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  1. RGC are solid individuals. Do not feed the pirates, just wait. Really quality production value of Another World. No one could do better than RGC.
  2. Who knows, but I have 50% of it sitting in storage LOL
  3. Forget another big item, headers on back stainless steel exhaust. Not duals, because I do not like loud!
  4. The car is a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis LS with every option (leather, sound, etc.) Total repairs were significant - - Swapped out rear air, replacing shocks and coils all around - New brakes - calipers, pads, rotors, lines - New power steering pump - New radiator - New alternator - New windshield wiper motors - New power window regulators and door lock actuators - New plugs, coils, wires - Put a new head unit in with Bluetooth and clearer than my modern car, going 80s/90s with an Alpine, really popping the vintage JBL speakers - New TV cable and bushings - Drained transmission fluid, replaced filter, and new pan with drain plug - Quite a few other things that escape me Yeah, man, 36K miles, and my weekend car. Awesome time capsule. Was my grandfather's and one of those cars I always wanted.
  5. Nah, my Jaguar days are OBE at this point.
  6. The grey controller sparked some interest in what I am up to, so here it goes - Traveled the World, sailed quite a bit, built a family, and (more or less) got out of video games. Recent video games pick ups would be the Neo Geo Mini and a pre-order in for Turbo Grafx Mini.. My recent passion project, finishing a total restoration last week -
  7. Nah, just got busy with life. Used to have 10 or so of these... Not sure what I still have in storage... Will let everyone know when I discover more. Probably sold 150-ish Jaguar items on eBay 2-3 years ago. Still need to find my NeXT slabs and cubes and monitors... I think they may be in an attic somewhere.
  8. In the USA, interested in selling at a fair price.
  9. What is the fair market value for a New Old Stock Grey Atari Jaguar Controller (Falcon)? Any one have interest in buying? Still brand new in the white box it came in.
  10. Now we just need James Garvin back and the trinity of over ambition will be complete! A pleasure to hear from you, Lars!
  11. Totally agree about the SSs from the 80s. Not only were they horrible with performance, but the build quality was worse than cars from the 50/60/70s. For a real shocker, check out used prices on late model Jeep Wagoneers!
  12. T2K and AvP are the most own games. Raiden is a solid game, especially for its release date, that does not get a lot of attention or play.
  13. Here is one for you. A late model Ford Bronco. Ten years ago, I could have got excellent condition ones for $6K. Now, I can not touch one for under $20K. Monte Carlo SSs from the 80s used to be freebie cars, now they are in the $15K range. All this said, people that were kids in the 80s/90s are now adults. They remember things, like VCRs, and want to experience these old technologies, despite smart phones everywhere. I bought all four of my Jaguar consoles for $50 brand new in box. I sold the new one for $500. I played the three others and sold them CIB for $400 with NR.
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