural reference department, intentional or not.
  9. I liquidated my backup collection. I no longer have my vacation home, so it was silly to have duplicates of so much stuff. I always list things without a buy it now, when I know it will fetch high prices. In all instances of Atari related stuff or game stuff in general, most of my auctions sold for very high prices. I am not sure if it is still accurate, but I sold copies for record prices, previously. This includes items that were all listed for auction. I know some sellers are simply unethical that believe they can shill the market and the like. This is ridiculous. The older I got, the internal bickering and politics of the "scene," and the constant harping on prices was one major decision to depart. So many people use eBay, the days of $1 items that could be resold to the right buyer for hundreds of dollars are long gone. If you really want to sell something, then do a straight up auction. What it sells for is what it is worth.
  10. eBay prices used to be a deal. I received a pair of Beats headphones recently and threw them on eBay. I sold them right around MSRP. I was quite happy. 20 years ago, when eBay was fresh, I may have got 30% of retail. If it hit 40%, that would have been something. The final 12% chop between eBay and PayPal makes it hard to sell for a reasonable price and make any money.
  11. As others stated, none of this was included in the original ICD release. When I unloaded my duplicates, the seller contacted me numerous times about off site sales not through eBay. It is one thing if it is a kid that does not have a lot of money. Something could be worked out. When it is a reseller, it is laughable that I would drop all my listings and sell to them. We'd both go after the same buyers market. I wouldn't but a thing from him.
  12. I trimmed down to the bare essentials and sold off all my fluff. In recent memory, the last place I ordered from, which was cheaper than eBay, was Telegames in the UK. The guy that runs the shop is friendly, realistic, and offers discounts on big orders. About video games in general: except when I am at the airport waiting, who has time for them? I was on the fence about some of the recent Xbox One console bundles through the Microsoft Store, but decided against them. The games aren't the same. The whole era of competitive consoles, far out games, etc. is gone. Playing them now is fun, but I don't want to dedicate the space to physical media anymore. Same with my collectible books. Best of luck whatever you do.
  13. I purchased both at release. The must have title for the Atari Jaguar is Tempest 2000. It is a fantastic game. For the 3DO, Super Street Fighter II was awesome. At the time, no console did it better. One of the FMV games that always captivated me to play was Psychic Detective. As I grow older, I play video game consoles less. If I had to start now, I'd most likely get a 3DO: it is cheaper, the games are so unique for the time, and it is a fun console. Best of luck, the journey is only yours.
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