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  1. The QI power supply does not have a 7905 but there is an A1012 regulator. I tested it with a DMM and found the input voltage the same as the output voltage. I have a replacement on order. Will see if that works. Thanks.
  2. I recapped the power supply and now the power on all rails is good except for the -5V rail. It's fluctuating around -3.3v to -3.5v. I'm not sure how to get the voltage within spec. There's a variable pot but adjusting that seems to only change the +5v rail. I had a PC power supply sitting around with the proper voltages (+5v, +12v, and -5v) so I hooked it up to the motherboard. It booted up to the same screen as before. I piggy-backed a 4116 RAM chip on each 4116 chip on the board in succession and determined the faulty chip. I de-soldered it and replaced with a socketed ram chip. I'm so happy the blown cap didn't damage the main pcb.
  3. Thanks for all the help guys. I recently upgraded the RAM in my Joust cocktail with 4146 so I have a bunch of 4116 RAM's to try. Was going to piggy back onto the offending RAM chip when all of a sudden, the power board went "poof" before I could even try. After the little tiny puff of smoke dissipated, I could not identify what exactly blew. I'm guessing an electrolytic cap. There is a small burn mark on the white wire which goes to the two-pin power connector. So I'm off to Digi-Key for some caps and am going to re-cap all 10 or 11 caps on the power board. Now I have at least two problems with the TI-99. Sheesh!
  4. A TI 99/4A QI computer recently came into my possession but sadly it has video RAM issues. According to this website, the issue is bit 5 is stuck at 0 because that screen shot is exactly the same screen I get. My problem is I do not know which chip to replace. The diagram shows the chip locations for a non-QI model. Does anyone know which 4116 chip represents the bit 5 circuit on a QI board layout?
  5. Yes, shipping would be extra. If you PM your address I can provide shipping quotes.
  6. I am selling a working TI-99/4A computer. A friend of mine gave me this computer which he had since he was a kid. It appears to work fine. I say this only because I turned it on and heard some beeps and the logo screen and prompt. I typed out the alphabet and all the letters appeared on the screen. I have not tested this computer beyond that. The computer comes with the following items ... - power adapter - RF box (please note that the spade terminals have been cut off) - a custom composite video cable Condition of the computer ... - the gray/silver covering has some pitting from the clear finish - there are some scratches/dents on the metal covering - all keys are good, none are broken - the cables on the power adapter are fine, no exposed wiring or damage Askng $40. I live in eastern Canada but can ship internationally.
  7. lgallair


  8. I may have one that suits your needs. It a breadbin with a power supply and box. I'll have to dig it out and take pix if you're interested. Also, shipping would be from Canada.
  9. Would you be willing to ship to Canada?
  10. This fellow bought an item from me and the transaction went super smooth. Payment was fast. Communication was excellent. Would definitely sell (and buy) from him again. AAA+
  11. I have a Megacart for the Commodore Vic-20 that I would like to put up for sale if anyone is interested. I paid $100 for it several years back and would like to re-coup my costs if possible. I am located in Canada but I'm willing to ship worldwide to any interested buyers. Comes from a smoke-free home if that makes any difference. It also comes with a home-made instruction booklet that fits inside the case. Shoot me a PM here or an email at [email protected] I check my email more frequently than this website. I accept PayPal only. Will consider interesting trades as well. Anything from that era in terms of computers or gaming consoles. Thanks for looking.
  12. Here are pix of the top and bottom Styrofoam inserts.
  13. Great job! The grid between "Arcade System" and 'Brings real arcade play home" is a bit off. Other than that, it looks awesome.
  14. Not sure if this is what you wanted, but here's the dimensions off of my Vectrex box. Let me know if there's any other dimensions you require.
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