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  1. Hi guys! I am a grown up kid, who was raised on the 1040ST and want to revisit the fun i had with sundog. I got Steem all set up, got the TOS 1.02 (I think that was it whatever the LGD site reccomened for games) and found a Disk Image of Sundog. Got everything wired up and game starts up fine, I make a charecter and get to the process of moving about town to repair my ship when - Red screens. Steem crashes to red screen. sometimes when I enter a building, somtimes When I sit at a booth in the bar, sometimes when I open a locker on the ship.. but it IS quite frequent. I can take memory snapshots every minnuite or so and reboot from that but that takes the fun away. Anyone have any similar problems? Find A fix? Thanks eveybody
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