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  1. Never seen one removing the polygons but the Pompey Pirates crack has replacement cockpit graphics IIRC. Maybe a place to start?
  2. Just bought the complete Alice's Mom's Rescue pack today including the Jaguar CD release. As I don't own an actual Jaguar console, is it possible to run this CD image with RetroArch? Or is it possible to convert the game to a cartridge image? I'm curious to checkout the Jaguar version.
  3. The BIG Demo and Little Sound Demo by TEX featured Hubbard song conversions to the YM2149 by Jochen Hippel. https://demozoo.org/productions/76594/ https://demozoo.org/productions/76599/
  4. My Falcon prints well with NVDI 4 to a HP LaserJet 1200 connected through the parallel port. I never tried without NVDI though. So any laser printer with PCL should work through NVDI.
  5. Keep them both if you can But if really one has to go, let it be the STFM. There are enough STE only softwares to compensate for those not working on the STE.
  6. STICK 1 .. STICK 0 or the more classic OUT 4,20 ! enable joystick ... OUT 4,8 ! disable joystick and reactivate mouse should do the trick
  7. Does mass storage work by now? Last time I checked it was very crashy and not working reliable with the Netusbee..
  8. Thanks for sharing. The disk images do not boot with TOS 2.06 under Hatari, with TOS 1.62 it seems fine.
  9. Master system pads indeed do work on the ST in both ports. Genesis/MD pads will work too with a special adapter that blocks the control signals for selecting multiple button sets. The following description provides information for doing so: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~chuck/infopg/segasix.txt
  10. It is very simple. Call zip2st with your ZIP file and it will generate an .st file with the contents of the ZIP file. Take note that the resulting disk does not autoboot files from any operating system as a required bootsector will not be part of the zip.
  11. Content is probably ok but the design is even garish for the late 90s. You seriously need a better design if you want to attract serious business responses.
  12. I don't think so as CosmosEx makes use of the RaspPi LAN port and software on the RaspPi. UIPtool has a special driver for the Netusbee and compatible cards builtin. Anyway the CosmosEx has other means of providing network access so UIPtool is not necessary for filetransfers.
  13. I seldom use my Ataris for full network access. However a great solution for file transfer is the UIPtool made by sqward. It runs with Netusbee and turns the Atari into a file server with a web interface. One can easily transfer files to the Atari from a web browser on the PC and also download stuff from the Atari. A very very useful tool which doesn't require configuration as it brings its own TCP/IP stack and configures the LAN adapter with DHCP from your local router.
  14. Does this device display 50Hz output properly from the ST? Or is 60Hz output required?
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